Islamic dream interpretation of Lying bed, Explanation & Meaning for Lying bed dreams

Below Lying bed dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Sacrifice Dream Explanation

Sacrifice Dream Explanation ? ? A sick person dreaming of making a sacrifice: The dreamer will pass away or, on the contrary, will recover. ? Distributing sacrificial sheep meat: Worries will be over and the dreamer will be honoured and dignified. ? Stealing sacrificial meat: The dreamer is lying to God.

Blunder Dream Explanation

Blunder Dream Explanation ? (Foolish talk; Nonsense; or people's foolish talk) Blunder in a dream means disobedience, sin or refusing to accept a good advice. To make a foolish oath in a dream means repentance of a sinner and guidance for a disbeliever. (Also see Grammarian; Fool; Linguist; Lying)


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Beating Dream Explanation

Beating Dream Explanation ? (Blow; Hit; Lash; Whip) To hit someone with a staff in a dream means bringing back to life something that died away or investigating the cause of a death or clarifying something. To beat someone with a wooden stick in a dream means failing to fulfill a promise, or it could mean lying to someone. If someone in authority hits his employee in a dream, it means that he will give him a raise. If he hits him on his back in the dream, it means that he will pay his debt. If he hits him on his backside in the dream, it means that he will give him a daughter in marriage.

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Gilder Dream Explanation

Gilder Dream Explanation ? (Gold leaf) In a dream, a gilder represents a decorator, someone who makes things attractive and pleasant or someone who coats things with sugar. In general, a gilder in a dream represents someone who is truthful in his words and actions. If a gilder overlays gold leaf over the cover of a book in a dream, it means that he is lying, falsifying things, innovating and that he is a heedless person who loses his money in loathsome entertainments, corruption, or it could mean that he works for a religious institution.

Nonsense Dream Explanation

Nonsense Dream Explanation ? (See Blunder; Fool; Lying)

Angel Dream Explanation

Angel Dream Explanation ? ? An angel in the image of a youth: A reference to the present. ? An angel in the image of a young boy: A reference to the future. ? Seeing angels in the image of women: The dreamer is lying to God in view of the following verse: ?Hath your Lord then distinguished you? (O men of Mecca (Makkah)) by giving you sons, and hath chosen for Himself females from among the angels? Lo! Verily ye speak an awful word!?? (?Al-Israe? or ?Bani Ismail? [The Children of Israel], verse 40.)

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Mihrab Dream Explanation

Mihrab Dream Explanation ? Otherwise, it means that such a property will be donated by its owner for religious use. Seeing an incorrectly positioned prayer niche in a mosque in a dream means deviation for Allah's path and erring in one's words and actions. In a dream, a mihrab also represents lawful sustenance or a pious wife. If one sees the prayer niche of a mosque misdirected, or if it emits a vile odor, or if one sees the corpse of a dead animal lying inside it in a dream, it indicates that the one who is seeing the dream is an unbeliever, an innovator and a hypocrite.

Lying On Two Different Sides Dream Explanation

Lying On Two Different Sides Dream Explanation ? Abu Salama reported Allah's Messenger (Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam) as saying: I used to see dreams, but the hadith transmitted on the authority of Laith b. Nu'man, the words of Abu Salama at the concluding part of the hadith are not mentioned. Ibn Rumh has reported in the hadith:" He (one who sleeps) should change the side on which he had been lying before." (Muslim)

Mortuary Wash-House Dream Explanation

Mortuary Wash-House Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing someone washing the clothes of a dead person: The washer will do something good for the deceased. ? Washing the dead with pure or holy water: The person seen dead will become poor, but more virtuous. ? Being washed with impure liquids and soap or rather soiled with them: The dreamer is a libertine who fails to observe religious tenets and will be lost more and more while his tyranny will increase. ? A dead person being washed with irrelevant or prohibited items: He is a religiously corrupt person preaching the senseless, unuseful, and irrational. ? Lying on a mortuary washing table: Promotion and the end of worries.

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Lies Dream Explanation

Lies Dream Explanation ? (See Lying)

Head Dream Explanation

Head Dream Explanation ? ? Recovering one?s head, which had fallen without reason:? (1) Financial gains.? (2) Will recover, if ill. ? Replacing one?s severed head and seeing it working: Will be killed in Jihad? (holy struggle). ? Seeing a head on a metal or wooden spearhead: A reference to a high-ranking official. ? Seeing a head in a container stained with blood: A chief is lying to the dreamer. ? The neck having been hit with a sword, sending the head reeling on the ground:? (1) If ill, will heal.? (2) If indebted, will settle debts.? (3) If the dreamer has never been to Mecca (Makkah), he will go there.? (4) If worried or at war, will be relieved.

