Islamic dream interpretation of Betray, Explanation & Meaning for Betray dreams

Below Betray dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Cow Dream Explanation

Cow Dream Explanation ? The same interpretation of horses colours should apply to cows, which, as mentioned, refer to women or years. ? Seeing in one?s house a cow sucking the milk of her own calf: A woman is trading in her own daughter. ? A man slave milking his master?s cow: Will marry the latter?s daughter. ? Being scratched by a cow or a bull: Will be ill inasmuch as the scratch was severe. ? A cow or a bull raping the dreamer: Will experience hardships and punishment and might even get killed. ? Falling on a cow?s back: Luck will change during the year. ? An ox falling on the dreamer: Will die during that year. ? Having a dispute with a cow: Controversy with a hot-tempered and impolite woman. ? Being bitten or kicked by a cow: Children will betray their father. ? Beating a cow or an ox with a stick or biting either one: The dreamer has plenty of sins and should seek God?s forgiveness.

Partridge Dream Explanation

Partridge Dream Explanation ? If a married person sees himself catching a male partridge in a dream, it means that he will beget a blessed son. If a pregnant woman catches a partridge in a dream, it means that she will give birth to a daughter. Slaughtering a partridge in a dream means committing adultery. Driving or pushing a partridge in a dream means rebuking a woman. Owning a partridge in a dream means marrying an Asiatic or a Persian woman, or meeting with a wealthy woman, or marrying a woman who will betray him and bring no benefits to him.


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Garden Dream Explanation

Garden Dream Explanation ? If one finds within such a garden a group of associates or colleagues, the garden then represents a marketplace. If one sees a servant or a worker of his urinating inside a well or a stream inside such a garden in the dream, it means that a relative will betray the interests of the family. A garden whose owner is known in a dream represents a mosque, a park, people of knowledge, ignorant people, the generous ones or the stingy ones. It also represents a meeting place where the rich and the poor, the righteous and the insolent gather. A garden in a dream also may indicate a religious center, a school, a center for scientific research and studies, a place of worship, etcetera.

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Statue Dream Explanation

Statue Dream Explanation ? If one sees himself worshiping a statue in a dream, it means that he is engaged in falsehood, giving preference to his personal desires and passions over obeying his Lord's commands. If one sees himself worshiping a golden statue in a dream, it means that he will solicit business from someone who worships Allah Almighty, though he will also suffer losses from such an association. It also means that he will lose his investment and it will show the weakness of his faith. If one sees himself worshiping a statue made of silver in the dream, it means that he uses his religion to make business out of it, or to betray others through it, or that he will solicit the help of someone to do evil, or that he may sexually abuse a young girl who trusts his religious appearance.

Bull Dream Explanation

Bull Dream Explanation ? ? A powerful individual dreaming of controlling a bull: Will submit his master to his authority and obtain from him all that he wants, especially if he managed to ride on that bull. ? Riding on one?s own bull: Will obtain work and other benefits from the ruler, especially if the bull was a black one. A yellow bull would mean disease. ? A bull being killed by a landlord or ruler: One of his subjects or workers or one of those who rebelled against him will get killed. ? An ordinary man killing a bull: He will triumph over a rival or a fearsome person or cause the death of a man by testifying against him. ? Butchering an ox from the nape of its neck or any other nonconventional part of the body: Will be unjust to a man, fight him or betray him, cause him financial and moral or physical harm, or sodomize him, unless he slaughtered the bull to eat it or take its grease or skin.

Pilgrimage Dream Explanation

Pilgrimage Dream Explanation ? ? Performing tawaf? (turning round the Kabah and praying): The dreamer will be entrusted with something honourable by some imams? (Muslim spiritual leaders). ? Performing tawaf on a horseback: The dreamer will make love to a prohibited family relation. ? Dreaming that the time has come to perform hajj and failing to do so: The dreamer will betray God?s trust, the same as not thanking God for His gifts.

