Islamic dream interpretation of Aqiq, Explanation & Meaning for Aqiq dreams

Below Aqiq dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Mountain trails Dream Explanation

Mountain trails Dream Explanation ? (Canyons) In a dream, deep valleys, or mountain trails represent deception, betrayal, perfidy and trickery. (Also see Aqiq canyons)

Agate Dream Explanation

Agate Dream Explanation ? See Aqiq.


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Aqiqah rites Dream Explanation

Aqiqah rites Dream Explanation ? Participating in the sacrament of the Aqiqah rites in a dream also could represent a growing faith and certitude, and emulating the blessed traditions of Allah's Prophet, Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam. If the sacrifice presented in one's dream on that day is a permissible one and if one fulfils all the necessary rituals in his dream, then it denotes his praiseworthy character and the success of his endeavors. If one offers a non-permissible sacrifice in his dream and presents it to people to eat from, then his dream represents a recalcitrant child, or a rebellious son. (Also see Aqiq canyons; Carnelian-red)

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Bead Dream Explanation

Bead Dream Explanation ? ? (Also see Aqiq.) Beads symbolize a woman, a servant, a girl or a slave, money, politeness, shrewdness, procreation, and boys. ? Finding beads:? (1) Money and gifts from God, as many gifts as beads.? (2) A beneficial trip. ? Finding white beads: Will get a good servant who fears the wrath of God. ? Finding green beads: Will have a pious servant. ? Finding black beads: Will obtain the services of a nonreligious, corrupt, and unkind servant. ? Seeing gemstones in the form of beads: Should be interpreted according to the meaning of each stone.

Aqiq Dream Explanation

Aqiq Dream Explanation ? Is a name given by Arabs to a very large variety of semiprecious stones, if not all of them. It translates as cornelian, if the stone is reddish, or agate, if otherwise. The clearer and the more reddish the stone, the more expensive it is. In any case, for pious Muslims Aqiq is invaluable, in view of a Hadeeth? (statement reportedly made by the Holy Prophet) according to which Aqiq repels poverty. It is also believed to have been the first stone that recognized the unicity of God? (sic).20 The best quality is the one found in Yemen, hence the appellation Aqiq yamani, and the Muslims? first choice is the white color and also the brownish red called in Arabic rommani kabedy, which literally means ?having the color of liver like pomegranate.? There are also famous varieties called jaze, a kind of black and/or white beads, and sabaj, which is utterly black. Lesser qualities are simply called kharaz, or beads. It is noteworthy that Hobal, the Arabs? foremost idol before Islam prevailed, was said to be made of Aqiq. Its eyes were fascinating.

Aqiq Dream Explanation

Aqiq Dream Explanation ? (arb. See Carnelian-red)

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Cornelian Dream Explanation

Cornelian Dream Explanation ? See Aqiq.

Aqiq Dream Explanation

Aqiq Dream Explanation ? A Yemeni ambassador who worked with me at the Islamic Conference Sec retariat in Jeddah told me that when he was a child, the stone was urgently rushed to someone bitten by a highly venomous serpent. The victim recounted to the ambassador that the stone used to stick to his wound, giving him the impression of a child sucking its mother?s breast. Each time the stone became saturated with poison, it fell on the ground and was picked up and immersed in cow milk, wherein the venom could be seen being liquidated. Aqiq symbolizes religion, progeny, and virtue. It is a blessed stone. ? Owning Aqiq: Will no longer be poor. ? Wearing an Aqiq ring: Will own something blessed and achieve growth. ? Seeing the black Aqiq: (1) Suspicious money. (2) The birth of an expected boy.

Nocturnal Journey Dream Explanation

Nocturnal Journey Dream Explanation ? (See Aqiq canyons; Night of Power)

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Aqiq Dream Explanation

Aqiq Dream Explanation ? The same stone was used in ornamenting the Taj Mahal in India. The higher qualities of Aqiq? (mostly found in anes and Khawlan, in North Yemen) are believed by Orientals to have certain properties, like the ability to slow down the movement of fluids in the body. If somebody is hurt, for instance, while carrying Aqiq or wearing it as a ring whose stone touches the skin, the blood is unlikely to ooze out of the wound. Some men also use it to avoid rapid ejaculation. I was told by one of the few remaining Aqiq craftsmen in North Yemen, a few years ago, that a rich Arab client believed by the craftsman to be a Saudi ambassador had proposed to pay some two hundred thousand dollars for one of those special rings, but his offer had been declined. In Sanaa, the capital of North Yemen, there is a stone that, I was told, was then in the custody of someone called Ahmad Al-Turki, who cannot sell it for its being a waqf? (a property confined to public benefit, according to an Islamic code). That stone, called Al Fass Al Hanash? (The Snake Stone), has the property of saving people from snakebites.

Canyons Dream Explanation

Canyons Dream Explanation ? (Mountain pass; Mountain trails) In a dream, deep valleys or canyons represent deception, betrayal, perfidy and trickery. Seeing a mountain pass in a dream also could signify overcoming adversities or relief from difficulties. (Also see Aqiq canyon)

Carnelian-red Dream Explanation

Carnelian-red Dream Explanation ? Such blessings will manifest in one's work and success in his material as well as spiritual life. A Carnelian-red stone in a dream also represents one's progeny, good religious conduct, good character, while seeing the white variety of this stone has a stronger meaning and a better attribute than the red. (Also see Aqiq canyons; Aqiqah rites)

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Aqiq canyons Dream Explanation

Aqiq canyons Dream Explanation ? (A place near the holy city of Mecca; First segment of Allah's Messenger's Nocturnal journey.) Seeing oneself performing a ritual ablution, then performing prayers in the Aqiq canyons in a dream signifies confirmation of the testimony of Allah's Oneness (see Carnelian-red), washing oneself from worldly attachments, witnessing Divine blessings and spiritual favors, rising in station, hearing good words, or it could mean imprisonment, rain, a gift, an offering, or a charity.

Carnelian-red Dream Explanation

Carnelian-red Dream Explanation ? (arb. Aqiq. A variety of chalcedony; Crystalline mineral; Gem; Jewelry; Precious stone; Stone) Seeing a Carnelian-red stone in a dream means dispelling poverty. At the beginning of the creation, of all stones, the Carnelian-red was the first stone that testified to Allah's Oneness. If one sees himself in a dream concluding his ablution or ritual bath with the essence of a Carnelian-red, it means that he owns something blessed.

Aqiq dreams FAQs:

Seeing Aqiq dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Aqiq dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Aqiq dream Refer to Aqiq islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Aqiq very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Aqiq?

There are different meanings of Aqiq dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Aqiq dream Refer to above Aqiq islamic dream interpretation.

What do Aqiq symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Aqiq dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Aqiq dream Refer to above Aqiq islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Aqiq in dream?

Aqiq dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Aqiq dream Refer to above Aqiq islamic dream explanations.

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