Doomsday Dream Explanation

Doomsday Dream Explanation ? ? A man at war dreaming of Doomsday: Will triumph. ? Dreaming that the hour has come for you alone: Will die. ? Dreaming of the atrocities of Doomsday, then seeing everything returning to normal:? (1) Justice will replace injustice inflicted by most unfair people.? (2) The dreamer is immersed in sins, asking impossible things, determined to keep lying, and refusing to repent, owing to the Quranic verse: ?Nay, but that hath become clear unto them which before they used to hide. And if they were sent back they would return unto that which they are forbidden. Lo! they are liars.?? (?Al-Anam? [Cattle], verse 28.)

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Blood Dream Explanation

Blood Dream Explanation ? ? Splashing in blood: The dreamer is being financed and is dealing with dirty money or is indulging in a major sin. ? Seeing blood on one?s clothes: Somebody is lying to the dreamer. ? Seeing one?s shirt stained with blood of unknown origin or without having felt it coming: The dreamer is being lied to without knowing it or suspecting anything. ? The shirt stained with the blood of a cat: A thief is lying to the dreamer. ? The shirt stained with lion blood: An unjust and wanton chief or ruler is lying to the dreamer. ? The shirt stained with ram blood: An honest, rich, and almost invincible man is lying to the dreamer, after which the latter will obtain as much illicit money as there was blood. ? Blood oozing out of the skin:? (1) Health and safety.? (2) Will return home safe and sound from a journey. ? Seeing blood coming out of one?s body and looking at the wounds:? (1) Will be healthy and wealthy.? (2) Will return safe and sound from a journey to find joy, happiness, and welfare.

Dove Dream Explanation

Dove Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing somebody?s pigeon? (penis): The dreamer is an adulterer. ? A pigeon evading the dreamer or flying away to no return:? (a) Divorce.? (2) Wife will die. ? Cutting a pigeon?s wing:? (1) The dreamer will swear not to let his wife out.? (2) Wife will deliver.? (3) Wife will get pregnant. ? Slaughtering a pigeon: Will deflower a girl. ? Eating dove meat: Will eat up a woman?s money. The ringdove is a wild, dominating woman, if not impossible at least difficult to tame. She is a liar and not quite religious. It could also refer to a lying boy. The turtledove is either a religious woman or a boy who makes an honest living.

Fox Dream Explanation

Fox Dream Explanation ? ? A fox calling the dreamer: Will be terrified. ? Playing with a fox: Will be blessed with a woman who loves you as much as you love her. ? Catching a fox:? (1) The dreamer will obtain the favours of a woman without there being any great love for her.? (2) Will triumph over an adversary or a competitor. ? Eating fox meat: Will fall ill and recover very quickly. ? Drinking fox milk:? (1) Will recover from a disease.? (2) A worrisome matter will be over. ? Seeing herds of foxes: Magic and ruse will be widespread in the area. ? Rewarding a fox with extreme generosity:? (1) The dreamer is rewarding people who do not deserve it.? (2) The dreamer enjoys lying.

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Lay Dream Explanation

Lay Dream Explanation ? (Lie; Repose) In a dream, if a man sees himself lying on his back over the floor, it means having good strength, or gaining one. It also means winning worldly profits, or expansion of one's control. If one sees himself lying on his back on the floor with his mouth open and bread loaves coming out of his mouth, it means that he will lose control over his business, meanwhile, he may win something totally different.

Tell a lie Dream Explanation

Tell a lie Dream Explanation ? (See Lying)

Wash Dream Explanation

Wash Dream Explanation ? It could also refer to an honest man who brings back to the right path many people who had gone astray or were misleading others. ? Lying on a mortuary washing table: Promotion and the end of worries. ? One or more dead persons requesting the dreamer to wash their clothes: The dreamer is requested to recall God, pray for someone, give sadaqa, or alms, settle a debt, satisfy an adversary, or carry out a will. ? Seeing someone washing the clothes of a dead person: The washer will do something good for the deceased.

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Mountain Dream Explanation

Mountain Dream Explanation ? ? Falling from a mountain, a roof, a tree, and the like: Separation from whomever such a high place symbolizes according to the code of dreams. The subject himself should be consulted by the interpreter to know what, in his view, the mountain or tree, et cetera, could refer to and what his aspirations are. It could also mean that the dreamer will fall down by committing sins or to where intriguers are lying in wait for him, especially if he had fallen on ferocious beasts, crows, snakes, rodents, or garbage. By contrast, falling on a mosque, in a garden, or where a prophet is present would be an excellent dream.

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Seeing Lying bed dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Lying bed dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Lying bed dream Refer to Lying bed islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Lying bed very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Lying bed?

There are different meanings of Lying bed dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Lying bed dream Refer to above Lying bed islamic dream interpretation.

What do Lying bed symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Lying bed dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Lying bed dream Refer to above Lying bed islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Lying bed in dream?

Lying bed dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Lying bed dream Refer to above Lying bed islamic dream explanations.

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