Islamic dream interpretation of Baked goods, Explanation & Meaning for Baked goods dreams

Below Baked goods dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Distilled water Dream Explanation

Distilled water Dream Explanation ? In a dream, distilled water also may represent bringing out confiscated or stolen merchandise or discovering hidden goods. As for distilled farm water or from water lily or distilled water from similar flowers in a dream, they represent medicinal remedies, profits, celebrations or weddings. (Also see Water)

Brick Dream Explanation

Brick Dream Explanation ? A brick which is baked or dried in the sun so that it is not longer clay, usually symbolizes one's wealth which one had accumulated. Acquiring a portion of a brick suggest that the observer of the dream will acquire accumulated wealth.


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Bier Dream Explanation

Bier Dream Explanation ? ? Plenty of biers put on the ground in a given place: The folk of that place are corrupt and indulging in adultery. ? A woman dreaming that she has died and been carried on a bier: Will get married. If already married, will relinquish her religion. ? Biers in the souk? (marketplace): That market is full of adulterated goods and hypocrisy. ? Falling from one?s bier: Will be demoted; business and other interests will be stalled, and prestige will be lost. ? A well-known man placed on a bier with nobody approaching or carrying it: The subject of the dream will go to jail. If he is a stranger: Bad omen for the dreamer.

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Bridge Dream Explanation

Bridge Dream Explanation ? A bridge connecting two streets in a dream may lead to the ruler or to someone in his cabinet, particularly if it is built from stones and covered with baked bricks. If it is a small bridge, then it can represent the secretary, door attendant of a governor, a superior, or it can be interpreted as a pimp. If a bridge which is built from stone is transformed in one's dream to look as if it were made of dirt, it means changing of one's status and vice-versa. If one sees himself transformed into a bridge in a dream, it means that he will be elected for a leadership post, and people will need him, his prestige and what he can offer. (Also see Arched bridge; Bridge of the Day of Judgement; Contract; Knot; Transformation)

Glass Dream Explanation

Glass Dream Explanation ? Anything made of glass such as a tumbler or bottle symbolises household goods such as jar (for preserves), vessels of fine china, porcelain, chairs etc. it also symbolises male and female servants.

Barley Dream Explanation

Barley Dream Explanation ? Whether fresh or dried, cooked or baked, eaten or merely possessed, all symbolise lawful sustenance.

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Soil and Sand Dream Explanation

Soil and Sand Dream Explanation ? Soil, sand and dust symbolize wealth in the form of goods, if someone sees soil, Sand or dust flying on him or he sees himself eating it, it suggest that he will become wealthy and affluent.

Shops and their Frontage Dream Explanation

Shops and their Frontage Dream Explanation ? Shops and pavements where merchandise is normally sold symbolize merchandise and goods. But pavements and terraces which are not normally occupied for trading purposes, but instead are utilized for converging, means that the beholder will plunge into lengthy discussion.

Stonemasonry Dream Explanation

Stonemasonry Dream Explanation ? (Cutting stones; Stone carving; Sculpturing) Building a structure in a dream from masonry rather than baked brick represents elevation of one's status, success, or stretching one's hopes. It also could denote concerns about protecting one's wife, adopting what is beneficial, conducting scientific research, or preserving one's heritage. Building the base, the foundation, or the pillars from uncut stones rather than marble in a dream connotes humiliation and poverty. If one sees that the gravestones were changed from marble into unfinished stones in a dream, it means alteration of a will left by the deceased. (Also see Building)

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Baked bricks Dream Explanation

Baked bricks Dream Explanation ? (See Bricks)

Beekeeper?- Apiarist Dream Explanation

Beekeeper?- Apiarist Dream Explanation ? The beekeeper symbolizes belligerence, the confiscation of goods, weariness, and taking up weapons.

