Islamic dream interpretation of Atheist, Explanation & Meaning for Atheist dreams

Below Atheist dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Jihad, Religious War, Or Muslim Struggle Dream Explanation

Jihad, Religious War, Or Muslim Struggle Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing people going to Jihad: Those people will emerge victorious and become stronger and greater. ? Seeing oneself fighting the atheist alone with the sword and striking right and left: The dreamer will triumph over enemies. ? Being in a religious battle and staying on the sidelines or turning away: The dreamer will no longer endeavour for the welfare of his family, will stop supporting his relatives, and will no longer be religious, in view of a verse in the Holy Quran: ?Would ye then, if ye were given the command, work corruption on Earth and sever your ties of kinship??? (Muhammad, verse 22.)

Makkah Dream Explanation

Makkah Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing a fertile Mecca (Makkah) flourishing: Welfare and good tidings. The reverse is also true. ? Being on the way to Mecca (Makkah): Will perform the Muslims? pilgrimage. ? Entering Mecca (Makkah): No more fear. ? Entering Mecca (Makkah) or belonging to Mecca (Makkah): An allusion to a beautiful girl or woman whose hand is solicited by too many people. ? A renegade or an atheist entering Mecca (Makkah): Will repent and embrace Islam.


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Swine Dream Explanation

Swine Dream Explanation ? ? Riding on a swine: Will have power and influence and triumph over enemies. ? Walking like a swine: Will have a dear child. ? Pork meat?cooked or grilled: Illicit money. ? Finding a sow in one?s bed: Will make love to an atheist. ? A swine drinking from the same gold chalice as the dreamer: A transvestite is hiding among the dreamer?s women.

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Islam Dream Explanation

Islam Dream Explanation ? ? An atheist or a polytheist dreaming that he has passed unto ?Darul Islam?? (the Islamic fold): Will die quickly, because, says Ibn Siren, the camp of Islam is that of Eternal Truth. ? A Muslim dreaming that he is saying, ?I have become Muslim?: His life will improve and he will become more faithful to God. ? A Muslim dreaming that he has become Muslim again: He will be safe from all plagues and pests. ? An atheist or a polytheist dreaming of resuscitating or of being in a ship plying the seas: He will become Muslim.

Resuscitate? (Live Again) Dream Explanation

Resuscitate? (Live Again) Dream Explanation ? ? Resuscitating someone: Will help an atheist become a Muslim or a debauchee repent, or the dreamer will simply repent. ? One?s grandfather or grandmother resuscitating: Revival of efforts and luck, as the word for grandparent in Arabic is a homonym of endeavour. ? One?s father or mother resuscitating: Relief from worries.? (The dream involving the father is more likely to come true.) ? Resuscitation of a son: Emergence of a most unexpected enemy. ? Resuscitation of a daughter: Relief and satisfaction.

Jinn? - Or Djinn Dream Explanation

Jinn? - Or Djinn Dream Explanation ? ? Having a child by the jinn:? (1) Benefits from a mean person.? (2) Money from an atheist or a hoarder. ? A king dreaming of catching and shackling a jan: Will seize a country and take captive its atheist inhabitants. ? A pious person dreaming of catching and fettering a jinn: Will be immune from Satan through his fasting and by controlling his passions. ? Wrestling with a jinn: Will be safe from their evil or the evil of whomever it symbolizes.

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Blind Dream Explanation

Blind Dream Explanation ? Blindness symbolizes religious aberration. It means that the dreamer has forgotten the Holy Quran. It could also be an indication that the dreamer himself is being forgotten. ? A materialistic person dreaming of being blind:? (1) Will get rich.? (2) Will obtain money through gangsters. ? Dreaming that someone has made you blind: That person is leading you astray and making you change your mind. ? An atheist dreaming of being blind: Losses, trouble, and worries. ? Being blind and wrapped in new clothes: Will die.

Zendik Dream Explanation

Zendik Dream Explanation ? (arb. Atheist. See Cent)

Islam Dream Explanation

Islam Dream Explanation ? ? An atheist or a polytheist is dreaming or somebody is dreaming of him that he is in Paradise or is wearing silver bracelets: He will embrace Islam. ? An atheist or a polytheist dreaming that he has entered a bastion: He will become Muslim. ? An atheist or a polytheist is dreaming that he has embraced Islam, that he is praying in the direction of the Qiblah? (Mecca (Makkah)), or that he is thanking God: He will convert to Islam.

