Islamic dream interpretation of Bed cover, Explanation & Meaning for Bed cover dreams

Below Bed cover dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Scarf Dream Explanation

Scarf Dream Explanation ? (See Head cover)

Shade Dream Explanation

Shade Dream Explanation ? (Changes; Cover; Shelter) Witnessing a shade in the summertime in a dream means comfort, profits, honor, or becoming the protege of a great person. If one sees a shade in the winter in a dream then it means trouble, distress, adversities, or soliciting the company of people who foster innovation. Shade in a dream also represents the governor of one's town, a man of knowledge, a pious person, an ascetic, or a religious student on the path.


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Holy Book Dream Explanation

Holy Book Dream Explanation ? If a sick person sees it in his dream, it means that he will recover from his illness. If the one who sees it in his dream is facing an enemy, it means that he will triumph over him. If he is a sinner, it means that he will repent of his sins and turn to his Lord, or it could mean that he may receive an inheritance. If one sees himself following innovations and he recognizes that in his sleep, his dream denotes a warning from Allah Almighty. Seeing the Holy Book in a dream also could mean seeing wonders, witnessing a miracle, hearing news, receiving happy news, or it could mean longevity for one who browse through it from cover to cover in his dream.

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Dye Dream Explanation

Dye Dream Explanation ? ? A man dying his fingers with henna: He is using the rosary very often. ? A man dreaming that both hands are dyed with henna: He is outspoken and shows all that he has on his mind or in his hands, be it good or bad. If the hands are tattooed with henna, he will trick his family into selling some furniture to cover a deficit to avoid humiliation and his enemy?s jubilation. ? A man seeing ugly dye on his palm: Hardships should be anticipated. ? A man seeing ugly dye on his right hand: He will kill somebody. ? A man seeing himself dyed or tattooed with gold: He will try to swindle somebody, but will fail and lose his own money and means of living.

Dreams Causing You To Worry Dream Explanation

Dreams Causing You To Worry Dream Explanation ? This hadith has been narrated on the authority of Abu Qatada, but there is no mention of the words of Abu Salama: " I saw dreams (which perturbed me) but I did not cover myself with a mantle." (Muslim)

Disrobe Dream Explanation

Disrobe Dream Explanation ? If one undresses himself in a dream though not knowing whether he did so for good or for an unlawful purpose, or if he strips himself from his clothing in a public place, feels shy and tries to cover his private parts in the dream, it means that his private life will be exposed and that he will be disgraced. If he takes off his garment in public and does not feel ashamed of his nakedness in a dream, it means that he will be credited for his honesty.

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Blanket Dream Explanation

Blanket Dream Explanation ? (Bed cover; Cover; Lioncloth; Mexican blanket; Overlay; Overspread) In a dream, a blanket represents a woman. If one sees himself wearing a blanket over a wrapper, or a lioncloth in a dream, it means marriage. If he sees a blanket made of pearls in a dream, it means that his wife is a pious woman. Wrapping oneself with a blanket in a dream means marriage, comfort, peace, tranquillity and strength. Wrapping oneself with a red blanket in a dream means a fight because of a woman. If a blanket is stolen or burned or taken away from someone in his dream, it means divorce or death of his wife.

Grammarian Dream Explanation

Grammarian Dream Explanation ? (Linguist; Philologist) A grammarian in a dream represents preventive medicine, drug prescriptions, avoiding evil pranks, or it could mean a cover for one's head. A grammarian in a dream also means embellishment of one's words, making a flowery speech, falsification or exaggeration. Seeing a grammarian in a dream also means balance, unbalance, gossipry, pretension and ostentatiousness.

Envelope Dream Explanation

Envelope Dream Explanation ? (Cover; Embrace; Postal package) An envelope in a dream means money, except if it is sealed, then it means travels. In a dream, an envelope also means victory in one's life, attainment of one's goal, learning about a pleasant story, or it could represent a vessel, money, or knowledge.

