Islamic dream interpretation of Bad smell, Explanation & Meaning for Bad smell dreams

Below are some dream interpretations related to Bad smell in Islam.

Rue Dream Explanation

Rue Dream Explanation ? Wild rue, also called herb of grace, symbolizes money laundering. It is a plant that has a strong smell and small flowers. It was said by the ancient Arabs to have certain medical or healing properties; but its use is extremely dangerous. Each of its flowers represents one hundred currency units.

Hoopoe? - Also Called In English Coffin Bird Dream Explanation

Hoopoe? - Also Called In English Coffin Bird Dream Explanation ? The hoopoe symbolizes a man of vision and foresight in his work, a writer and a critic who goes into every detail but who has little religion and does not enjoy a good reputation, in view of that bird?s stinking smell. Catching a hoopoe means one will hear news.

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Abacus Dream Explanation

Abacus Dream Explanation ? (Calculator) In a dream, an abacus represents social order, conformity and uprightness. Seeing an abacus in a dream also reflects one's own state and conduct. If the frame and beads are in a good condition, operate smoothly and smell fragrant in the dream, the abacus then denotes one's uprightness and good conduct.

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Odor Dream Explanation

Odor Dream Explanation ? Smelling a bad odor in a dream means hearing bad words, or it could mean distress. Smelling odor that emanates from under the armpit in a dream means headache, nasal congestions, cold, or hearing bad news, divulging secrets, dispelling rancor and jealousy, or it could mean relaxing after an exhausting workday, contracting an eye disease, or it could mean loathsomeness. If a child smells such an odor from under his armpit in his dream, it means that he has reached his puberty, or it could mean an illness or an accident that could take away his life. (Also see Cloud of smoke; Perspiration; Smell)

Onion Dream Explanation

Onion Dream Explanation ? There are contradictory interpretations of onions. Some like onions; they say that, like all other legumes that have a smell, the onions symbolize the appearance of hidden matters or things. The onion could also allude to money. But others dislike it because, they argue, Moses was quoted in the Holy Quran citing it as a bad reference, in verse 61 of ?Suratul Baqarah,? the chapter on the heifer; ?And when ye said: O Moses!

Sweat Dream Explanation

Sweat Dream Explanation ? ? One?s clothes being wet with sweat: Will save money for children as much as there was sweat. ? Sweat with a nice smell: Blessed money. For Al-Kirmani, sweating means:? (1) Things will go through.? (2) If ill, will recover. Other interpreters are of the view that sweat symbolizes shame or fatigue.

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Perspiration Dream Explanation

Perspiration Dream Explanation ? Perspiration under one's armpit that produces an offensive odor in a dream represents an ailment or a plague. As for a governor, a merchant, or a tradesman, such a stench in a dream means hoarding money in an ugly way. Perspiration in a dream also means losing money, paying taxes, or toiling. (Also see Odor; Smell)

Odorous Trees Dream Explanation

Odorous Trees Dream Explanation ? A tree giving off bad smell symbolises an evil person whom the observer will encounter.

Smell Dream Explanation

Smell Dream Explanation ? Smelling a sweet fragrance in a dream means uneasiness or a light illness. Smelling a bad odor in a dream means hearing or speaking bad words, or it could mean distress or depression.

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Excreta of Man and Animals Dream Explanation

Excreta of Man and Animals Dream Explanation ? This symbolises wealth. If it gives off a bad smell it symbolises unlawful wealth. The stronger the odour the greater the unlawfulness.

Fart Dream Explanation

Fart Dream Explanation ? If one breaks wind intentionally in such a gathering in a dream, then it means committing an evil act and suffering from its consequences. If one passes gas without noise in his dream, it means that he will receive a sarcastic commendation that matches the smell of his fart. If one breaks wind in a dream while sitting with a group of people who are experiencing difficulties, it means that their difficulties will be dispelled, and their suffering will ease. If they are merchants, it means that their merchandise will move faster.

Basil Dream Explanation

Basil Dream Explanation ? Basil blossoming in a garden symbolizes children. A bunch of basil refers to a woman. Basil having been cut off or displaced or having no smell alludes to a tragedy. The basil, like all aromatic plants, provided it has not been picked, also means blessings. Likewise, it refers to kingship, as its name in Persian is shah-sirm, shah meaning ?king.?

