Islamic dream interpretation of Beast, Explanation & Meaning for Beast dreams

Below Beast dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Mankind Dream Explanation

Mankind Dream Explanation ? (Conduct; Quality; Magnitude) The quality of humankind in a dream may represent the quality of the like creations. Thus, a beneficial bird may mean a praiseworthy person, a beast may represent the like quality in man, a harvest projecting a particular person denotes human qualities of a lesser magnitude, etcetera. (Also see Human being; Man)

Policeman Dream Explanation

Policeman Dream Explanation ? He also may represent an evil person, a perfidious and a harmful beast or a lion. If someone in authority sees himself befriending a policeman in a dream, it means that he will make a new covenant, or introduce an amendment to the law, or draft a new constitution which he will sign. If one sees himself putting a policeman in prison in a dream, it means that he will engage in a political fight. (Also see Crocodile; Lieutenant; Mercury)


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Incident - Drinking water from a pond with a beast inside Dream Explanation

Incident - Drinking water from a pond with a beast inside Dream Explanation ? A man said to a dream interpreter: "In a dream, I went to a pond to drink some water. Suddenly, as I reached down to drink from it, a beast appeared from inside the pond and tried to impede my purpose. At a certain point, I turned into another sea creature and jumped into the water, then remained in that pond to help serve the thirst of every person who comes." The dream interpreter replied: "If your dream is true, you will seek an appointment in the government, and someone who is close to the ruler will fight you.

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Wild beast Dream Explanation

Wild beast Dream Explanation ? (See Beast)

Saddle Dream Explanation

Saddle Dream Explanation ? The saddle symbolizes influence, a beast that the dreamer rides, or a noble, beautiful and impressive woman. It could also refer to money. ? Being on a saddle: The dreamer will triumph in all matters and under any circumstances. ? Owning a saddle: The dreamer is married to, will marry, or will have sex with three women because, says Al-Nabulsi, he sits on a saddle like he does on the lower part of a woman?s belly and introduces his feet in two stirrups, as if they were two vaginas? (1 + 2 = 3) .

Death Dream Explanation

Death Dream Explanation ? ? Death of an animal: The interpreter should bear in mind what the animal symbolizes. For instance, a lion or an elephant would refer to the supreme authority in the country. The elephant represents a huge man, the cat and the mouse are thieves, and females are, indeed, women. ? Death of a ferocious animal with fangs and claws: Triumph over enemies and safety from harm. ? Death of a domestic beast: Bad omen, especially if it is the only beast that the dreamer possesses. ? Difficult passage from life to death: Severe chastisement in the Hereafter. ? Death of a child: Death of a woman and vice versa, because Muslim scholars used to find that women and children have this in common: lack of religious faith and reason. ? Terrible death occurring in a certain place: A fire will break out in that place.

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Monster Dream Explanation

Monster Dream Explanation ? (See Beast)

Lion Dream Explanation

Lion Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing a lion entering a house where a person is ill: The patient will die. ? A lion intruding in one?s house: Hardship on the part of the chief. If the beast suddenly devours the dreamer, he will be the victim of an injustice, his money will be stolen, or he will be beaten or killed at the hands of the ruler, especially if he dreamed that his soul had left his body or that his head had been cut off. ? Receiving a lion and seeing it in one?s place without bothering with it: Will be scared to death by the sultan, but no real harm will occur. ? A lion entering the city: A plague, hardships, a tyrant, or an enemy. ? A lion entering the mosque and standing at the minbar or podium: A tyrant will emerge and will terrorize and harm people.

Incident - Drinking water from a pond with a beast inside Dream Explanation

Incident - Drinking water from a pond with a beast inside Dream Explanation ? Later on, positive circumstances will manifest and allow you to attain your goals and to take the place of that person. People will then come to you for their needs, and you will serve them with honesty, justice, and compassion." The man's dream was true, and as soon as he occupied that chair, he called for the dream interpreter and rewarded him for his knowledge.

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Wrestling Dream Explanation

Wrestling Dream Explanation ? (Fight; Struggle) If one sees himself wrestled to the ground in a dream, it means that he may lose his wealth. However, the one who is wrestled to the ground in the dream will ultimately be victorious. The winner in the dream is the loser in wakefulness. If there is a witness during the fight, then it could mean that the winner in the dream may become the winner in wakefulness. This could also happen if the winner in the dream has better preparedness, or if he is fighting for his food, such as in a struggle between a beast and a human being.

Fall Dream Explanation

Fall Dream Explanation ? On the other hand, falling into the hand of a bad company, or into a beast's den, etcetera, means evil consequences, or it could mean stinginess. If one sees himself falling down from the roof of his house, and if he breaks an arm or a leg in the dream, then it reflects a psychological distress, adverse financial conditions, breaking of a friendship or it may mean suffering from persecution by the local authorities.