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Piss Dream Explanation

Piss Dream Explanation ? ? Urinating or pissing one, two, or three drops in the prayer niche: The dreamer will have as many virtuous and handsome children as there were drops. ? Pissing on a holy book: The dreamer will have a son who will memorize that book. ? The few drops that come out after urinating: Money that will not stay long, to the dreamer?s regret. ? Pissing and seeing a vapour rising to cover the whole sky: The dreamer will have a son whose realm will reach the horizons.

Bed cover Dream Explanation

Bed cover Dream Explanation ? (See Blanket)

Head cover Dream Explanation

Head cover Dream Explanation ? (Headdress; Scarf) If a religious Muslim woman sees herself without a head cover or Hijab in a dream, it means that her husband has left her with the intention not to return to her again. If she is not married, it means that she may never marry.

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Invitation Dream Explanation

Invitation Dream Explanation ? An invitation to lunch or dinner in a dream means taking a long journey. If in the mid-afternoon, it signifies a rest or taking a break from a troubling job. If it is an invitation to dinner in the dream, it means betraying someone under the cover of darkness. If one sees himself planning to invite people to a lunch or to dinner in a dream, it means that he wants to do business with them, or perhaps enter their circles.

Headdress Dream Explanation

Headdress Dream Explanation ? (See Head cover; Head)

Wrapping Dream Explanation

Wrapping Dream Explanation ? (Cloth; Cover) Wearing a wrapping around one's waist in a dream represents a husband and a wife who live together without sexual relationship. A wrapping in a dream also may represent a dullish or a simple-minded child. (Also see Wrap up; Wrap)

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Blood Dream Explanation

Blood Dream Explanation ? It could also mean troubles and unhappiness. Blood refers as well to the person?s good or bad genie that runs in him like the bloodstream. When seen in a jar or any container, blood represents menstruation. The cover of that jar or whatever is used to stuff its aperture is the cotton or hygienic towel. In some cases, blood symbolizes what could not happen to a human being unless dead, like red blood from a patient turning blue or yellow.

Grass Dream Explanation

Grass Dream Explanation ? If one sees grass growing all over him but does not cover his ears or eyes in a dream, it means prosperity. If he sees grass growing on people's hands or floating on water in a dream, it means a good harvest and prosperity for everyone. If weeds grow at the same time in the dream, they connote negative effects. If a sick person sees such a dream, it means that he is nearing his death. Grass growing over one's stomach in a dream means his death or his burial after death. If grass grows all over one's body but does not cover his head in the dream, it means prosperity and wealth. If the grass covers one's eyes and ears in the dream, it means that he will become heedless and loses the advantages of his religious life.

Cover Dream Explanation

Cover Dream Explanation ? (See Blanket; Envelope; Irreligious; Shade; Wrapping)

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Hole Dream Explanation

Hole Dream Explanation ? Falling into a hole and crying for help to no avail in a dream means taking a short trip. A hole in a dream also represents a poor woman who strives to cover others pitfalls, though she cannot veil her own. Hiding inside a hole in a dream also means appeasement of one's fears, or ending of one's adversities. If while hiding, one finds food, or fresh water, or a cloth to cover himself in the dream, it means profiting from sources one does not anticipate, or making peace with an opponent. To put a hole in one's shoe in a dream means facing trouble and adversities. (Also see Den; Mouse hole; Tunnel)

Bed cover dreams FAQs:

Seeing Bed cover dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Bed cover dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Bed cover dream Refer to Bed cover islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Bed cover very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Bed cover?

There are different meanings of Bed cover dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Bed cover dream Refer to above Bed cover islamic dream interpretation.

What do Bed cover symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Bed cover dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Bed cover dream Refer to above Bed cover islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Bed cover in dream?

Bed cover dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Bed cover dream Refer to above Bed cover islamic dream explanations.

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