Islamic dream interpretation of Arguments, Explanation & Meaning for Arguments dreams

Below Arguments dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Nonalcoholic wine Dream Explanation

Nonalcoholic wine Dream Explanation ? Drinking nonalcoholic wine in a dream means distress, sorrow, a wretched life, poverty, or unexpected expense. In a dream, drinking nonalcoholic wine also represents lawful money that is earned from one's toiling and sweat. However, drinking alcoholic beverage in a dream means money that is acquired through rough words and arguments, and for a governor in his dream, it means loss of his job. Alcoholic beverages in a dream mean money of suspicious source, or they could mean distress or depression. (Also see Wine)

Earth Dream Explanation

Earth Dream Explanation ? Earth in a dream also represents one's mother, or the governor of the land. Working in a farmland in a dream, seeing its tools, elements, seeds, water, plowing, harvesting, landscaping, blossoming of its flowers, their fragrance, light, whatever positive or negative results one sees therein in a dream represent such success or failure. Seeing an unknown land could denote one's mother, child, husband, wife, partner, guardian, a servant, or it could mean one's heirs. Earth in a dream also may mean arguments, knowledge or clarity of speech. Earth in a dream also represents the element of the world, as the skies represent the element of the hereafter. If both the earth and the skies are seen simultaneously in a dream, it means that they can never be joined together, as the world and the hereafter do not exist in one place.


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Kiss Dream Explanation

Kiss Dream Explanation ? ? Kissing:? (1) Wishes will be fulfilled and matters settled to the dreamer?s satisfaction.? (2) Will triumph over enemies. ? Kissing God Almighty: Will kiss the Holy Book or God?s Name. ? Kissing God?s right hand: Will perform the pilgrimage in Mecca (Makkah) and kiss the Black Stone there. ? God kissing the dreamer: His deeds are blessed. ? Kissing a powerful or an authoritative person: Will replace that person. ? Kissing a judge, a king? (ruler or boss), or an imam? (spiritual leader): That judge, king, or imam will accept the dreamer?s arguments. ? Being kissed by a judge, a chief, or an imam: Will obtain some benefit or recommendation from the latter. ? A kiss from a lady:? (1) People?s sympathy and enthusiasm.? (2) Greetings from a loved one. ? A kiss from a girl: A cup of wine? (or liquor).

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Money exchanger Dream Explanation

Money exchanger Dream Explanation ? In a dream, a money exchanger represents knowledge, poetry, speaking the right words, richness after poverty, a school, the fellowship of a wise man, or a scale. In a dream, a money exchanger also could represent someone who has knowledge, though no one benefit from what he knows except in mundane matters. His work relates to scientific writings, scientific arguments, dispute of authority, or questions and answers. Perhaps his only balance or criterion is his own judgment. His balance represents his tongue and ears. His weights are his only instrument for justice and judgment. His measuring pennies are his fights with people.

Statue Dream Explanation

Statue Dream Explanation ? (Idol) A statue in a dream represents falsehood, inventions, make-shift, fiction, illusion, heedlessness, or a nice looking person who is full of deception. Worshipping a statue in a dream means lying to Allah Almighty, or that one worships what his mind tells him to worship, whether it is a physical object or a child of one's imagination. If it is a carved wooden statue in the dream, it means that he ingratiates himself to rich people, or to an unjust person in authority through his religion. If the statue is built from wood in the dream, it means that one seeks religious arguments or disputes. If the statue is made of silver in the dream, it means that one elicits sexual relationship with his servant, or with a foreign woman, or perhaps just a friendship.

Hand mill Dream Explanation

Hand mill Dream Explanation ? (Laboring; Livelihood; Millstone; Travel) A hand mill in a dream means overcoming distress, pain, or satisfying one's needs. It could also mean richness after poverty, marriage, a servant, or moving into a new house. If someone sees a hand mill in a house that is not accustomed to grinding its own grain or spices in a dream, it means adversities, defeat, or arguments. If one then grinds bread, or meat or honey with in the dream, it denotes a despicable character of the people of that house, their falsehood, affectation, lesbian or pervert nature. If one sees a hand mill grinding stones in a dream, it means that he will be seized by terror. If one grinds barley or grains for food in a dream, it means solving the family's problems, prosperity, recovering from illness, or refurbishing one's business.

