Islamic dream interpretation of Beloved, Explanation & Meaning for Beloved dreams

Below Beloved dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Enamored Dream Explanation

Enamored Dream Explanation ? It also means financial losses, losing one's child, divorce, despise of one's friends, hunger, travels, sickness or dangers. Being enamored with Allah in a dream means a strong devotion and certitude. Pretending to be in love in one's dream means straying from Allah's path. If one finally reaches his beloved to mates with in the dream, it means that adversities may strike at him, or affect his or her beloved. (Also see Love)

Disappearing Dream Explanation

Disappearing Dream Explanation ? However the disappearance of Allah's loving people in a dream perhaps means thinking about one's beloved, or being exposed to uncommon mysteries of the universe. If one disappears within the earth without going through a hole in his dream, and if he remains a long time therein until people think that he will never come out again in the dream, it means self-deception, arrogance and love for the world, and such a person will die in that pursuit as a consequence of adventuring with his own life. (Also see Evanescence)

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Eyes Dream Explanation

Eyes Dream Explanation ? If one's eyes become white in a dream, they represent sorrow, or loss of a beloved. If one sees his eyes white, and if the white veil is lifted in the dream, it means that he will be reunited with his beloved and his distress will be dispelled. The right eye in a dream represents one's son and the left eye represents one's daughter. If a father sees one of his eyes being transposed to mix with the other eye in a dream, and if he has a son and a daughter, he should separate their bedrooms. Eating someone's eye in a dream means steeling his money. Seeing one's eyes without eyelashes in a dream means defying Allah's laws.

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Love Dream Explanation

Love Dream Explanation ? (Beloved; Enamored; Honey; Hostage; Lover; Platonic love) Love in a dream means trials and temptations. If one does something he loves in a dream, it means that he will engage in an act that has no limitations. If a man says to woman; " I love you, " in a dream, it means that he truly hates her. If one sees himself indulging and satisfying every desire he has and without feeling any restrictions in the dream, it means that he will stray from Allah's path and lives a corrupt life. Love in a dream also means distress, worries and sorrow. Love in a dream also represents one's ability to express something. Otherwise, it could mean that he keeps to himself. Love in a dream also means trials and fame that incurs people's compassion for the person in love. Love in a dream also means poverty, sickness and death. In fact, death in a dream also could mean love, or living distant from one's beloved or life after death.

Kiss Dream Explanation

Kiss Dream Explanation ? Kissing someone's eyes in a dream means pursuing both heterosexual and homosexual life and such a dream carries a warning to cease such loathsome and unlawful practices before contracting unknown illness. Kissing one's beloved from the mouth in a dream means money. Kissing a woman in a dream means desiring her, or receiving news from one's beloved. Kissing an old woman in a dream indicates an excuse or regret for a slip of the mouth. Kissing a young girl in a dream means drinking a glass of wine. If a scholar kisses a beautiful woman in a dream, it could mean reciting the Quran, or speaking words of wisdom. If such a scholar is known to love the world and its pleasures, then what he has kissed in his dream is the world itself.

Body Dream Explanation

Body Dream Explanation ? Having a fat body in a dream means prosperity and knowledge, and an emaciated body in a dream represents poverty and ignorance. The body in a dream is what envelops and contains the human being. The body is like one's wife, a garment, a house, one's beloved, a child, a guardian, or a master. The health condition and strength of one's body in a dream may denote any of the elements mentioned herein. (Also see Foot; Leg; Skin; Teeth; Tooth; Thigh)

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Reciting Surah Nahl Dream Explanation

Reciting Surah Nahl Dream Explanation ? The one who reads it in his dream, his rizq will be safeguarded. He will be included amongst the party of the beloved Prohet (Sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam) even though he did not witness his company.

Sleeplessness Dream Explanation

Sleeplessness Dream Explanation ? (Insomnia) In a dream, sleeplessness means loss of a beloved, the death of a child, separation between lovers, or leaving one's family and travelling to a foreign country.

Loneliness Dream Explanation

Loneliness Dream Explanation ? (Aloneness; Isolation; Solitude) Loneliness in a dream means fame, artistry or attaining excellence in one's craft. If a ruler or a governor sees himself alone in a dream, it represents his impeachment from office. Finding oneself alone in a dream also means poverty, or separation from one's beloved. Loneliness in a dream also means humiliation, infamy, or segregation.

