Islamic dream interpretation of Father mother, Explanation & Meaning for Father mother dreams

Below Father mother dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Kiss Dream Explanation

Kiss Dream Explanation ? ? A kiss from an old woman: Apologies for saying something wrong. ? A father being kissed by a son of his who has reached the age of puberty: The father will obtain some benefit from the son or from his own father. ? A father kissing his son with sexual passion: The former has amassed money, which he wants to give to the latter. If the kiss was without passion, the father would obtain benefits and the boy or his mother would fill his life with joy. ? A man dreaming that another man has kissed his eyes: Marriage is ahead. ? Kissing or getting sexually involved or sleeping with a man with pleasure, excitement, and passion: Will have matters settled the way you want. The active partner will obtain whatever he wants from the other, in terms of good deeds, knowledge, or proper enlightenment. If there is no passion, it is the kissed one who will get those things from the active partner.

Mother Dream Explanation

Mother Dream Explanation ? (Educator; Eye-brow; Governess) Seeing one's mother in a dream has a deeper and a stronger meaning than seeing one's father. All the same in one's dream, seeing her means attaining one's goal. Man's dreams are most pleasing when he sees his parents, grand parents or a relative. If one is going through difficulties and sees his mother in a dream, it means that help will come his way from sources he does not anticipate. If in real life he is awaiting someone's return from a journey, that person could arrive shortly. If one is sick, it means that he will be cured from his illness.


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Marriage to One's Mother, Sister Etc. Dream Explanation

Marriage to One's Mother, Sister Etc. Dream Explanation ? If a person dreams that he is marrying his mother, sister or any such person with whom marriage is forbidden is Islam-and such a dream is seen in any of the sacred months of Thil-Qa'dah, Thil-Hijjah, Muiharram or Rajab-it means he will proceed to Makkah and Madeenah. But if such a dream is not seen in any of the said months it means he will treat his relatives with kindness and serve them well. If his relationship with them was estranged, it will be re-established.

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Slaughter Dream Explanation

Slaughter Dream Explanation ? Slaughter means:? (1) Repudiation of one?s parents.? (2) Injustice. ? Seeing a slain person without knowing who killed him: The dreamer has come out with a heresy or made a false testimony. ? Slaughtering one?s father, mother, or son: The dreamer will either repudiate or attack one of them. ? Slaughtering a woman: The dreamer will have sex with her. ? Slaughtering a female animal: The dreamer will make love to a woman and deflower a virgin. ? Slaughtering a male animal by attacking it from behind: The dreamer will sodomize such an animal. ? Slaughtering one?s father, mother, or son: The dreamer will either repudiate or attack one of them.

Tooth Dream Explanation

Tooth Dream Explanation ? The teeth symbolize all those living in the house of the dreamer. The upper ones are the men, the lower the women, the canine tooth the patriarch of the family, the right central incisor the father, the left the uncle or father?s brother. Otherwise, the latter two teeth represent two brothers or two sons or two friends who are brothers. The lateral incisor is the cousin or son of the brother?s father; the premolars are the mother?s brothers or sisters or their substitutes. The molars are the grandparents and little male children. The lower right central incisor is the mother, the lower left central incisor the father?s sister. In other interpretations, the latter two refer to two sisters or two daughters, or similar persons. The lower lateral incisor represents the daughters of the father?s brothers and sisters. The lower canine is the first lady of the family. The lower premolars are the daughters of the uncle and aunt from the mother?s side. The lower molars are the remote female relatives on the man?s side and the little girls.

Incident - The father that hid his money Dream Explanation

Incident - The father that hid his money Dream Explanation ? In the morning, the son told a friend about his dream and added: "It is a fairy tale!" A few days later, the father came back to his son in another dream and said: "I have told you about something that will benefit you and that will free me from my limbo, but you failed to do it!" The son woke up in shock and immediately went to the place his father indicated in the dream. When he dug out the money, he paid his father's debts and benefited from his unanticipated inheritance.

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Resuscitate? (Live Again) Dream Explanation

Resuscitate? (Live Again) Dream Explanation ? ? Resuscitating someone: Will help an atheist become a Muslim or a debauchee repent, or the dreamer will simply repent. ? One?s grandfather or grandmother resuscitating: Revival of efforts and luck, as the word for grandparent in Arabic is a homonym of endeavour. ? One?s father or mother resuscitating: Relief from worries.? (The dream involving the father is more likely to come true.) ? Resuscitation of a son: Emergence of a most unexpected enemy. ? Resuscitation of a daughter: Relief and satisfaction.

Gherkins Dream Explanation

Gherkins Dream Explanation ? (Cucumber; Small pickle) Gherkins in a dream represent a son who looks like his father and mother and acts like them. (Also see Pickles; Preserves)

Mother-Of-Pearl Dream Explanation

Mother-Of-Pearl Dream Explanation ? See Nacre.

