Islamic dream interpretation of Blessing saint, Explanation & Meaning for Blessing saint dreams

Below Blessing saint dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Censure Dream Explanation

Censure Dream Explanation ? (Blame; Calumniation; Rebuke; Reprimand; Reproof) If one sees himself censured by a prophet, a saint, a allahly person, or a bosom friend in a dream, it means repentance from sin, refraining from walking the avenues of error and temptation. Censure in a dream also signifies love and compassion. If one rebukes himself in a dream, it means that he had indulged in a wrongdoing which he regrets and that he is blaming himself for it. (Also see Blame)

Pilgrimage Dream Explanation

Pilgrimage Dream Explanation ? If one sees himself as a pilgrim in a dream, and if he disdains from actually perform his pilgrimage, though he possesses the means to do so, it means that he is a reprobate and an ungrateful person. Performing one's pilgrimage in a dream also indicates the necessity to serve one's parents and to be true to them, or the duty to serve one's teacher and be truthful with him. Performing one's pilgrimage in a dream also means visiting a gnostic, a saint, a sheikh, a scholar, or it could mean getting married, acquiring knowledge, satisfying one's needs, recuperating from an illness, repenting from sin, or joining the company of pious people.


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Legal guardianship Dream Explanation

Legal guardianship Dream Explanation ? (Custodian; Trustee) If one receives instructions from a testator in a dream, it has six interpretations; either that what he is told is true, or that he maybe put in charge of an important project, thus, it represents rising in rank, increase in knowledge, celebrating forty years of age, a blessing of a spiritual attainment, or protection from sin. (Also see Sponsorship)

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Snow Dream Explanation

Snow Dream Explanation ? A heavy snow storm in a dream means oppression, while a light snowfall or flurries mean benefits to one's town. Melting snow in a dream means dispersal of agony, or it could mean the end of depression. Like rain, snow in a dream is a sign of divine mercy and a good harvest. When heavy, it represents a calamity, and when light, it is a blessing. Standing under a snowfall in a dream signifies enemy blows. (Also see Snowball)

Reciting Surah Faatir Dream Explanation

Reciting Surah Faatir Dream Explanation ? Its reciter will see Allah Taala and become a saint from amongst the saints of Allah.

Hot Dream Explanation

Hot Dream Explanation ? (Bathhouse; Boiling water; Hot pepper; Pungent) Eating hot food, or drinking a hot drink in a dream may represent arduous earnings, or abundance that becomes a burden. It may also represent unlawful earnings, illegal profits, losses, or losing any blessing which maybe contained in one's deeds. Washing a deceased person with boiling water in a dream means that he is destined for hell-fire.

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Saint tree Dream Explanation

Saint tree Dream Explanation ? (See Tree)

Rice flour Dream Explanation

Rice flour Dream Explanation ? In a dream, rice flour means a blessing or a favor. (Also see Flour)

Griffin Dream Explanation

Griffin Dream Explanation ? (Legendary bird; Mythical monster) In a dream, a griffin represents a haughty person, an innovator or a powerful person who disdains to follow the advice of the people of the faith. If a griffin talks to someone in his dream, it means that he will receive money from someone in authority, or that he could become an assistant to a strong man. If a griffin drops something to someone in a dream, it represents a divine blessing that will come at the hand of a ruler. If one sees himself riding a griffin in a dream, it means that he will rise in station and rank.

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Allah Dream Explanation

Allah Dream Explanation ? If one sees Allah Almighty in a form resembling one's father, a brother or a relative and showing His kindness or blessing him in a dream, it means that he will be afflicted with a calamity and a major illness. If a righteous person sees himself standing before Allah Almighty in reverence and filled with awe in a dream, it means that mercy will encompass him and help him to further his growth. The same interpretation applies if one sees himself prostrating before Him. If Allah Almighty speaks to someone from behind a veil in a dream, it can also represent a good worshipper, but if the Divine address takes place without a veil in the dream, it means falling into sin.

Invisible caller Dream Explanation

Invisible caller Dream Explanation ? (Voice) Hearing the voice of an invisible caller admonishing, commanding, forbidding, blessing, or reprimanding the person seeing the dream means exactly what one has heard and has no further interpretations. This includes all voices. (Also see Voice)

Condolences Dream Explanation

Condolences Dream Explanation ? Expressing one's sympathy or condolences to a well-to-do person in a dream means adversities, while it means a blessing to a person in dire need. Expressing one's sympathy to a person who is experiencing difficulties in a dream means glad tidings.

