Islamic dream interpretation of Beaten, Explanation & Meaning for Beaten dreams

Below Beaten dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Incident - a king trying to Annihilate the Muslims Dream Explanation

Incident - a king trying to Annihilate the Muslims Dream Explanation ? this incident is related to a group of people living on the Island of Saqliyyah . It is narrated that their king was bent on annihilating the Muslims. For this, he prepared a powerful navy comprising of thousands of soldiers. At this point he saw a dream in which he saw himself mounted on an elephant while drums were beaten and trumpets were blown before him. When he awoke he summoned some of his clergymen and asked them to interpret the dream. They gave him the glad tiding of victory. He demanded proof from them for their interpretation.

Dance Dream Explanation

Dance Dream Explanation ? ? Being dragged to a dance: Escape from a problem or an accusation. ? A child dancing: Bad dream, meaning that the subject might become a deaf-mute, because mutes use their hands to make signs, like a dancing child. ? Dancing on a hill or any elevated place: Fear. ? A prisoner dreaming that he is dancing: Will be unchained and freed from prison. ? A rich or poor woman dancing: Silly acts and big scandal. ? Dreaming that you dance while sailing in reality: Hardships are ahead. ? A poor person dancing: Will get rich, but only for a while. ? A professional male dancer dancing for himself: Someone associated with catastrophes. ? A professional female dancer:? (1) The underworld, or the mean world.? (2) Rest for whoever is tired. ? A bondsman dancing: Will be beaten up. ? A monkey trainer who makes monkeys dance: Someone will teach a lesson to polytheists and their children.


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Incident - a king trying to Annihilate the Muslims Dream Explanation

Incident - a king trying to Annihilate the Muslims Dream Explanation ? They said that the elephant is the most powerful animal on land and mounting such a powerful animal means becoming the master of power and strength. And the beating of drums and blowings of trumpets are signs of happiness, ecstasy and victory. Also drums are only beaten in the presence of asking if there is some reason for happiness. When the king heard this, he became both surprised and delighted. He then summoned some Jewish ulama and asked them for their interpretation. They also interpreted the dream as a glad tiding of victory. He then called some Muslim ulamaa and demanded that they interpret the dream. They all pointed to an experienced Alim to respond to the king's demand.

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Brass Dream Explanation

Brass Dream Explanation ? (Money; Yellow) Brass in a dream means enmity. If one sees himself melting brass in a dream, it means that he will engages in a fight about mundane things and consequently becomes himself a subject of people's talk. It is also said that if one sees yellow brass in his dream , it means that he will hear harsh words and false statements. Yellow brass in a dream also represents a person who is proud about his worldly possessions. If one is beaten with a stick of brass in a dream, it means that he is seeking some worldly gains. Brass or similar yellow metals in a dream represent an imposter who swindles money from people, cheats and threatens them. (Also see Coppersmith)

Lion Dream Explanation

Lion Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing a lion entering a house where a person is ill: The patient will die. ? A lion intruding in one?s house: Hardship on the part of the chief. If the beast suddenly devours the dreamer, he will be the victim of an injustice, his money will be stolen, or he will be beaten or killed at the hands of the ruler, especially if he dreamed that his soul had left his body or that his head had been cut off. ? Receiving a lion and seeing it in one?s place without bothering with it: Will be scared to death by the sultan, but no real harm will occur. ? A lion entering the city: A plague, hardships, a tyrant, or an enemy. ? A lion entering the mosque and standing at the minbar or podium: A tyrant will emerge and will terrorize and harm people.

Beat Dream Explanation

Beat Dream Explanation ? ? The one beaten in the dream will benefit from his assailant, unless he was beaten with a wooden stick, in which case it would mean that the said assailant will make a promise to the dreamer and fail to keep it. ? A king beating the dreamer with a piece of wood or a wooden stick: He will be dressed by that king.

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Scourge Dream Explanation

Scourge Dream Explanation ? If one sees himself lashing a sitting person with a scourge in a dream, it means admonishing him, and if the other person is scared, or if he shields his face with his arm in the dream, it means repentance from sin. If he is not hurt by the scourge in the dream, it means that he is stubborn and does not accept the good advice. If he bleeds in the dream, it means that he is beaten unjustly. If the victim's blood splashes and stains one's clothes in the dream, it means that he will receive suspicious or unlawful money from his victim. If one's scourge is bent in the dream, it means a mental disorder, or that one's assistant is a reckless or an impatient person.

Donkey Dream Explanation

Donkey Dream Explanation ? ? A donkey braying over a mosque or on top of a minaret: An atheist will invite people to go his way, or a heretic will predicate his heresy. Conversely, a donkey crying as a real muezzin does, inviting people to respond to the call of prayer with a loud but melodious voice, means a disbeliever will embrace Islam or will proclaim the truth and serve as a model for others. ? A person dreaming that he has many donkeys: Will befriend some ignorant folk, in view of a verse in the Holy Quran that says: ?As they were frightened asses.?? (?Al-Muddaththir,? verse 50.) ? Riding on a donkey and going on smoothly and harmoniously: Your endeavours are good and orderly. ? Eating donkey meat: Will earn money without partner. ? Seeing one?s donkey moving ahead only when beaten: The dreamer is a deprived person who is given food only when imploring people to do so.

Beating Dream Explanation

Beating Dream Explanation ? Beatings in a dream also connotes supplications. If one sees himself beating a donkey in a dream, it means that he does not earn his daily bread unless he regularly prays for it. To beat someone in a dream also means cursing him. If he hits him over the head in the dream, it means speaking ill of him and that one cannot retrieve his words or apologize for them. Beating a family member in a dream means that one's wife is committing adultery. Beating someone in a dream also means benefiting him, or it could mean business losses. If one is beaten in a dream, it means profits and benefits, unless if the one beating him is an angel, or a deceased person, or a member of his family.

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Rain Dream Explanation

Rain Dream Explanation ? ? Taking shelter under a roof or near a wall during the rainy season:? (1) Travel or work will be delayed due to sickness or lack of financial means.? (2) The dreamer will be jailed as much as there was rain. ? Taking shelter under a roof or near a wall while it is raining in the wrong season:? (1) The dreamer will be slandered and harmed.? (2) The dreamer will be beaten as much as there was rain. ? Raining on one?s house in particular:? (1) Welfare, benefits, and dignity.? (2) Calamities, pain, and diseases, including perhaps smallpox in that house. ? Using rainwater to wash one?s face, clean one?s private parts after a sexual act, remove some impurity on one?s body or clothes, or conduct ablutions:? (1) If an atheist, the dreamer will become Muslim.? (2) If a heretic or a sinner, the dreamer will repent.? (3) If the dreamer is poor, he will become rich, by the grace of Allah.? (4) If the dreamer is awaiting the reactivation of a pending matter with the authorities, that matter will be settled to the dreamer?s satisfaction.

Beaten dreams FAQs:

Seeing Beaten dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Beaten dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Beaten dream Refer to Beaten islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Beaten very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Beaten?

There are different meanings of Beaten dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Beaten dream Refer to above Beaten islamic dream interpretation.

What do Beaten symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Beaten dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Beaten dream Refer to above Beaten islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Beaten in dream?

Beaten dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Beaten dream Refer to above Beaten islamic dream explanations.

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