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Bathhouse Dream Explanation

Bathhouse Dream Explanation ? (Sauna; Steam room; Sweat room; Rest room) Washing one's dirt with hot water in a dream brings benefits. If one builds a bathhouse in his dream, it means committing a sin or searching for a woman to partake in it, then suffering its consequence. If the bathhouse is heated and the water is lukewarm in the dream, it represents his family's compassion toward him, trying to help him out of his breach. If the bathhouse is cold and if its water is cold in the dream, it means that his family has ostracized or banished him. If one witness the hot water pipes breaking, whereby he could not control the flow of water in the dream, it means that someone will betray him with his wife, though he will keep trying to control the situation, but to no avail.

Saddle Dream Explanation

Saddle Dream Explanation ? An unmounted saddle in a dream represents a woman. Seeing a saddle in a dream also represents sexual intercourse. If a dog, a pig, or a donkey sits in one's saddle in a dream, it means that an ignoble person will betray him with his wife. Riding with a saddled animal in a dream also means continuous success, or a growing victory. A broken saddle in a dream means death. To dismount a saddle in a dream also means divorcing one's wife. (Also see Saddle mount)

Adultery Dream Explanation

Adultery Dream Explanation ? (Rape) Committing the abominable and forbidden act of adultery in a dream means betrayal. If one sees himself doing so in a dream, it means that he will betray his wife. An unknown woman is better here than a known woman. Adultery in a dream also means theft. If one sees an adulteress soliciting him for fornication in a dream it means that he might be lured to earn unlawful money. If one commits adultery with a young and a beautiful woman in a dream, it means that he will place his earnings in a well-guarded place or a coffer. If a strong person commits adultery in his dream and if he had to face the divine ordinance and chastisement for his sin in the dream, it means that his authority will expand.

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Snot Dream Explanation

Snot Dream Explanation ? ? Putting snots in another man?s house: Will have legal? (marriage) or illegal sex with a woman living under his roof. ? Putting snots in another man?s bedding: Will betray him with his wife. Putting snots in his handkerchief means the dreamer will have sex with his servant. ? A woman taking the dreamer?s snots: She will entice and deceive him and become pregnant against his will. ? Washing away someone else?s snot: The dreamer is trying to conceal the adultery of a friend, but to no avail. ? Eating one?s snot: Eating up the money of his children. ? Eating someone else?s snot: Eating up the money of somebody?s children. ? Mucus flowing from the nose: Will have children who will resemble him. ? A person putting snots in the dreamer?s clothes: Will have a marital relationship.

Urinating Dream Explanation

Urinating Dream Explanation ? Urinating in the sea in a dream mean paying taxes or giving charity. Urinating in a valley in a dream means expansion of one's progeny. Emitting bad odor after urination while others are looking with despise in a dream means defamation, or exposing one's ills in public. Drinking urine in a dream means earning unlawful income. If one sees his servant or employee urinating inside a well or a stream in a dream, it means that someone from his family will betray its interests. Urinating in a dream also means dispelling distress.

Testicles Dream Explanation

Testicles Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing one?s testicles inflated and stronger than they really are:? (1) Will be protected from any harm.? (2) Will have many girls. ? Seeing one?s testicles having been cut or destroyed: (1) An amount of money is due by the dreamer, of which two thousand, two hundred, or simply two currency units are missing. (2) Will be deprived of God?s blessings, have no more children, and face hard times. (3) Will divorce. (4) Will betray one?s country for personal benefits. (5) Will lose one?s children. (6) Will lose one?s purse or money altogether. (7) Will lose the consent of the bride?s sponsors. (8) Will lose one?s family or other relatives. (9) Will no longer be decent.? (10) Will contract a skin disease, in particular; alopecia? (loss of hair), commonly called fox?s evil; or leontiasis leprosy, known as lion?s evil. ? A dreamer seeing his testicles being cut off or infected with a disease:

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Pinch Dream Explanation

Pinch Dream Explanation ? ? Pinching a man?s buttocks: The dreamer will betray the man with his wife. ? Pinching a man?s belly: The dreamer is after his safe. ? Pinching a man?s thigh: The dreamer has an eye on the monies of his kith and kin. ? Pinching a man?s hand: The dreamer covets his brother?s money. ? Being pinched by a handsome individual or, simply, your hand being pinched: You are being spoken ill of.

