Islamic dream interpretation of Alms, Explanation & Meaning for Alms dreams

Below Alms dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Crawl Dream Explanation

Crawl Dream Explanation ? ? Crawling on one?s belly: Will be handicapped and compelled to spend all savings owing to unemployment. ? A person dreaming of being unable to crawl anymore after stomach has been skinned and asking people to carry him: Will become poor and ask people for alms.

Tithe Dream Explanation

Tithe Dream Explanation ? (Alms giving; Charity. See Alms Tax; Tithe collector)


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Alms tax Dream Explanation

Alms tax Dream Explanation ? (Tithe) Paying the dues alms tax in a dream means increase in one's income or prosperity. If a rich man sees himself paying the due tithe on his liquid assets in a dream, it means increase in his wealth, a spiritual growth and receiving the blessing of performing one's obligatory prayers on time. Payment of one's due tithe also represents protection from one's enemies. Paying alms tax in a dream also means performing supererogatory prayers during the night, repayment of debts, absolution, or it could mean paying a fine. Alms tax in a dream also means the death of a dear person in the family, or it could mean losing a limb due to an illness or an accident, giving a charity for the benefit of a departed soul, or payment of one's debts.

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Due alms Dream Explanation

Due alms Dream Explanation ? (See Cauterize; Property taxes)

Palm fiber Dream Explanation

Palm fiber Dream Explanation ? (Rubbing cloth) Palm fiber in a dream represents new clothing, or an accumulated wealth that is bearing heavy on its owner because of the methods he uses to gather it, or because of failing to pay its due alms tax, or required charities.

Alms tax Dream Explanation

Alms tax Dream Explanation ? Thus, paying alms tax in a dream may mean increase in one's wealth, recovering from illness or payment of one's debts, all of which earn levels of exaltation and blessings. To pay charity on one's property of silver in a dream means begetting a son, or it could mean getting married. If it is a poor person, then paying alms tax in a dream represents Allah's acceptance of one's deeds. If he is a sinner, it means that he will repent of sin and earn lawful money, and if he is a disbeliever, it means that he will become a believer. (Also see Charity; Endowment; Tithe collector)

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Stocking Dream Explanation

Stocking Dream Explanation ? (Sock) In a dream, stockings represent wealth and prevention, as long as they are not worn. Once seen worn in a dream, they mean business losses. If one's mother is alive, it means that he will migrate with her to another country, or it could mean that she will be deprived of her son. If the socks are new and have a clean smell in the dream, it means that one regularly pays his due alms, that he is praised for his character and that his money will grow in a lawful way. If his socks are old or emit bad odors in the dream, it means that he withholds paying the obligatory alms tax, that he is uncharitable, worthy of blame and that his wealth will quickly disappear.

Endowment Dream Explanation

Endowment Dream Explanation ? (Alms; Charity; Contribution; Donation; Fulfilling needs; Gift; Offering; Profits; Religious endowment) Making a religious endowment in a dream represents good deeds that are done for Allah's pleasure, seeking to be in His nearness and asking for His blessings. Making a religious endowment in a dream also means rising in station, both in this world and in the hereafter.

Wash Dream Explanation

Wash Dream Explanation ? It could also refer to an honest man who brings back to the right path many people who had gone astray or were misleading others. ? Lying on a mortuary washing table: Promotion and the end of worries. ? One or more dead persons requesting the dreamer to wash their clothes: The dreamer is requested to recall God, pray for someone, give sadaqa, or alms, settle a debt, satisfy an adversary, or carry out a will. ? Seeing someone washing the clothes of a dead person: The washer will do something good for the deceased.

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Goodwill Dream Explanation

Goodwill Dream Explanation ? (Alms; Generosity; Secondhand; Thrift shop; Torn garments. See Used clothing)

Tax collector Dream Explanation

Tax collector Dream Explanation ? Collecting taxes in a dream means compelling someone or forcing him to pay due alms, or it could mean coercing someone to live with him. If one sees himself as a tax collector in a dream, it means that he will earn respect, or that he will be forced to ask everyone for permission regarding everything he does. A tax collector in a dream also means paying one's debts, or he could represent a policeman, an emissary, a treasurer, or a safe.