Driving force Dream Explanation

Driving force Dream Explanation ? (Demanding; Exacting; Pushing someone; Retaliation; Yielding) In a dream, a driving force signifies retaliation by something, or compliance and submission to someone together with vigilance and wonderment about what might happen next. If one is driven by a human being in a dream, it means that he is pushed into committing a murder or that he is hired to attack someone. If one is driven by a beast, a lion or a bird of prey in a dream, it means humiliation by a superior person, or suffering from a disease.

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Ride Dream Explanation

Ride Dream Explanation ? ? Riding poorly: Will act whimsically. ? Riding on the neck of a human being: Will die and the ridden person will carry the dreamer?s coffin or attend his funeral. It also symbolizes difficult matters. If the rider falls from that neck, the matter being pursued will not be achieved. ? Riding an animal? (horse, donkey, camel, et cetera): Dignity and fulfilment of desires. ? Riding well and controlling the beast: Will overcome whims and passion and achieve goals.

Speaking Dream Explanation

Speaking Dream Explanation ? If a beast talks to someone in a dream, it means his death. If one's head or nose talk to him in a dream, it means that whoever these two members represent in one's life (See Body) will suffer from an adversity. If a tree speaks to someone in his dream, it means benefiting from that line of thinking. A talking tree in a dream means a fight, or the end of one's exile. The speech of a tree in a dream also could mean exaltation. Whatever a baby says in a dream is true. It also could mean falling into sin. If a allahly and a spiritual person sees a baby talking to him in a dream, it means that he will witness wonders or a miracle, or become a witness to an unbelievable agreement.

Wrestling Dream Explanation

Wrestling Dream Explanation ? If one sees two friends fighting a wrestling match in a dream, the loser in the dream has better standing in wakefulness. Wrestling in a dream also could mean a sickness that may befall the loser, or it could denote the consequences of an illness. If one sees himself battling with a beast, and if he kills the beast in the dream, it means relief from difficulties and dispelling of his sorrows and sufferings. If one reaches the throes of death in his fight in the dream, it means that he will triumph over his enemies. (Also see Wrestling match)

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Hunter Dream Explanation

Hunter Dream Explanation ? Hunting sparrows, hawks, or falcons in a dream also means gaining power. Hunting birds or pigeons in a dream represents a tricky merchant. Hunting beasts in a dream means cheating travellers. Fishing means womanizing. A beast hunter in a dream represents someone who takes advantage of foreigners. A bird hunter in a dream also represents a school teacher, a music teacher, or a preacher. (Also see Beast; Dog; Hunt)

Transformation Dream Explanation

Transformation Dream Explanation ? If one sees himself transformed into a bridge in a dream, it means that he may become a ruler, a wise man, or a man of knowledge whom people will seek to benefit from his wisdom. If a person sees his sick child turn into a bird in a dream, it means the death of the child. If one sees himself turned into a beast in a dream, it means that he will be segregated from the believers to live alone because of his evil qualities. If one sees himself turned into a deer, a gazelle or an antelope in a dream, it means that he will become obsessed with his sexual life, or that he will become mentally deranged to the degree of indulging in bisexual practices.

Marriage Dream Explanation

Marriage Dream Explanation ? ? Marrying an adulteress: Will yourself indulge in adultery.? (Also see Adultery.) ? Marrying any kind of animal: Will marry a woman having similarities with such a beast. If the animal was consenting, the woman in question would go along in the husband?s direction, be it good or bad. ? Seeing a sick man getting married without a woman in sight or in a mysterious manner: The patient will die and rest peacefully.

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Butcher Dream Explanation

Butcher Dream Explanation ? The unknown butcher symbolizes the Angel of Death or a swordsman. The known one is whoever is fair in distributing his wealth to his children and other heirs. Usually, dreaming of a butcher is a harbinger of hardships, save in two cases: If the dreamer is indebted it means that his debts will be settled, and if he is chained he will be delivered. ? A butcher slaughtering a beast whose meat is prohibited: A reference to an unjust person who does not heed God?s injunctions. ? Distributing meat: The dreamer is slandering or backbiting. ? Distributing beef to one?s relatives: The dreamer will be good to them and allocate or bequeath his fortune fairly to them.

Beast dreams FAQs:

Seeing Beast dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Beast dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Beast dream Refer to Beast islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Beast very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Beast?

There are different meanings of Beast dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Beast dream Refer to above Beast islamic dream interpretation.

What do Beast symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Beast dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Beast dream Refer to above Beast islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Beast in dream?

Beast dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Beast dream Refer to above Beast islamic dream explanations.

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