Dwellings Dream Explanation

Dwellings Dream Explanation ? If such dwellings are built of mud or plaster, this will be a reflection on his adverse conditions. If one enters such dwellings, then walks out of it in a dream, it means that he will become sick and nearly die of his illness before he recovers from it. If one walks out of it angry in a dream, it means that he will be imprisoned. If he sees someone entering his house in a dream, it means that someone will know his intimate life, or that an insolent person will become a close family friend, then betray his trust and have a secret affairs with one's wife.

Nasal mucus Dream Explanation

Nasal mucus Dream Explanation ? (Blowing one's nose; Snot) In a dream, nasal mucus means a son or a daughter. To blow one's nose in someone's house in a dream means marrying someone from that family, or betraying the house master by having a secret affair with his wife. If a mother blows her nose in a dream, it means that she will wean her child. If the wife of such a friend wipes the nasal mucus of her husband's guest in a dream, it means that she will betray her husband and carry the child of his friend. If one blows his nose in a dream, it also means paying a debt, or it could mean rewarding someone for a favor.

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Crocodile Dream Explanation

Crocodile Dream Explanation ? The crocodile symbolizes a policeman; because, according to Ibn Siren, it is the most evil creature, which can be trusted neither by an enemy nor by a friend. It could also be a treacherous thief or an unfair merchant ready to betray anyone. If you dream of being dragged to the sea and devoured by a crocodile, you will fall into the hands of a policeman who will take your money and kill you. If you are not devoured in the dream, you will be safe.

Monkey Dream Explanation

Monkey Dream Explanation ? Eating monkey's flesh in a dream means suffering from depression, becoming poor, alcoholic, deprived, or suffering from an illness that could lead one near his death. If one is offered a monkey as a gift in a dream, it means that he will defeat and capture an enemy, or it could mean that he will betray a trust. Carrying a monkey over one's shoulders in a dream means stealing something from one's house, or something that belongs to his family. A monkey in a dream also represents a filthy and a loathsome person. Owning a monkey in a dream means suffering major losses in one's life. A monkey in a dream also means committing a sin, disobedience to Allah's commands, or becoming despised. (Also see Gibbon)

Adam Dream Explanation

Adam Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing Adam as if talking to the dreamer: Will acquire knowledge ? Seeing Adam in a different color and shape than usually conceived of by the dreamer: Will move from one place to another, then return to the first place. ? Becoming Adam or acquiring one of his qualities or characteristics:? (1) The dreamer will succeed the ruler, if eligible for such a privilege.? (2) People will benefit from the dreamer?s knowledge if he is a learned man, or he himself will obtain unequalled knowledge. ? Seeing Adam in good shape: Magnificent welfare. ? Seeing Adam in a deteriorating condition: The dreamer?s master will be impoverished or his power will wane or the dreamer?s fortune will decrease and his craft or profession will no longer be in demand. ? Slaying Adam: Will betray his lord or abandon and stop sustaining his parents or teacher.

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Enemy Dream Explanation

Enemy Dream Explanation ? If one's enemy advises him in a dream, it means that he will betray him. If one sees an enemy invading a land in a dream, it means that a destructive flood will devastate that place. If one's enemy confides to him or pleases him in a dream, it means that he will suffer distress and adversities. If one is captured for a ransom by his enemy in a dream, it means that he indulges in sins and that he is a hostage of his own sins. (Also see Blessings; Enmity; Introduction p. xxvi)

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Seeing Betray dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Betray dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Betray dream Refer to Betray islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Betray very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Betray?

There are different meanings of Betray dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Betray dream Refer to above Betray islamic dream interpretation.

What do Betray symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Betray dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Betray dream Refer to above Betray islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Betray in dream?

Betray dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Betray dream Refer to above Betray islamic dream explanations.

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