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Fart Dream Explanation

Fart Dream Explanation ? ? The emission of wind without sound: Worries, especially if the dreamer had done so in a crowd, or ugly reputation without exaggeration. ? Somebody else farting without sound and the dreamer smelling the bad odor: Transient worries. ? Emitting wind without bad smell while praying: The dreamer has a quest and is praying to God with humility for relief, which will not come.

Tree Dream Explanation

Tree Dream Explanation ? A specific number of trees alludes to men showing similitude's with such trees. Giant trees like the cypress tree or life tree or juniper tree or the Oriental plane tree are huge, rigid, and evil men. The good smell of a tree is the good reputation of the man whom the tree alludes to. The tree overladen with fruit symbolizes a man known for his largesse. Trees could also symbolize a quarrel or a fight, in view of their Arabic name, shagar, which is homonym for those words. Here, like in all trees involving plants, the season in which the tree is dreamed of plays an important role in the interpretation.

Fart Dream Explanation

Fart Dream Explanation ? ? Farting amid people: Will be relieved from worries and experience no more difficulties. ? Farting indiscreetly while surrounded by people: Relief from worries and hardships, but in an ugly manner. ? Farting deliberately, emitting a loud sound and dirty smell: The dreamer is saying or doing ugly and obscene things for which he will be ill-reputed as much as the sound was loud and the smell dirty. ? Farting with difficulty: Will do something unbearable. ? Farting without difficulty: The dreamer will do as he likes.

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Stocking Dream Explanation

Stocking Dream Explanation ? (Sock) In a dream, stockings represent wealth and prevention, as long as they are not worn. Once seen worn in a dream, they mean business losses. If one's mother is alive, it means that he will migrate with her to another country, or it could mean that she will be deprived of her son. If the socks are new and have a clean smell in the dream, it means that one regularly pays his due alms, that he is praised for his character and that his money will grow in a lawful way. If his socks are old or emit bad odors in the dream, it means that he withholds paying the obligatory alms tax, that he is uncharitable, worthy of blame and that his wealth will quickly disappear.

Toilet Dream Explanation

Toilet Dream Explanation ? ? Getting soiled with the water that overflows from the toilet, which, however, has no bad smell:? (1) Coming welfare.? (2) Demands will not be met, at least not easily. ? Eating the sewage flowing out of the toilet:? (1) Will rescind or come back on something you had donated or alms you had given. The Muslims? Holy Prophet is said to have likened the one who changes his mind after donating something or giving alms to somebody who eats his own vomit or excrement.? (2) The dreamer will return to corruption and unholy means of living. ? A large and clean toilet with no smell in it: The dreamer?s wife is pleasant, virtuous, and obedient. The cleanliness of the toilet refers to her virtue and obedience, the lack of stink to her good reputation. If, on the contrary, the toilet is tiny and full of dirt, so much so that the dreamer finds no place to sit on it? (in the dream), the wife will rebel against the authority of her husband. More, if it stinks, she will be impudent and make her husband notorious.

Sweet fragrance Dream Explanation

Sweet fragrance Dream Explanation ? (See Smell)

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Anus Dream Explanation

Anus Dream Explanation ? ? A kind of snake coming out of one?s anus: Estranged children. ? A snake coming out of the dreamer?s collar or anus and going into the earth: The dreamer?s time is over. ? A snake coming out of the dreamer?s ear, belly, vagina, or anus: Will commit a sin and give up religious faith or the dreamer?s children might turn inimical. ? According to Is Haq Ibrahim ibn Abdullah Al-Kirmani, another authority on dreams quoted by Ibn Shaheen, the sight of the anus augurs well for the dreamer. More, if a nice smell is coming out of the anus, it means that people are praising the hero of the dream. The reverse is also true.

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Seeing Bad smell dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Bad smell dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Bad smell dream Refer to Bad smell islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Bad smell very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Bad smell?

There are different meanings of Bad smell dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Bad smell dream Refer to above Bad smell islamic dream interpretation.

What do Bad smell symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Bad smell dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Bad smell dream Refer to above Bad smell islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Bad smell in dream?

Bad smell dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Bad smell dream Refer to above Bad smell islamic dream explanations.