Islamic dream interpretation of Beautiful dress, Explanation & Meaning for Beautiful dress dreams

Below Beautiful dress dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Fuller Dream Explanation

Fuller Dream Explanation ? (Bleacher; Tinner; Whitewasher) A fuller in a dream represent a wool bleacher. A whitewasher in a dream implies covering people's faults or giving someone a new dress or he could represent a tailor. A fuller or a whitewasher in a dream both signify dignity, honor, richness, praises and correcting the course of one's life or managing one's life in a useful way. A tinner in a dream represents a righteous man who endeavors to do good privately as well as in public.

Shroud Or Mortuary Winding Sheet Dream Explanation

Shroud Or Mortuary Winding Sheet Dream Explanation ? ? (Also see Dress.) It symbolizes a penchant for adultery. The smaller the shroud, the closer the dreamer is to repentance, and vice versa. But interpreters differ on this point?some of them feel that the larger the shroud, the better the dream is. ? Seeing a living person wearing a shroud: The dreamer has a leaning toward adultery. If the shroud has not been worn, he is inciting others to commit adultery, but nobody responds to his calls. ? Being wrapped up in a shroud: The dreamer will die.


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Bride Dream Explanation

Bride Dream Explanation ? If one sees a bride on her wedding day, dressed in her beautiful robe, looking beautiful and adorned with flower in a dream, it means wealth in this world. If one sees himself as a bridegroom and could not see his bride or recognize her in the dream, or if she is not named or attributed to him in the dream, it means his death or that he may commit a murder.

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Sperm Dream Explanation

Sperm Dream Explanation ? ? Giving or receiving sperm: A reference to something durable, which could be money, coming or going. ? Seeing sperm coming out of one?s penis:? (1) Money is coming.? (2) Money will be squandered.? (3) Wishes will be fulfilled.? (4) Comfort.? (5) Will divulge a secret.? (6) The dreamer?s children will die.? (7) For one reason or another, wife will not be available.? (8) Land will be revived if the dreamer is a landlord. ? Spreading sperm all over a woman?s body: Will offer her a dress and other attire. ? An active sex partner being stained all over his body with the sperm of his lover: The former will get what he wants from the latter.

Jinn? - Or Djinn Dream Explanation

Jinn? - Or Djinn Dream Explanation ? According to my grandfather, the late Mr. Mahmoud Fahim of Egypt, a master magician and an authority on the subject, as quoted by Dr. Paul Brunton: ?? jinn's are native inhabitants of the spirit world who have never possessed a human body. Some of them are just like animals, others are as shrewd as men. There are also evil jinn's ? who are used by low sorcerers, especially by the African witch doctors ? they are dangerous servants and will sometimes turn treacherously on the man who is using them and kill him.?36 The jinn's have their own realm, whose doctors, for instance, are called Maymoun and Abanos. They are said sometimes to perform surgery. Ata is a good friend who answers queries and might appear, when invoked, in European or Arab dress or clad as a sheikh.? (It is not advisable to engage in such practices.)

Possessing a Beautiful White Snake Dream Explanation

Possessing a Beautiful White Snake Dream Explanation ? He will acquire fortunes from the treasures of the king.

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Incident - Embracing the moon Dream Explanation

Incident - Embracing the moon Dream Explanation ? A man once came to Hazrat Imaam Jafar (RA) and said.?I saw myself as if I were embracing the moon?. The Imaan asked:. ?Are you a bachelor?? He answered in the affirmative. The Imaam said: ?You shall marry the most beautiful lady of her time?. Thereafter, the person was not seen for a very long time. Then Suddenly he appeared one day and said to the Imaam. ?My master! I have married the most beautiful lady of Madeenah. But last night I saw a dream as if I were carrying the moon?. The Imaam interpreted this dream saying: ?She Shall bear you the most beautiful boy of his time?.

Camel Dream Explanation

Camel Dream Explanation ? ? Riding a camel in the city center or failing to make it move: Worries, sorrow and such troubles as would cripple the dreamer and prevent him from rising or moving, like going to jail or falling ill. ? A revolutionary dreaming of riding a camel in the city center or failing to make it move: Will get caught and perish, especially if he was wearing a showy dress. ? A sick person dreaming that he will travel on a camel: Will die. ? A woman dreaming of riding on a camel:? (1) If single, will get married.? (2) The absent husband will come back unless there are signs of notoriety and scandals in the dream, in which case it should be taken at face value.

Eyebrows Dream Explanation

Eyebrows Dream Explanation ? If the eyebrows grow extensively to nearly covering the eyes in the dream, it means changes in any of the above. Eyebrows in a dream also mean longevity. In a dream, eyebrows also indicate the state of one's spiritual standing. When beautiful, one's faith is beautiful, but when wild in a dream, it means that one's faith is deteriorating. Perhaps they could also represent one's guardian, governor or they could represent a bow that launches the arrows of love at one's beloved. (Also see Body)

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Imitating Dream Explanation

Imitating Dream Explanation ? If a woman sees herself wearing men's clothing and imitating them in their look and actions in a dream, it means progress in her life if she is dressed handsomely, and it means digress and fear if not befitting. To dress oneself in a traditional costume of another religious group means to celebrate, befriend and to participate in their religious festivities.

Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam) in Beautiful Garments Dream Explanation

Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam) in Beautiful Garments Dream Explanation ? Seeing Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam) in beautiful garments implies that the Ummah will attain success materially as well as spiritually.

Naked Dream Explanation

Naked Dream Explanation ? ? Being naked and ashamed of people and seeking cover without success: Will lose one?s money and become poor. ? Being naked and people gazing at the private parts: Scandal. ? A ruler dreaming of having been despoiled of his clothes or left naked: Will have to leave his job. ? A sick person dreaming of having taken off a yellow, red, or black dress: Will heal. ? Getting rid of a dirty dress: Will be safe from trouble. ? A bondsman dreaming that he has undressed or been undressed: Will be freed. ? Dreaming of a dead person as being naked, except for the pudendum and smiling: He is enjoying life in the Hereafter. ? Seeing an unknown naked woman: The land will go bare; a harvest will be destroyed; trees will lose their leaves. ? A woman taking off her black clothes: The day will begin. ? A naked slave girl: Will lose in a transaction and get involved in a business scandal.

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Peahen Dream Explanation

Peahen Dream Explanation ? It symbolises an attractive and beautiful non-Arab Lady. And if the peahen is ugly it symbolises a beautiful woman but not capable of loving or beloved nor reliable.

Slave Dream Explanation

Slave Dream Explanation ? ? A beautiful but vulgar slave girl: Welfare that everybody will know about. ? An attractive slave girl completely veiled, save for her beautiful eyes: Confused welfare. ? A beautiful slave girl whose face is uncovered: General welfare. ? The contending type of adolescent slave girls: Aspirations. ? A single woman dreaming that she has been bought as a slave: Marriage will come soon. ? Setting free one?s wife seen as a slave in the dream: Will divorce her. ? A man selling his wife as if she were a slave: Will divorce her.

Hair Dream Explanation

Hair Dream Explanation ? ? A woman dreaming that a man other than her husband has cut her hair: That man is inviting her husband to have a relationship with another woman to exact revenge from her, and she will have an argument with that enemy. ? Seeing a woman?s tress or plaits of hair cut: She will never have a child. ? Cutting one?s own hair without help: Will pay back debts. The beautiful fringe symbolizes money and prosperity. A man dreaming of a beautiful fringe will marry a woman as beautiful as the fringe.

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Dress Dream Explanation

Dress Dream Explanation ? ? The dead giving the dreamer an old robe: The latter will become poor and miserable. ? The dead giving the dreamer a new robe: The latter will become rich and powerful. ? Holding one?s Arab robe and telling a dead person, ?Take this and sew it,? or, ?wash it,? without the cloth leaving the dreamer?s hand or becoming the property of the dead: Trouble, hardships, and depression. If the dead had taken and worn it, the dreamer would die.

A Young Girl Dream Explanation

A Young Girl Dream Explanation ? If she is not known to him, she symbolises his current year. Further, if she is beautiful and healthy and she is seen speaking to him or giving him something or he sees himself hugging her or making love to her or having intercourse with her it means the current year will prove profitable and fruitful for him. It not beautiful, the year will prove a disaster.

Boy Dream Explanation

Boy Dream Explanation ? Giving birth to a boy in a dream also could mean having a helper. A beautiful looking young boy in a dream also signifies good luck and victory over one's enemy. Seeing a beautiful looking boy in a dream means that beautiful and pleasant things will take place in one's life, or it could mean satisfying one's needs. If one is called a teenager in a dream, it signifies the necessity to take a ritual ablution, or that something good or bad may take place in wakefulness.

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Venus Dream Explanation

Venus Dream Explanation ? (Planet; Woman) In a dream, the planet Venus represents a beautiful woman. Seeing the planet Venus in a dream means getting married to an attractive and a beautiful woman of no kinship to him, though her beauty will lead many people into temptation. The planet Venus in a dream also could mean allegations, playfulness, complaisance, jokes, images, idolatry, jewelry, nudity, pictures of beautiful women, or it could mean beautiful clothing.

Beautiful dress dreams FAQs:

Seeing Beautiful dress dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Beautiful dress dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Beautiful dress dream Refer to Beautiful dress islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Beautiful dress very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Beautiful dress?

There are different meanings of Beautiful dress dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Beautiful dress dream Refer to above Beautiful dress islamic dream interpretation.

What do Beautiful dress symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Beautiful dress dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Beautiful dress dream Refer to above Beautiful dress islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Beautiful dress in dream?

Beautiful dress dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Beautiful dress dream Refer to above Beautiful dress islamic dream explanations.

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