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Reciting Surah Nisaa Dream Explanation

Reciting Surah Nisaa Dream Explanation ? The reader will live with a beautiful woman till the end of his life. But the marriage will not be a happy one. He will also possess the ability to rpesent stong arguments and speak eloquently.

Deep frying Dream Explanation

Deep frying Dream Explanation ? (Fryer) In a dream, deep frying signifies evil, adversities, arguments, problems, failing to do one's prayers, following one's mind, passion and desires, or backbiting and slandering people. (Also see Frying)

Darn Dream Explanation

Darn Dream Explanation ? If one sees himself darning his own shirt in a dream, it means that he will have an argument with a relative or befriend a person of evil character. Darning one's clothes in a dream also represents the roar of arguments or disputes. In some circles, it is also interpreted to mean repentance from one's sins, regretting wrongdoing, although one will fail to apologize or adequately compensate the other person for offending him.

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Product Dream Explanation

Product Dream Explanation ? (Aliment; Food) Any product which is touched by fire in the process of its manufacturing, preparation, or cooking in a dream means arguments and disputes.

Termite Dream Explanation

Termite Dream Explanation ? (Broker; Stockbroker; Wood warm) In a dream, termites represent jealousy, envy, perfidy, competition in knowledge, or search for arguments. If one sees termites in his carry -on bag, or eating from his staff in a dream, they mean his death. Termites in a dream also represent a slanderer who tricks wealthy people to make his commission by advising them to place their money into bad investments. If a sick person sees termites inside his house or clinging to his skin in a dream, it also means his death. If one sees termites eating his wooden door, table or bed in a dream, they mean an illness. Termites in a dream also means having a large family with little income.

Butcher block Dream Explanation

Butcher block Dream Explanation ? In a dream, butcher's chopping block represents a hypocrite who interferes in people's business and takes sides in their arguments.

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Bookstore Dream Explanation

Bookstore Dream Explanation ? In a dream, a bookstore represents spiritual guidance, repentance from sin, governments, evil, or arguments. (Also see Bookseller; Marketplace)

Weapon Dream Explanation

Weapon Dream Explanation ? Weapons symbolize good knowledge to oppose the arguments of the ignorant, money that saves the dreamer from poverty and related hardships, the means to terrorize the enemy, victory, the remedy or medicine that heals the patient, and the wife who shields the subject from the temptation of the Devil. ? Dreaming of weapons:? (1) Will gather strength.? (2) Will triumph over enemies.? (3) Will resist and overcome disease.? (4) If ill, will die. ? Being armed amid unarmed people: Will become their admired chief.

Gunsmith Dream Explanation

Gunsmith Dream Explanation ? (Arm) In a dream, a gunsmith represents war, arguments, or victory. (Also see Gun salesman)

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Trade Dream Explanation

Trade Dream Explanation ? Any product that is touched by fire in the process of its manufacturing means arguments and disputes.

Sing Dream Explanation

Sing Dream Explanation ? Nice singing means profitable business. The reverse is also true. The singer himself is regarded as a knowledgeable and wise person and a reminder. For rich people singing in the marketplace alludes to scandals and ugly traps. For the poor the same dream means that they will lose their mind. Some interpreters believe that singing refers to clamour, uproar, disputes, strong arguments, and wrestling in view of the gesticulations in dancing that are associated with singing and sometimes resemble a fight.

Arguments dreams FAQs:

Seeing Arguments dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Arguments dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Arguments dream Refer to Arguments islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Arguments very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Arguments?

There are different meanings of Arguments dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Arguments dream Refer to above Arguments islamic dream interpretation.

What do Arguments symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Arguments dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Arguments dream Refer to above Arguments islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Arguments in dream?

Arguments dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Arguments dream Refer to above Arguments islamic dream explanations.

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