Islamic dream interpretation of Astrologer, Explanation & Meaning for Astrologer dreams

Below Astrologer dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Astrolabe Dream Explanation

Astrolabe Dream Explanation ? (Astrology) In a dream, it represents the assistant or the servant of a governor or ruler. An astrolabe in a dream also represents someone connected with the leadership of a land. Accompanying such a person in a dream then means benefits equal to what one sees in his dream. Seeing an astrolabe in a dream also may connote someone with uncertainty, or an ever changing person who lacks determination, loyalty, or honor. (Also see Astrologer)

Priest Dream Explanation

Priest Dream Explanation ? (Clergyman; Conjecture; Monk; Prognosticator) A priest in a dream connotes faith, renouncing the world, staying away from suspicion, or he could represent an Imam, a guide, an example to be followed, or a wise man whose instructions people respect and obey. A priest in a dream also could represent someone who follows conjecture, or someone who does not see his own faults. If a regular person sees himself as a priest in a dream, it means benefits for others, rising in station and fame. If a layman sees himself speaking like a preacher, a soothsayer, a Fortuneteller, an astrologer or a priest in a dream, it means that he lies and engages in falsehood.


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Fortuneteller Dream Explanation

Fortuneteller Dream Explanation ? If the Fortuneteller replies with a truthful answer in the dream, one should accept his answer. If the Fortuneteller maintains silence and declines to answer in the dream, it means abolition of one's intent or dismissal of any benefits. (Also see Astrologer; Divination; Dream interpreter; Seer)

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Astrologer Dream Explanation

Astrologer Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing an astrologer: (1) Will meet a liar who does not thank God for His gifts. (2) Will socialize with prominent personalities and know a great deal about them. (3) Will have access to and uncover secrets. (4) Will be curious when holding a conversation and consider true and dubious statements. (5) Sorrow and worries or exactly the reverse. (6) Marriage of a bachelor. (7) Separation between husband and wife. (8) The end of a pregnancy. (9) Death of a patient.? (10) Good tidings or warning against bad habits.? (11) Travel for someone who usually doesn?t.? (12) Learning, action, and abiding by the Holy Prophet?s Tradition. ? Speaking like a diviner, telling oracles, or talking to astrologers: False hood and vanity, and to believe in such a dream, asleep or awake, is a sign of ignorance.

Moon Dream Explanation

Moon Dream Explanation ? If the stars and the planets have no light in the dream, then they mean a calamity. In a dream, seeing a sun and a moon on one's right side and the same on his left side, above him, in front of him and behind him means a calamity and a defeat that will force one to retreat or to escape but to no avail. (Also see Astrologer; Crescent; Eclipse; Night)

Star Dream Explanation

Star Dream Explanation ? Eating stars in a dream means swindling people of their money. Swallowing a star in a dream means mixing with noble people and sharing one's personal life with them, or it could mean insulting or slandering the companions of Allah's Prophet Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam. Sucking on a star in a dream means learning at the hands of great scholars or a wise sheikh. If a Fortuneteller or an astrologer sees himself eating stars in a dream, it means that he will be selected to fill an important job from which he will prosper. As for the majority of people, eating stars in a dream means death.

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Coconut Dream Explanation

Coconut Dream Explanation ? The coconut? (in Arabia, Indian walnut) symbolizes:? (1) Money from a foreign source.? (2) An astrologer. ? Eating coconuts: Will learn astrology or adopt the views of an astrologer and believe him. ? Dreaming of an astrologer or a diviner: Will eat coconuts.

Moon Dream Explanation

Moon Dream Explanation ? The moon in a dream also represents one's bosom friend, an unjust governor, his chief minister, his assistant, a gambler, an oath, recovering from an illness or suffering from eye irritation. Seeing a full moon during the early days of the lunar month, when it is supposed to be only a crescent in a dream means benefits while the opposite means harm. The moon in a dream also represents a scholar, an astrologer, an astronomer or a guide. Seeing the moon at its highest point in a dream means honor and blessings while seeing it at its lowest point in a dream means the opposite. Seeing the moon in the position of Aries in a dream means benefits for someone who desires to meet with high ranking people, though it could also have a negative connotation for someone who works in construction.