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Ape Dream Explanation

Ape Dream Explanation ? ? Eating ape meat: (1) Terrible worries or ailments. (2) Will obtain new clothes. ? Hunting and catching an ape: Will benefit from magicians. ? Being bitten by an ape: Hostility and polemics. ? Having sex with an ape: Will commit an abomination. ? An ape entering the bed of a known man: A Jew or an atheist will rape or commit adultery with the dreamer?s wife. ? An ape eating at the dreamer?s table: A transvestite is hiding among the latter?s women.

Ingratitude Dream Explanation

Ingratitude Dream Explanation ? (Denial; Adjuration; Uncertainty) If one sees himself denying what is true in a dream, it means that he will become an atheist. If he denies what is false in the dream, it means that he will defend what is true and attack what is false. To deny others favors in a dream is an indication of injustice, and to deny the Allahliness of our Creator, Sustainers and Cherisher in a dream means ingratitude and atheism. (Also see Disbelief; Irreligious; Uncertainty)

Ibrahim? - Abraham Dream Explanation

Ibrahim? - Abraham Dream Explanation ? ? An atheist seeing Ibrahim Will embrace Islam. ? A guilty person or a sinner seeing Ibrahim: Will repent. ? A guilty person who had abandoned praying seeing Ibrahim: Will resume that virtuous practice. ? Seeing oneself in the image of Ibrahim or in his costume:? (1) Will encounter hardships.? (2) Wisdom and prosperity will replace trouble and worries.

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Satan Dream Explanation

Satan Dream Explanation ? ? Satan dictating or teaching the dreamer certain words: He will make false statements, annoy people, or recite incorrect poetry. ? A demon entering the dreamer?s body or swallowing him: A trip fraught with dangers. ? Becoming Satan:? (1) The dreamer will play havoc with people and strive to harm them.? (2) The dreamer will die an atheist.? (3) The dreamer will die in a blaze.? (4) The dreamer will become a plumber.

Ear Dream Explanation

Ear Dream Explanation ? The ear symbolizes the man?s wife or daughter. It also represents religion. ? Having three ears: The dreamer has a wife and two daughters. ? Having four ears:? (1) The dreamer has four women.? (2) He has four girls without a mother. ? Having one ear: No relative will stay alive. ? Having half an ear: Wife will die and the dreamer will remarry. ? One ear having fallen:? (1) Will divorce.? (2) A daughter will die. ? Wearing an earring: Will marry one?s daughter to someone, and she will give birth to a male child. ? Filling or obstructing one?s ears with something: The dreamer is an atheist.

Cent Dream Explanation

Cent Dream Explanation ? (Money; Penny) Seeing one cent in a dream means an argument, falsehood, ostentation or pride. Swallowing a quarter and excreting it as a penny in a dream signifies that the person is a zendik or an atheist. Pennies in a dream signify evil, fights and speaking despicable words. If Allah's name is encrusted on the penny in the dream, it means that such a person who carries it has licensed himself to do evil in the name of Allah Almighty.

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Disease Dream Explanation

Disease Dream Explanation ? ? A man at war dreaming that he is ill: Will be injured. ? Dreaming that one is on his deathbed, then dies, and his wife gets married again: The subject will die as an atheist. ? Paradoxically, dreaming that one?s wife is sick, says Ibn Siren, means that she is religious.

Mouth Dream Explanation

Mouth Dream Explanation ? The mouth alludes to what comes in or comes out. It could be welfare or evil, depending on what you see entering or leaving the mouth. It also alludes to recitation of the Holy Quran and to words. If one dreams of having one?s mouth shut or locked, one is an atheist.

Stair Dream Explanation

Stair Dream Explanation ? ? A tyrant or an atheist going down to a good place such as a mosque, a beautiful garden, a fertile land, or a wash house: The dreamer will change for the better. If, on the contrary, he goes down to a precipice, a barren land, an atheist stronghold, or any place where abominations take place or where a fire is raging or a ferocious mammal or a reptile is lurking, it will be the dreamer?s doom.

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Sadaqa Dream Explanation

Sadaqa Dream Explanation ? ALMS GIVING. ? Dreaming of alms giving depends on the dreamer. Such a dream made by a religious scholar or an erudite man means that he will be conveying his knowledge to others. The same dream made by a ruler means that he will be in charge of more people. To a craftsman it means that he will teach his craft to certain persons, etc. ? Giving sadaqa to the poor:? (1) No more worries.? (2) No more fear. ? Feeding an atheist: The dreamer is fortifying the enemy.

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Seeing Atheist dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Atheist dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Atheist dream Refer to Atheist islamic dream interpretation

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There are different meanings of Atheist dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Atheist dream Refer to above Atheist islamic dream interpretation.

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There are different symbols of Atheist dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Atheist dream Refer to above Atheist islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Atheist in dream?

Atheist dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Atheist dream Refer to above Atheist islamic dream explanations.

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