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Clothing Dream Explanation

Clothing Dream Explanation ? Wearing a white garment in a dream means pride, honor and dignity. Wearing silk in a dream means strength and occupying a high rank in a business or government. If one sees a deceased person wearing a silken garment in a dream, it means that he is dwelling in the heavenly paradise. Wearing a garment that is adorned with gold in a dream means victory over one's enemy. A black garment means honor, reign and having mastery over people. Wearing a green garment in a dream means martyrdom. Wearing a cotton garment in a dream means following the Prophet's tradition (Alayhi-Salam). Wearing a woollen garment in a dream means clarity, unless if it is coarse or unfitting and in that case, it means poverty and humiliation. Wearing a linen garment in a dream means enjoying a blessing or a favor. Wearing a brocaded garment in a dream means receiving an important and a revered message, rising in station, enjoying wealth or it could represent the blessing of having a child. Wearing a robe that is trailing behind one's feet in a dream means rebellion and disobedience, while wearing a moderately short coat in a dream means purity, virtues and chastity.

Dome Dream Explanation

Dome Dream Explanation ? Building a dome over clouds in a dream means marriage, power and rank. Seeing green domes standing between the heavens and the earth in a dream means that one's deeds are raised to be worthy of blessing, or that he might die as a martyr. If one sees four men demolishing a dome in a dream, it means that a renowned scholar in that locality will shortly die and his elements of earth, fire, water, air and either will destroy one another. (Also see Pavilion; Shrine; Tent)

Incident - Reciting Prayers for Benefiting The Pious Souls Dream Explanation

Incident - Reciting Prayers for Benefiting The Pious Souls Dream Explanation ? Someone used to regularly recite special prayers and offer their blessing to the benefit of the soul of Rabi'a Al-'Adawiyyah, God be pleased with her. One night, he saw her in a dream, and she said to him: "Your gifts are carried to us on trays of light and are covered with light."

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Duck Dream Explanation

Duck Dream Explanation ? The duck symbolizes a woman or a slave or servant girl. It also refers to a dangerous but God-fearing man, a virtuous one, or a hermit. ? Eating duck meat: Will receive money from slave women or domestic helpers or from a maiden or will conquer the heart of a rich woman who will prove to be a blessing. ? A duck talking to the dreamer: Will be dignified and honoured by a woman.

Column Dream Explanation

Column Dream Explanation ? (Pillar; Post) In a dream, a column represents one's religion. If one sees a column descending from the firmament in a dream, it means a divine favor and a blessing to have a just, compassionate and a forbearing ruler in that land. If one is hit with a post, or if he uses it to be at someone in a dream, it means hearing or exchanging harsh words that describe the quality of the one who is struck. If one sees himself leaning against a pillar that he bought or which is given to him in his dream, it means that he will rely upon an old woman for his livelihood, or that he will marry an old woman.

Cummerbund Dream Explanation

Cummerbund Dream Explanation ? If one is given a cummerbund, and if he does not wear it in the dream, then it means travels. A broken cummerbund in a dream means loss of power or perhaps one's death. If one sees a snake rather than a cummerbund around his waist in a dream, it represents a money belt. A cummerbund in a dream also means work for a jobless person, a wife for an unmarried person, and should it be carrying many ornaments, then it means the added blessing of having several children. (Also see Belt; Cincture; Waistband; Waist belt)

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Clouds Dream Explanation

Clouds Dream Explanation ? . On the other hand, if he is unhappy about something, then if he sees such a dream, it means that his sorrow will be dispelled. White clouds in a dream are a sign of work, a job or business. Rising fog in a dream means taking a journey, or returning from one. Red clouds in a dream means lack of work. A gloomy cloud in a dream means stress. If one sees clouds welcoming him in a dream, it means glad tidings. If he is an evil person, it means a calamity and a chastisement for his sins. If one sees clouds covering the sun in a dream, it means that the ruler of that land is ill. If one sees himself wearing a shirt of clouds in a dream, it means blessings that Allah Almighty has favored him with. Clouds in a dream also represent virtues, miracles, favors, rains, love and blessings, because they also appear when a prophet or a saint pray for rain or to shelter a blessed person from the heat of the sun. Clouds in a dream also mean travel by sea or air.

Shrine Dream Explanation

Shrine Dream Explanation ? (Grave; Tomb) The graves of martyrs, holy men, saints or their shrines in a dream represent innovation, heedlessness, intoxication, adultery, corruption, or fear. Seeing the shrine of a saint or a sheikh, or the grave site of a martyr who is venerated by people in a dream means witnessing either good or evil happenings. It also could represent the pilgrimage season, religious gatherings, precious metals, a treasure, or offerings. (Also see Dome; Cemetery)

Blessing saint dreams FAQs:

Seeing Blessing saint dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Blessing saint dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Blessing saint dream Refer to Blessing saint islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Blessing saint very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Blessing saint?

There are different meanings of Blessing saint dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Blessing saint dream Refer to above Blessing saint islamic dream interpretation.

What do Blessing saint symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Blessing saint dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Blessing saint dream Refer to above Blessing saint islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Blessing saint in dream?

Blessing saint dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Blessing saint dream Refer to above Blessing saint islamic dream explanations.

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