Astrology Dream Explanation

Astrology Dream Explanation ? (Astrolabe. See Astrologer; Fortuneteller; Moon)

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Dream interpreter Dream Explanation

Dream interpreter Dream Explanation ? Telling a dream interpreted a dream in one's dream, and if the explanation agrees with the common wisdom and religious norms of the Holy Quran and the traditions of Allah's Prophet, Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam, then whatever one is told in his dream is true. If one does not understand the explanation of the dream interpreter in his dream, then he might need to find a qualified interpreter in wakefulness to satisfy his needs. (Also see Astrologer; Divination; Fortuneteller; Founder; Interpretation; Seer)

Divination Dream Explanation

Divination Dream Explanation ? (Geomancy) Seeing a Fortuneteller who practices divination by interpreting random figures that are formed when a handful of earth is thrown on the ground or one who interprets randomly drawn lines on sand represents a fraudulent and a cunning person, a thief, or such a dream could represent profits from importing goods. (Also see Astrologer; Fortuneteller)

Astrologer Dream Explanation

Astrologer Dream Explanation ? (Foreseer; Fortuneteller; Predictor; Soothsayer) Seeing an astrologer in a dream means associating oneself with spiritual masters and witnessing some of their miraculous signs. An astrologer in a dream also may mean knowledge of people's secrets, curiosity, inquisitiveness, meddling in people's affairs, divulging people's secrets, soothsaying, fortune-telling, backbiting, predicting the future, hearsay, gossip, distress or trouble.

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Astrologer, Soothsayer, Magician Etc. Dream Explanation

Astrologer, Soothsayer, Magician Etc. Dream Explanation ? Any of the above symbolises a great liar who may also be very close to the king or government.

Jew Dream Explanation

Jew Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing an old Jew means an enemy who tries to destroy his opponent. ? Seeing Jews means:? (1) Treacherous enemies who pose as friends.? (2) Trouble with butchers and slaughterers. ? Seeing a Jewish woman means a fallacious life wherein promises and high hopes do not materialize. ? Dealing, befriending or accompanying a Jew means the dreamer will meet someone who denies what is right, procrastinates, and is niggardly in showing or coming out with what he has or knows, a sorcerer, a treacherous person, someone who makes you spend your money forcibly and who does not pay back what he owes without dodging and prevaricating, or an astrologer, a diviner, or a cheat.

Astrologer Dream Explanation

Astrologer Dream Explanation ? The astrologer, diviner, or fortune-teller represents a person close to kings. ? Dreaming of having become an astrologer: Will get closer to a king or prominent personality through lies, fraud, and degradation.

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Foreseen Dream Explanation

Foreseen Dream Explanation ? (See Astrologer)

Hoopoe Dream Explanation

Hoopoe Dream Explanation ? Eating a hoopoe in a dream means receiving news from the governor, or hosting a traveller. A hoopoe in a dream also represents the king's advisor, the court's seer, an astrologer, a writer, a scribe, or a critic. Holding a hoopoe in one's hand in a dream means glad tidings, or profits from a business in another market or town. Owning a hoopoe in a dream means having influence over someone in authority, or it could represent a writer, or a perspicacious person but who has no religious commitment. Slaughtering a hoopoe in a dream means getting hold of such person. Owning a female hoopoe in a dream means getting married. Slaughtering a female hoopoe in a dream means deflowering a young girl.

Astrologer Dream Explanation

Astrologer Dream Explanation ? If the one who is seeing the dream suffers from any of the above ills, seeing an astrologer in a dream also means dispelling such misfortunes. Seeing an astrologer in a dream also signifies marriage, divorce, the death of a sick person, travels, delivering a baby, hearing good or bad news. Seeing an astrologer in a dream also may denote knowledge, following the true path and acting upon it, for a Allah fearing astrologer mostly arbitrates by the prophetic rules. (Also see Astrolabe; Divination; Fortuneteller)

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Fox Dream Explanation

Fox Dream Explanation ? The fox is a crafty person, a crook, one who dodges on the spiritual and material planes. It could also be an astrologer or a doctor. ? Seeing a fox: Will feel depressed, be humiliated, or lose part of one?s fortune. ? Dodging a fox: The dreamer is a liar or a poet. ? A fox dodging the dreamer: An adversary or a competitor is doing so. ? Fighting or quarrelling with a fox: The same will happen with a relative. ? Calling a fox: Pain from wife or husband. ? Touching a fox: Will be scared to death by a jinn.

Astrologer dreams FAQs:

Seeing Astrologer dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Astrologer dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Astrologer dream Refer to Astrologer islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Astrologer very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Astrologer?

There are different meanings of Astrologer dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Astrologer dream Refer to above Astrologer islamic dream interpretation.

What do Astrologer symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Astrologer dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Astrologer dream Refer to above Astrologer islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Astrologer in dream?

Astrologer dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Astrologer dream Refer to above Astrologer islamic dream explanations.

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