Islamic dream interpretation of Bad thoughts, Explanation & Meaning for Bad thoughts dreams

Below Bad thoughts dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Feces Dream Explanation

Feces Dream Explanation ? Falling into the sewers or a toilet bowl in a dream means entering a prison. Defecating in one's pants in a dream means falling into sin, humiliation, speaking bad words or using despicable expressions. Feces in a dream also represent money, hidden secrets, travels, a fight, recovering from an illness, bad thoughts, whispering of the mind, temptation or trusts. The smell of Feces in a dream represents a fine, or overdoing one's duty, or a miscarriage for a pregnant woman. To sally one's clothing with someone's Feces in a dream means borrowing money from him or carrying his favor for a long time to come. Feces in a dream also denote earnings from an unjust and a loathsome person.

Cummerbund Dream Explanation

Cummerbund Dream Explanation ? If one is rich, then it means that he will have a great friend to support him and whose inner thoughts and intentions are better than what one may think. If a poor person ties a cummerbund around his waist in a dream, it means extra earnings or power. If the cummerbund is studded and adorned with jewels in the dream, then such jewels represent one's helpers, supporters or obedient subjects. Such associates will carry on his commands whether they purport good or evil.


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Clothing Dream Explanation

Clothing Dream Explanation ? (Dwellings; Face; Look; State; Transient) One's garment in a dream represents his innermost thoughts that will eventually show in his attitude in life. If one's thoughts are good, then it will show, and if they are evil, they will also manifest. If one wears a slipper over his head and a turban in his foot in a dream, it means that he is carrying trouble. Depending on its type and name, a garment in a dream could represent a man or a woman. Wearing a new garment in a dream is better than seeing an old one. If a man sees himself wearing a woman's apparel in a dream, it means that he is a bachelor. If a woman sees herself wearing a man's garment in a dream, it means that she is unmarried.

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Hill Dream Explanation

Hill Dream Explanation ? (Elevation) In a dream, a hill represents a powerful and a dangerous person. Any construction surrounding such a hill represents one's wealth. If one sees a flat land adjacent to a discarded high ground or a hill in a dream, such a hill represents a rich man whose wealth compares to the size of the surrounding property. A valley of green pasture surrounding a hill in the dream represents his strength, justice in method of dealing with others, or it could mean religious devotion. Following that line of thoughts, it also means rising in rank at the hand of a powerful person.

Ring Dream Explanation

Ring Dream Explanation ? If the ring in one's dream is interpreted to mean money or clothing, then it represents one's status and high esteem his field. Receiving a ring as a gift in a dream also means happy news, or a marriage to a beautiful woman. Seeing an atheist who publicly brags about his actions and thoughts wearing a ring and turning its stone toward the palm of his hand in a dream, it means that he engages in sodomy. If a believer turns his ring inside during prayers in a dream, then it represents his modesty. Wearing a ring that carries two gemstones, one to the outside and the other to the inside in a dream means that one may chair two important appointments, material and a spiritual ones, or inner and outer ones.

Bedroom Dream Explanation

Bedroom Dream Explanation ? (Bedchamber; Chamber) In a dream, one's bedroom signifies trickery or speaking soft words in fear of retribution, retaliation or rejection. One's bedroom in a dream also represents his inner thoughts. The good and the bad ones. Seeing a new bedroom in one's house, means renewing one's hopes, or affirming a good intention between the one seeing the dream and his Lord. A beautiful looking bedroom in a dream represents one's good qualities, while a bad looking bedroom in a dream represents one's bad character. (Also see Chamber)

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Incident - Seeing Al-Junayyid Dream Explanation

Incident - Seeing Al-Junayyid Dream Explanation ? After Al-Junayyid's death, a disciple saw him in a dream and asked: "What did God Almighty do to you, Oh Junayyid?" Al-Junayyid replied: "All the knowledge went away, and all the thoughts disappeared. Only a few prayers (Raka'at) which we used to pray in the middle of the night were of any benefit to us.

Monk Dream Explanation

Monk Dream Explanation ? Becoming a monk means:? (1) The dreamer is extremely heretical in view of the Quranic verse: ?? But monasticism they invented ??? (?Al-Hadid? [Iron] verse 27.)? (2) Life will get hard and everything will be coupled with humiliation and fear.? (3) The dreamer is a wicked, deceitful, and cunning person inciting people to follow his heretical thoughts.

Attack Dream Explanation

Attack Dream Explanation ? (Charge against; Comeback) Charging against one's enemy in a dream means victory in wakefulness, or it could mean disturbance, anxiety, concern, going through a mental conflict or having doubt, and it may mean regret, repentance and correcting the course of one's actions and thoughts.

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Pumpkin Dream Explanation

Pumpkin Dream Explanation ? (Gourd; Squash; Zucchini) In a dream, a pumpkin represents a scholar, or a highly trained physician who cares about his patients and who is loved by the people, who asks for little and who rarely asks for anything for himself. A pumpkin in a dream could also denote medicine and particularly when cooked. Eating pumpkin in a dream also means guidance, following good example, or it could mean temptation. Eating a pumpkin in a dream also means recovering a lost object, or reuniting with one's beloved, or correcting one's spiritual thoughts. Eating raw pumpkin in a dream means becoming scared of roaming spirits (See Jinn), or it could mean fighting with someone.

State of Impurity Dream Explanation

State of Impurity Dream Explanation ? If he sees himself in the state of impurity (needing ghusl) his affairs will be jumbled. Any dream that causes seminal emission whereby ghusl be comes necessary, such a dream has no interpretation. For, nocturnal emission is a result of the one's evil thoughts and the prompting of the cursed Shaytaan.

