Islamic dream interpretation of Abandon, Explanation & Meaning for Abandon dreams

Below Abandon dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Circumcision Dream Explanation

Circumcision Dream Explanation ? ? Dreaming of being circumcised? (according to the Hadeeth or Tradition of the Holy Prophet): The dreamer has done something good, as a result of which God has forgiven his sins and will relieve him from worries. ? Being circumcised and seeing blood flowing profusely: Sins have been washed out, and the dreamer is eager to follow in the footsteps of the Prophet. ? Dreaming of having failed to undergo circumcision or having the prepuce left: More money and weaker religious faith. Or the dreamer will completely abandon his creed.

Veil Dream Explanation

Veil Dream Explanation ? ? A woman dreaming of removing her veil in a public place: Will no longer have any shame or prudence. ? A woman dreaming that her veil is gone: Her husband will abandon her. If she finds it back, the husband will return. If she is not married, the ordeal will be faced by her brother or uncle, et cetera. ? Something wrong with the veil: The husband will have a tragedy. ? A man dreaming of wearing a veil or a mask: Will have a slave girl or a servant.


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Finger Dream Explanation

Finger Dream Explanation ? ? The index finger being atrophied: A sister will die. ? The thumb being atrophied: The father will die. ? A man having four wives dreaming that four fingers were severed: All four will die. ? Cutting someone else?s fingers: Will wreak havoc on his money. ? The disappearance of the fingers: Servants will go. ? Chewing fingers: The end of a fortune. ? Contraction of the fingers: Will abandon or fail to sustain those female relatives with whom sex is prohibited in Islam? (mother, sister, sister-in-law, et cetera).

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Ibrahim? - Abraham Dream Explanation

Ibrahim? - Abraham Dream Explanation ? (8) Father will abandon family and other relatives to obey and worship God. (9) A reference to the kind father, because Ibrahim is the father of Islam and gave that religion its name.? (10) Enduring a miserable life to mend fences between others or because of some good deed.? (11) Lawmaking.? (12) The preservation of moral values and separation from evil companions. ? A woman seeing Ibrahim: Will experience anger and sorrow on the part of her husband because of one of her male children, or the latter will go through hardships, then be saved.

Judge Dream Explanation

Judge Dream Explanation ? If the judge is inequitable in the dream, it means that one will lose to his adversary. If someone sees a judge holding the scale of justice and that the scale tilts to one's favor in the dream, it represents glad tidings of a great reward from Allah Almighty for one's deeds. However, if the scale of justice tilts to the opposite direction, then it represents a warning from Allah Almighty for one to repent of his sins, or abandon his involvement in a sinful ventures. If one sees the judge weighing pennies or bad monies in the scale of justice, it means that one will give a false testimony which will be accepted. If one sees himself as a judge, a wise man, a scholar, or a righteous man in a dream, it means that he will attain fame, good reputation, ascetic detachment and spiritual knowledge if he qualifies for that.

Ship Dream Explanation

Ship Dream Explanation ? If one's ship is drowning, and if another ship comes to its rescue in the dream, it means that one will escape from a great danger to fall into the hands of a strong person, or that he will escape from a danger, though should he disobey its captain and abandon the second ship in his dream, it means that he may disobey his leader and go astray. Recovering one's ship from the deep in a dream means regaining power. If the ship in one's dream is interpreted as power, it means that he will lose his power or authority. If the ship is interpreted as burdens and difficulties, it means that he will overcome them through prayers or giving charity, or taking a medicine if he is ill. If one's ship drown, and if he sees himself floating in the water holding to a panel or debris from the ship in the dream, it means that he will face the wrath of someone in authority. If he is holding a leadership position, it means that he may lose it. If he is a merchant, it means that he may go bankrupt.

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Horse Dream Explanation

Horse Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing a saddled but unknown stallion or mare in one?s house: A woman will enter the house for sex, marriage, or a simple courtesy call. The same situation involving an unsaddled horse would mean that a man would enter that house for marital purposes and the like. Draft horses or packhorses symbolize man?s perseverance and struggle. They are midway between a mare and a donkey. They represent a low-class wife and a slave or servant. On the other hand, they also refer to energy, luck earned through tears and sweat, and prosperity. ? Seeing one?s draft horse rolling in the dust: Efforts will be stepped up, and wealth will increase. ? A yellow packhorse: Sorrow. ? If someone used to riding mares rides a draft horse, his prestige will fall, his power will wane, and he might abandon his wife to go with a slave girl or a nanny. ? Conversely, if a person used to riding donkeys rides a draft horse, people will talk highly of him and praise him and his income will increase. His sexual standard might also be promoted by going to bed with a free woman, rather than a slave. ? The higher and the stronger the pack horse, the greater and more solid the religious faith.

Ibrahim? - Abraham Dream Explanation

Ibrahim? - Abraham Dream Explanation ? ? A father of many children seeing Ibrahim: One of his boys will divorce. ? Accompanying Ibrahim or walking beside him:? (1) The dreamer will get into trouble with foes but emerge victorious and become a just ruler? (authoritative man) or an imam? (spiritual leader).? (2) The dreamer will befriend some folk who will submit him to a hard test on their part. ? Being summoned by Ibrahim and responding promptly: Elevation in life. ? Being called by Ibrahim and failing to respond or the dreamer seeing Ibrahim talking to him with remonstrance's or looking sad:? (1) Will fail to perform the pilgrimage to Mecca (Makkah) despite ability to do so.? (2) Will abandon prayers.? (3) Will backbite the imam.? (4) Will behave like a hypocrite.