Requital Dream Explanation

Requital Dream Explanation ? (Retaliation; Retribution) In a dream, requital means longevity, departure from one's past, or it could mean instituting justice, or performing penance that will purify the person from his sins, such as prayers, voluntary fasting and alms giving. (Also see Atonement)

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Damson Dream Explanation

Damson Dream Explanation ? ? Eating immature or green damson: Will give alms or heal from a disease. ? Eating yellow damson: Will obtain money but get ill. ? Eating damson from a tree: Will befriend a wealthy but irreligious person. ? Picking damson from a tree: Will marry an heiress. ? Breaking a branch of a damson tree:? (1) Will be ungrateful to a source of living and lose it.? (2) Will abandon prayers and abstain from fasting.? (3) Will squander someone?s money.

Sadaqa Dream Explanation

Sadaqa Dream Explanation ? ALMS GIVING. ? Dreaming of alms giving depends on the dreamer. Such a dream made by a religious scholar or an erudite man means that he will be conveying his knowledge to others. The same dream made by a ruler means that he will be in charge of more people. To a craftsman it means that he will teach his craft to certain persons, etc. ? Giving sadaqa to the poor:? (1) No more worries.? (2) No more fear. ? Feeding an atheist: The dreamer is fortifying the enemy.

Treasure Dream Explanation

Treasure Dream Explanation ? Discovering a great treasure in a dream means martyrdom. Discovering a treasure and rejoicing in the dream means loss of one's money or business. Discovering a treasure in a dream also could mean ease in one's life, receiving an inheritance, distress, trouble, wearing a new garment, a wife, cheating on one's taxes, or it could mean avoiding to pay alms tax, or hindering the distributions of charitable endowments.

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Toilet Dream Explanation

Toilet Dream Explanation ? ? Getting soiled with the water that overflows from the toilet, which, however, has no bad smell:? (1) Coming welfare.? (2) Demands will not be met, at least not easily. ? Eating the sewage flowing out of the toilet:? (1) Will rescind or come back on something you had donated or alms you had given. The Muslims? Holy Prophet is said to have likened the one who changes his mind after donating something or giving alms to somebody who eats his own vomit or excrement.? (2) The dreamer will return to corruption and unholy means of living. ? A large and clean toilet with no smell in it: The dreamer?s wife is pleasant, virtuous, and obedient. The cleanliness of the toilet refers to her virtue and obedience, the lack of stink to her good reputation. If, on the contrary, the toilet is tiny and full of dirt, so much so that the dreamer finds no place to sit on it? (in the dream), the wife will rebel against the authority of her husband. More, if it stinks, she will be impudent and make her husband notorious.

Knife handle Dream Explanation

Knife handle Dream Explanation ? (Haft; Saber guard; Sword hilt) Seeing a knife handle or a sword haft in a dream means that one still has a property or a minimum amount of property, including but not limited to livestock, gold, silver, or cash savings that is subject to the obligatory (Zakat) alms tax.

Forehead Dream Explanation

Forehead Dream Explanation ? If one sees his forehead broader in a dream, it means that he will develop stupidity after being intelligent, or become ignorant after being knowledgeable, or become stingy after being generous. If one sees his forehead turning black in the dream, it means disdaining from paying one's due alms tax. However, its brightness represents one's concern and caring for others. The forehead in a dream also represents one of the seven points in one's prostration and in that sense, its growth or transformation may affect one's devotion and assiduity in his prayers. (Also see Body)

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Jew Dream Explanation

Jew Dream Explanation ? ? Becoming a Jew means:? (1) The dreamer will commit all sorts of prohibitions.? (2) The dreamer will become a heretic, believe the Jews, corroborate their statements, be lost on the spiritual plane, and show fanaticism in favour of the Hebrews.? (3) The dreamer will no longer observe the five pillars of Islam: Attesting that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is His Messenger; praying five times a day; fasting during the holy month of Ramadan; paying the zakat? (a special system of religious dues and alms); and performing the pilgrimage whenever possible. The dreamer will be punished for that negligence before dying.

Taxes Dream Explanation

Taxes Dream Explanation ? (Due alms; Property taxes)

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Seeing Alms dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Alms dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Alms dream Refer to Alms islamic dream interpretation

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There are different meanings of Alms dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Alms dream Refer to above Alms islamic dream interpretation.

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There are different symbols of Alms dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Alms dream Refer to above Alms islamic dream symbols.

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Alms dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Alms dream Refer to above Alms islamic dream explanations.

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