Tablet Dream Explanation

Tablet Dream Explanation ? (Blackboard; Preserved Tablet; Records; Scrolls) Seeing the heavenly Preserved Tablet in a dream means unveiling one's actions and thoughts, glad tidings for someone suffering from adversities, recovering from an illness for an ailing person, or falling into sin for people whose indulgence in abominable action is a common way of life. As for allahly and righteous people, seeing the Preserved Tablet in a dream means guidance relating to what Allah Almighty has written of commands and prohibitions. As for niggardly people, seeing the Preserved Tablet in a dream means acquaintance with one's written shares and certainty about one's limitations and his life in this world.

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Allah Dream Explanation

Allah Dream Explanation ? If one sees himself running away to hide from Allah Almighty in a dream, it means that he will change the course of his devotion into heedlessness. Seeing a veil separating between the servant and his Lord in a dream means that one will commit major sins and abominable actions. If one sees his Lord frowning at him, whereby he could not bear the effulgence of Allah's light, or if he is seized by a shock and immediately commences to repent and pray for forgiveness in the dream, it means that such a person is indulging in abominable actions, and that he is a despicable sinner who follows his own mind and desires, and that he is an innovator of religious thoughts who misleads the people.

Reference book Dream Explanation

Reference book Dream Explanation ? (Compilation; Encyclopedia; Quranic commentaries; Manual; Journal; Papers; Rare book; Source book) Reading any reference book, Quranic commentaries, or compilation of the prophetic sayings in a dream means correcting one's actions and thoughts and walking on the straight path. Reading the studies of religious scholars or science books in a dream means acquiring knowledge and benefiting from it. Reading history books or journals in a dream means becoming close to people in the government. Reading a book on logic, rhetorics or explicative apposition in a dream means working in an amazing field of science and discoveries.

Book Dream Explanation

Book Dream Explanation ? A book in a dream also represents one's companion, or an intimate friend. Seeing a book in a dream also could signify recovering from an illness. A hardcover book if the content is unknown represents dishonesty, deceit, a cheap product or selling a sealed package with undisclosed contents, or it could represent an old woman. Bringing books into one's home in a dream signify hearing news about an honest and a pious person, learning happy stories from a reporter or becoming acquainted with religious thoughts. (Also see Encyclopedia; Letter; Write; Writer)

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Love Dream Explanation

Love Dream Explanation ? ? Being fond of or in love with someone: The mind is absent and religious tenets are neglected. However, the same dream could have different interpretations depending on the subject. For a scholar this dream would mean that he will lead people astray and tempt them with his rhetoric. For a small man, it would mean that he would rise, prove his worth and the relevance of his thoughts, and become famous and that his religious faith will be enhanced, earning him the best of two worlds. For a new convert to Islam he would further his knowledge of that religion and his faith would be strengthened. However, if he had broken the resistance of his beloved one and made love, either party is in danger of being flogged in reality. In case the love partner was his wife and he had sodomized her, it would mean that he might commit perjury? (break an oath).

Glass blower Dream Explanation

Glass blower Dream Explanation ? A glass blower in a dream represents happiness in one's life, clarity of one's thoughts, understanding others pitfalls, handling ignorant people with wisdom, exposing secrets, or seeing him could mean paying for one's crime.

Throne Of Almighty God Dream Explanation

Throne Of Almighty God Dream Explanation ? Perceiving God sitting comfortably on His Throne: The dreamer?s religious beliefs and piety are sound. ? Seeing something missing from the Divine Throne: Heresy and perdition. ? Seeing a flaw in the Divine Throne: The dreamer has heretical thoughts and is following his own whims. He is called upon to fear God. ? Seeing oneself sitting on the Divine Throne and God beneath: If eligible to rule, the dreamer will supercede the imam? (Muslim spiritual leader and often the ruler as well), become too proud and haughty or even a tyrant, render erroneous and subjective judgments based on ignorance, in case the dreamer is a magistrate, or fail to heed his parents, teacher, superior, or master.

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Shrouding Dream Explanation

Shrouding Dream Explanation ? Shrouding the body of a deceased person in a dream is a cause of happiness for a sad person and repentance for a sinner. If someone sees himself brokering on behalf of a friend or a relative to purchase a shroud for him in a dream, it means that he will pay and intercede on behalf of someone who strayed from Allah's path, whom one regularly admonishes and advises to correct his actions and thoughts.

Giving Dream Explanation

Giving Dream Explanation ? If one is denied what he is asking for in a dream, it means failure in his religious practices, suffering from the consequences of challenging others and arguing about religious laws, or it could represent one's perilous pursuit of heedless thoughts. If a sick person sees himself paying his debts in a dream, it means his death or the spoiling of his wealth. If he is healthy, then it denotes a case of mental derangement, anger, lack of self-control or raising one's voice unnecessarily. If a poor person sees himself paying someone's debt in a dream, it means that he will receive benefits. Receiving monetary compensation by a court order in a dream denotes lawful earnings.

Bad thoughts dreams FAQs:

Seeing Bad thoughts dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Bad thoughts dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Bad thoughts dream Refer to Bad thoughts islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Bad thoughts very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Bad thoughts?

There are different meanings of Bad thoughts dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Bad thoughts dream Refer to above Bad thoughts islamic dream interpretation.

What do Bad thoughts symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Bad thoughts dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Bad thoughts dream Refer to above Bad thoughts islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Bad thoughts in dream?

Bad thoughts dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Bad thoughts dream Refer to above Bad thoughts islamic dream explanations.

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