Islamic dream interpretation of Betrayal, Explanation & Meaning for Betrayal dreams

Below Betrayal dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Torah Dream Explanation

Torah Dream Explanation ? If one's wife is pregnant, it means that she will bear a child who resembles his father. If one's wife is pregnant, and if he sees himself holding the Torah in a dream, it means that she will beget a daughter, for the gender of the word Torah is feminine. It also means that he will mix with evil companions. Similar interpretations are given to carrying other scriptures. To see the Torah, or the Evangel, or the Gospel in a dream is as though one has seen Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam, because his name (Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam) is mentioned in all three of them. It could also mean betrayal, negating a covenant, or desiring what is shoddy.

Missile launcher Dream Explanation

Missile launcher Dream Explanation ? If a superior launches a stone against a subject or an employee in a dream, it means that he will send an investigator, a controller or a supervisor of a stern nature. Watching the launch of a mangonel in a dream implies treachery, betrayal and a cause of losses and sufferings. It also means defamation of the learned ones, or forcing them to downplay the ruler's injustice, or to give utilitarian and opportune opinions about sacred religious values. Seeing a missile launcher in a dream also may signify corruption, adversities and trials that will befall the target of such missiles.


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Tarragon Dream Explanation

Tarragon Dream Explanation ? (bot.) In a dream, tarragon represents a vile person. Tarragon is originally grown from African rue and is sprouted in vinegar for a full year before it is planted to grow a new herb. Tarragon in a dream also represents someone who has learned about pious conduct by associating with pious people before he developed his own. Tarragon in a dream also signifies treachery or betrayal.

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Renegade Dream Explanation

Renegade Dream Explanation ? (See Betrayal)

Idol Worship Dream Explanation

Idol Worship Dream Explanation ? ? Worshiping a silver idol: Will have an affair with a woman?be she a free one, a slave, or a servant?with a lot of betrayal and corruption on either side in the affair. ? Worshiping a brass, bronze, iron, or lead idol: Will forget all about religion and worship the pleasures of life. ? Worshiping a wooden idol: Will leave religion behind and befriend an unjust ruler and/or a hypocrite; or will use religion to have access to a worldly matter, not for God?s sake.

Rat Dream Explanation

Rat Dream Explanation ? A rat in one's house in a dream means that he will emigrate from one land to another. If the person seeing the dream owns a house, it means that he will sell it. Rats in one's house in a dream also represent thieves one must guard his house against, or that he must guard himself against the betrayal of a close acquaintance. Eating a rat in a dream means backbiting others, or earning unlawful money. In general, rats in a dream represent insolence, causing damage, fornication, adverse marital conditions, or problems in the upbringing of one's children. Catching a rat in a dream means suffering from humiliation and despise.

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Well Dream Explanation

Well Dream Explanation ? If one is in such a state, it means that his adversities will dissipate, and that he will re-establish himself in the circles of people in authority. If the person in the dream is a seer who predicts events, then he may be involved in the circles of governors, particularly to interpret their dreams. It is possible that he also might receive emissaries of notable people who will bring him what pleases him. It also could mean a fight in one's family involving jealousy, envy, betrayal, though at the end one will triumph over them. Falling into a well in a dream also means being indicted in an alleged crime from which one is clearly innocent. A well in a dream is also interpreted as levying taxes, or it could mean circumcision. Digging a well in a dream also represents a crafty and an artful deceiver.

Mountain trails Dream Explanation

Mountain trails Dream Explanation ? (Canyons) In a dream, deep valleys, or mountain trails represent deception, betrayal, perfidy and trickery. (Also see Aqiq canyons)

Canyons Dream Explanation

Canyons Dream Explanation ? (Mountain pass; Mountain trails) In a dream, deep valleys or canyons represent deception, betrayal, perfidy and trickery. Seeing a mountain pass in a dream also could signify overcoming adversities or relief from difficulties. (Also see Aqiq canyon)

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War Dream Explanation

War Dream Explanation ? (Fight) In a dream, war means deception, betrayal, misleading, or trickery. War in a dream also means inflation, rising prices, a plague, food lines, adversities and stress. If a soldier sees himself fighting an enemy in a dream, it means that he will gain benefits and success in his life. (Also see War correspondent)

Misleading Dream Explanation

Misleading Dream Explanation ? (Betrayal; Deception; Milk; Swindle; Trickery; War) If one sees that someone is misleading him or tricking him in a dream, it means that Allah Almighty will grant him victory over his enemy. The deceiver in the dream will be the loser, and the misled person in the dream represents the real winner. (Also see Fraudulent bankruptcy)

Betrayal Dream Explanation

Betrayal Dream Explanation ? Betrayal or treason means adultery.

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Betrayal Dream Explanation

Betrayal Dream Explanation ? (Deception; Double-cross; Milk; Misleading; Renegade; Trickery; War) In a dream, betrayal of others mean shortcomings or religious disdain and failure in one's life in this world. Betrayal in a dream also means a robbery or being in dire need of the victim.

Pond Dream Explanation

Pond Dream Explanation ? (Brook; Pool; Washing basin) In a dream, a pond represents a noble, generous, magnanimous, dominant and a beneficial person. If the pond is filled with water in the dream, it represents a generous and a well respected person. If one takes his ritual ablution from it in the dream, it means that he will escape from danger by Allah's leave, and if he drinks from its water, it means that he will receive a financial gift from a person in authority. Reaching a pond in a dream means walking into adversities, betrayal and perfidy.

Elephant Dream Explanation

Elephant Dream Explanation ? Riding an elephant during the daylight hours in a dream means divorce, perfidy, betrayal or deceit. Milking an elephant or taking something out of its trunk in a dream means either extortion or receiving lawful money from a powerful person. It is also said that an elephant in a dream represents a mighty king who is gracious and generous, patient and tender hearted. If an elephant hits someone with his trunk in a dream, it means receiving benefits from such a person or inheriting something from him, receiving a political appointment, or becoming wealthy through high connections.

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Trickery Dream Explanation

Trickery Dream Explanation ? In a dream, trickery means betrayal, deception, misleading others, or it could mean war. (Also see Advice; Tricks)

Emptiness Dream Explanation

Emptiness Dream Explanation ? In a dream, emptiness represents the dwellings of a foreigner. It may also represent breach of contract, betrayal, death of a sick person, rest after exhaustion or peace after bewilderment. (Also see Deserted)

Double-cross Dream Explanation

Double-cross Dream Explanation ? (See Betrayal)

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Breach of a contract Dream Explanation

Breach of a contract Dream Explanation ? (Betrayal; Death; Emptiness)

Teeth Dream Explanation

Teeth Dream Explanation ? (Setting the tooth on its edge.) To set one's tooth on its edge in a dream means a betrayal carried by a member of one's family the tooth represents. This includes one's children, wife, partners, or employees. To set one's teeth on their edge in a dream also could mean changes in one's behavior that may lead to a changing attitude on the part of such family members. (Also see Body; Tooth)

Betrayal dreams FAQs:

Seeing Betrayal dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Betrayal dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Betrayal dream Refer to Betrayal islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Betrayal very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Betrayal?

There are different meanings of Betrayal dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Betrayal dream Refer to above Betrayal islamic dream interpretation.

What do Betrayal symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Betrayal dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Betrayal dream Refer to above Betrayal islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Betrayal in dream?

Betrayal dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Betrayal dream Refer to above Betrayal islamic dream explanations.

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