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Incest Dream Explanation

Incest Dream Explanation ? Also see Sex and Sodomy. ? A reference to an illegitimate birth. ? Marrying a relative whom Islam prohibits: Will prevail over one?s family. ? Sodomizing one?s father: Will oust him from the country or be hostile to him. ? Having sex with one?s father or mother without ejaculation: Will be good to him or her. If the dream had ended with an orgasm, it would mean the reverse. ? A man dreaming or someone dreaming of him that he is having sex with his mother, sister, brother, or similar prohibited relations seen as dead in the dream: He is not supporting them as he should, but will change his attitude and become fair. It could also mean trouble and worries or, on the contrary, benefit to both parties. If they are seen to be alive in the dream, he does not have much affection for them. In case he dreamed that the act took place during the Muslims? sacred months, he would go to Mecca (Makkah) for the pilgrimage.

Jewel light of the father's eyes Dream Explanation

Jewel light of the father's eyes Dream Explanation ? In a dream, it means one's sons or daughters.

Sword Dream Explanation

Sword Dream Explanation ? ? Wearing the supports without the sword itself: Will be entrusted with some responsibility. ? The sword breaking: Father, mother, uncle? (father?s brother), or aunt? (mother?s sister) will die. ? The sword?s blade breaking: A servant or companion will die. ? Playing with a sword: Smartness and shrewdness, eloquence, or admiration of one?s son.

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Incest Dream Explanation

Incest Dream Explanation ? ? Making love to one?s mother known to be dead in the dream: Will meet her if she is alive. ? Making love to one?s dead mother: The dreamer will die, because mother is synonym for earth. ? Having sex with one?s mother in her grave: Death. ? A traveller dreaming that he is making love to his mother: Will return to her from his journey. ? A poor man or a person whose mother is wealthy dreaming that he is having sex with her:? (1) Will obtain all that he wishes from her.? (2) She will die and he will inherit from her. ? A sick man dreaming of having sex with his mother: Will recover. ? Making love to one?s living mother:? (1) Will be inimical to the father.? (2) If the father is ill: The father will die and the son will look after his mother as a son and a husband.? (3) If the son is hostile to his mother: She will show him love and affection.? (4) The dreamer is good-natured, for nature is the mother of mankind.? (5) If the son is involved in a feud over some property or a piece of land and is trying to purchase it: He will win.? (6) If the son is a farmer or peasant: Bad omen, because he would be sowing the seeds in the dead earth where they would not grow.

Mother Dream Explanation

Mother Dream Explanation ? If one sees his mother giving birth to him, should he be ill in real life, then it means the approach of his death, for a deceased is wrapped in a shroud, while a new born is wrapped with a receiving cloth. If the person in question is poor, then seeing his mother in a dream means that his financial conditions will change for the better. If he is rich, it means restrictions of his earnings, for a child is dependent on others, and his movements are restricted. (Also see Earth)

Mother of pearl Dream Explanation

Mother of pearl Dream Explanation ? Buying a glittering glass ornament, or a house made of mother of pearls in a dream means choosing the pleasures of this world over the everlasting bliss of the hereafter, disdaining from obeying Allah's commands, or it could mean becoming an apostate. (Also see Pearl)

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Hostel Dream Explanation

Hostel Dream Explanation ? A married person resting in a hostel in a dream means that he will beget a son who when he grows will help his father in his trade and bring him happiness and comfort. If one's child is disobedient, or recalcitrant, it means that he will repent and come back to live under his father or mother. If a heedless person sees a hostel in a dream, it means that he will find guidance and return to walk on Allah's path. (Also see Hotel)

Incident - The father that hid his money Dream Explanation

Incident - The father that hid his money Dream Explanation ? A man hid his money inside his house and went on a journey. On his way back home, he became sick. The man also owed money to some people, and he thought of telling one of his companions about the place of his money and to ask him to pay his debt, but he aspired for recovery and hoped to return home and pay his debts in person. During his journey, the man died. His son saw him in a dream and asked: "What did God do to you?" The father replied: "My condition is in abeyance, and it depends on some debts that must be paid first. I have some money hidden in such and such place. Please go and dig them up, pay people what I owe them, and enjoy the rest."

Father in-law Dream Explanation

Father in-law Dream Explanation ? Having a father in-law in a dream and particularly for someone who does not have in-laws means strength, peace and tranquillity.

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Incident - the mother of Imam Shafie Dream Explanation

Incident - the mother of Imam Shafie Dream Explanation ? It is related that while the mother of Imam Shafi (RA) was expecting him(ie. Imam Sharfi) she saw in her dream as if the planet, Jupiter, left her body and descended on Egypt . Then it started running speedily and its embers spread far and wide and in all the towns and cities of Egypt . The Interpretation of this dream was given that a son will be born to her whose knowledge of Deen will be very vast and the people of every town and city of Egypt will benefit from his knowledge and follow his math-hab.

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Seeing Father mother dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Father mother dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Father mother dream Refer to Father mother islamic dream interpretation

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There are different meanings of Father mother dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Father mother dream Refer to above Father mother islamic dream interpretation.

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There are different symbols of Father mother dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Father mother dream Refer to above Father mother islamic dream symbols.

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Father mother dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Father mother dream Refer to above Father mother islamic dream explanations.

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