Clay Dream Explanation

Clay Dream Explanation ? Construction clay in a dream means benefits and money. Seeing clay in a dream also could mean death. If one sees himself waking in mud or wet clay, and if he works with it in a dream, it means falling sick or suffering from disgrace. Dry clay in a dream means money, while wet clay means righteousness. Eating baked clay in a dream means backbiting others, untruth or slander. If a sick person sees clay in his dream, it means his death. (Also see Bricks)

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Bread Dream Explanation

Bread Dream Explanation ? If one sees bread hanging in the skies, over the roofs or hanging down from trees in a dream, it means rising prices and the same interpretation applies for all commodities. If he sees bread scattered on the ground and people walking over it in a dream, it means prosperity in that land which leads to vanity. A good looking loaf of bread represents one's good religious stand, otherwise it means the opposite. Baking bread in a dream means working for one's livelihood. Seeing squandered loaves of bread and not eating from them in the dream means meeting with brothers one has not seen for a long time. Having a loaf of bread baked with coarsely grounded grains in the dream means living a comfortable life, though with insignificant religious attendance.

Pawn Dream Explanation

Pawn Dream Explanation ? (Collateral; Deposit; Hostage; Mortgage; Security) In a dream, a pawn represents goods that are deposited to secure a loan, or it could mean changes in one's life for the better. To deposit something valuable as a security for something worthless in a dream means falling in love with an insolent man who will abuse the woman, take advantage of her, or use her for his own interests. Signing a collateral in a dream also represents the lack of trust between the lender and the borrower. Otherwise, a security deposit may denote a journey. (Also see Deposit; Hostage)

Stairs of Baked Bricks, Timber or Mortar Dream Explanation

Stairs of Baked Bricks, Timber or Mortar Dream Explanation ? Climbing any of these suggest that he will attain high status in the world provided their is something in the dream to suggest this.

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A Spinning Wheel Dream Explanation

A Spinning Wheel Dream Explanation ? A spinning wheel used for separating the seed from cotton symbolises journey to be undertaken. If a man sees himself as spinning wool, hair or camel hair it means hew will soon undertake a journey and return with halaal provision in abundance and wealth which will be a means of great barakah and blessings for him. If he sees himself as pinning cotton or the bark of tree such as is normally done by women it means he will undertake a journey and will return with goods. But such goods will be regarded as undesirable or unclean by the people. If a woman happens to see the same dram it means that her relative who is absent will return soon.

Bread Dream Explanation

Bread Dream Explanation ? Eating from a loaf of bread which is half baked in a dream means that one may suffer from high fever. If a poor person eats sweetbread or a cake in a dream, it means sickness or loss of what he maybe expecting to receive. Eating the thin variety of rock baked bread in a dream means increase in one's earnings. A thin loaf of bread in a dream also could mean a short life. Holding two loaves of bread in a dream means marrying two sisters, one after the other.

Seeing Any of the Great Angels of Allah Taala Dream Explanation

Seeing Any of the Great Angels of Allah Taala Dream Explanation ? Dreaming of any of the great angels of Allah (Such as Jibreel, Mikaail, Izrail and Israfeel Alayhimus Salaam) heralds, plentiful rain, fertility of land, abundant risk and reduction in prices of goods or commodities, it is also a glad tiding that the observer of such a dream will attain martyrdom.

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Divination Dream Explanation

Divination Dream Explanation ? (Geomancy) Seeing a Fortuneteller who practices divination by interpreting random figures that are formed when a handful of earth is thrown on the ground or one who interprets randomly drawn lines on sand represents a fraudulent and a cunning person, a thief, or such a dream could represent profits from importing goods. (Also see Astrologer; Fortuneteller)

Bricks Dream Explanation

Bricks Dream Explanation ? (Adobe; Argillites; Plaster) In a dream, bricks mean lawful money. If they are interpreted to means a child, then they represent a miscarried fetus, or a child who may die in his infancy. If one sees baked bricks in his dream, they represent a son who will grow to be infamous, a backbiter and who will enjoy a long life. (Also see Adobe)

Baked goods dreams FAQs:

Seeing Baked goods dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Baked goods dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Baked goods dream Refer to Baked goods islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Baked goods very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Baked goods?

There are different meanings of Baked goods dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Baked goods dream Refer to above Baked goods islamic dream interpretation.

What do Baked goods symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Baked goods dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Baked goods dream Refer to above Baked goods islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Baked goods in dream?

Baked goods dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Baked goods dream Refer to above Baked goods islamic dream explanations.

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