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Love Dream Explanation

Love Dream Explanation ? To burn in the fire in a dream also means love. To enter paradise in a dream also means love and to enter hell-fire in a dream means separation from one's beloved. Yearning for one's beloved in a dream means heedlessness, and love in a dream also indicates corruption in one's religious life, or loss of money. To love someone in Allah in a dream, means mercy between people. Otherwise, to love one another for personal interests in a dream means a partnership that will end in betrayal or it could mean a marriage without family consent. Pretending to be in love in one's dream means straying from Allah's path. If a knowledgeable person or a scholar pretends to be enamored in a dream, it means that he will deceive people with his ornate presentations and contradict their standards. (Also see Enamored; Honey; Lick; Pretending)

Wakefulness Dream Explanation

Wakefulness Dream Explanation ? ? Staying up very late: Will lose the dearest person to one?s heart?a family member, a child, or a lover. ? Continuous wakefulness? (a sleepless night): Will part from best friends or most beloved ones.

Kiss Dream Explanation

Kiss Dream Explanation ? ? Kissing a boy: There is sympathy between the dreamer and the boy?s father. ? Kissing a slave or a female servant: Will befriend her owner or employer. ? Kissing a free woman: Will befriend her husband. ? A person kissing the dreamer?s eye: He is a pimp and should fear God. ? Kissing a beloved one on the lips: Will obtain one dinar? (big money). ? Kissing a beloved one on the cheek: Will obtain one dirham? (a reasonable amount of money). ? A scholar or a savant kissing a beautiful woman: Will read God?s words. If he is rather the worldly type, he will get what he wants from life.

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Peahen Dream Explanation

Peahen Dream Explanation ? It symbolises an attractive and beautiful non-Arab Lady. And if the peahen is ugly it symbolises a beautiful woman but not capable of loving or beloved nor reliable.

Honey Dream Explanation

Honey Dream Explanation ? Pure honey means recovery from a disease. ? The sky raining honey: Good religion and blessings will prevail all over the place. ? Eating honey: Will embrace or hug and kiss a beloved one. ? Chewing honey: Will get married. ? Eating bread and honey: Will make a living from a booty.

Hostage Dream Explanation

Hostage Dream Explanation ? A hostage in a dream also represents mistakes, errors, exposing people's private life, divulging people's secrets, slander, or a debt that keeps the person subject to constant harassment. Being a hostage in a dream also means adversities, trials, or falling in love with someone, whereby, one's heart becomes a hostage of his beloved. (Also see Enemy; Enmity)

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Sneeze Dream Explanation

Sneeze Dream Explanation ? A sneeze symbolizes certainty after doubt. Sneezing out an animal means someone will have a child who will bear the dreamer?s name. If that animal is a cat, the child in question will become a thief. Conversely, a dove means a beloved daughter.

Reunion Dream Explanation

Reunion Dream Explanation ? (Reunification) To sit with one's beloved, enjoying love, affection and unity in a dream means marriage or prosperity. Sitting with one's beloveds and enjoying one's financial accomplishments in the dream means loss of rank and wealth. If a woman sees herself sitting with her beloved in a dream, it means that they will get married. A visit of one's beloved in a dream means valuing and cherishing one's happiness.

Paintings Dream Explanation

Paintings Dream Explanation ? (Art; Picture; Portrait) In a dream, paintings represent memories, guidance, or advice. Paintings in a dream also denote the passing of time, advancing of years, or the days of one's life. As for an immigrant, paintings in his dream mean reunion with his family, beloved, or commanding good and forbidding evil. (Also see Painter)

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A Believer Seeing A Dream Dream Explanation

A Believer Seeing A Dream Dream Explanation ? Waki' bin 'Udus narrated that Abu Razin Al-'Uqaili said: " The Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) said: " The believer's dreams are a portion of the forty portions of Prophet-hood. And it is (as if it is) on the leg of a bird, as long as it is not spoken of. But when it is spoken of it drops." I think he said: " And it should not be discussed except with an intelligent one or a beloved one."

Bowl Dream Explanation

Bowl Dream Explanation ? (Cup; Plate; Tray) In a dream, a bowl represents man's money pouch or what his wife would like to receive from him. If one sees himself receiving a bowl filled with sweets in a dream, it means receiving abundance of love from one's beloved. If the bowl is filled with sour food or some green raw vegetables in the dream, it means that animosity will develop on the part of his beloved, and it will provoke despise and fighting between husband and wife. Seeing a bowl in a dream also means increase in one's earnings. A bowl also represents a servant, a child, a daughter, a nanny, or a handmaiden.

Beloved dreams FAQs:

Seeing Beloved dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Beloved dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Beloved dream Refer to Beloved islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Beloved very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Beloved?

There are different meanings of Beloved dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Beloved dream Refer to above Beloved islamic dream interpretation.

What do Beloved symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Beloved dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Beloved dream Refer to above Beloved islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Beloved in dream?

Beloved dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Beloved dream Refer to above Beloved islamic dream explanations.