Damson Dream Explanation

Damson Dream Explanation ? ? Eating immature or green damson: Will give alms or heal from a disease. ? Eating yellow damson: Will obtain money but get ill. ? Eating damson from a tree: Will befriend a wealthy but irreligious person. ? Picking damson from a tree: Will marry an heiress. ? Breaking a branch of a damson tree:? (1) Will be ungrateful to a source of living and lose it.? (2) Will abandon prayers and abstain from fasting.? (3) Will squander someone?s money.

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Adam Dream Explanation

Adam Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing Adam as if talking to the dreamer: Will acquire knowledge ? Seeing Adam in a different color and shape than usually conceived of by the dreamer: Will move from one place to another, then return to the first place. ? Becoming Adam or acquiring one of his qualities or characteristics:? (1) The dreamer will succeed the ruler, if eligible for such a privilege.? (2) People will benefit from the dreamer?s knowledge if he is a learned man, or he himself will obtain unequalled knowledge. ? Seeing Adam in good shape: Magnificent welfare. ? Seeing Adam in a deteriorating condition: The dreamer?s master will be impoverished or his power will wane or the dreamer?s fortune will decrease and his craft or profession will no longer be in demand. ? Slaying Adam: Will betray his lord or abandon and stop sustaining his parents or teacher.

Finger Dream Explanation

Finger Dream Explanation ? ? (Also see Dye.) Fingers are the brother?s children, since it is believed that the hand represents the brother. Those of the right hand refer to the Muslims? five compulsory daily prayers. The left hand fingers are the children of the brother or sister. The thumb is the dawn prayer, the index finger the noon prayer, the middle finger the early afternoon prayer, the ring finger, the sunset prayer, and the little finger the evening prayer. ? Having long fingers: The dreamer observes his religious duties, especially prayer. The reverse is also true. ? The imam? (the Muslims? spiritual leader) having long fingers: He is too greedy, tyrannical, and unfair to his subjects. ? A finger falling: Will abandon the related prayer. ? Seeing one finger in the place of another: The dreamer is performing the right prayer at the wrong time. ? Biting somebody?s fingertips: The bitten one is impolite, but the dreamer is inflicting too severe a punishment on him.

Swallow Dream Explanation

Swallow Dream Explanation ? If one sees swallows flying away from his house in a dream, it means that his wife or a relative will abandon him, or separate from him and travel away from that town. In general, swallows and starlings in a dream represent people who are financially comfortable, or they could represent death, grief, or good deeds, movement, chanting, benevolence, or weddings. Seeing a swallow in a dream also may mean marriage to a trustworthy woman, or it could represent a good household manager. If one is transformed into a swallow in a dream, it means that thieves will rob his house. Seeing a dead swallow in a dream is a warning to revert one's actions and to engage in doing good.

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Close Dream Explanation

Close Dream Explanation ? (Shut) If a single man sees himself shutting a door in a dream, it means that he will marry a righteous woman. If a married man sees himself shutting a door in a dream, it means that he may divorce his wife. Locking a door in a dream also means getting married, though unlocking a padlock has negative connotations. If one sees his door locked in a dream, it means that he will choose to pursue his worldly satisfaction instead of fulfilling his religious obligations. If one tries to lock the door of his house and fails to do so in his dream, it means that he will abandon a hard decision he took, or refrain from pursuing the impossible in his case.

Stairway Dream Explanation

Stairway Dream Explanation ? Descending a staircase in a dream means arriving from a journey, resigning from one's job, impeachment, or it could represent a pedestrian. If one's descent leads him to his family, house, or farmland in the dream, it means money. If what he reaches at the end of the staircase is unknown, and if one meets people, or souls he does not recognize in the dream, it also denotes what we have earlier explained. If during one's climb or descent he falls into a well, or if a giant bird grabs him and flies away with him, or if a beast devours him, or if he steps into a boat that sails away as he steps into it, or if he takes a step to find himself riding an animal, or a vehicle of some type, the staircase then represents the stages of one's life and what he encountered during the journey of his life, all replayed or screened before his eyes at the point of descending into his grave, or as a book one reads after his death. If he does wake up and finds himself healthy and fit, it means that he will become a tyrant, an unjust person, an atheist and a reprobate. If one sees himself descending a staircase that leads him into a mosque, lush foliage, green fields, a fresh breeze of spring, or into a pond to take a ritual ablution to perform his prayers in the dream, it means that he will become a true believer, repent for his sins and abandon his blameworthy conduct. Otherwise, if he descends upon adverse elements such as snakes, lions, steep hills, corpses, or a field of scattered remains in a dream, then it represents major trials and adversities.

Abandon dreams FAQs:

Seeing Abandon dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Abandon dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Abandon dream Refer to Abandon islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Abandon very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Abandon?

There are different meanings of Abandon dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Abandon dream Refer to above Abandon islamic dream interpretation.

What do Abandon symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Abandon dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Abandon dream Refer to above Abandon islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Abandon in dream?

Abandon dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Abandon dream Refer to above Abandon islamic dream explanations.

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