Islamic dream interpretation of Bond, Explanation & Meaning for Bond dreams

Below are some dream interpretations related to Bond in Islam.

Put in irons Dream Explanation

Put in irons Dream Explanation ? (See Bond; Fetter)

Band Dream Explanation

Band Dream Explanation ? (Bond; Tie) To tie or band one's hair in a dream mean amassing huge sums of money and to disband one's hair means to squander one's wealth. (Also see Bond)

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Bound Dream Explanation

Bound Dream Explanation ? (See Bond)

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Link Dream Explanation

Link Dream Explanation ? (Ring; Bond; Door knocker) In a dream, a link represents the religion of Islam. Holding to the like of a chain in a dream means steadfastness in one's religion. In general, a door knocker in a dream represents the door attendant, an announcer, a messenger, a warning post, or a guard dog. If the knocker is made of gold or silver in the dream, it means honor and prosperity of the people of the house. If one pulls off the door knocker, and if it brakes in the dream, it means that he follows a path of innovation.

Strap Dream Explanation

Strap Dream Explanation ? (See Bond)

Rescind Dream Explanation

Rescind Dream Explanation ? (See Marriage bond; Reconciliation)

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Knot Dream Explanation

Knot Dream Explanation ? (Bond; Bridge; Contract; Liaison; Tie) To make a knot in one's shirt in a dream means engaging in business. Tying a knot with a rope in a dream represents one's religious commitment. Tying a knot with a handkerchief in a dream means giving fringe benefits to a servant or to an employee. Tying a belt over a pair of pants in a dream means marriage.

Bond Dream Explanation

Bond Dream Explanation ? (See Contract; Knot; Friendship; Kinship; Relationships)

Tie Dream Explanation

Tie Dream Explanation ? (Bond; Knot) A tie in a dream represents longevity, old age and the possible bending of one's back. (Also see Band; Bond; Captivated; Contract; Fond; Knot; Untying something)

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Friend - Friendship Dream Explanation

Friend - Friendship Dream Explanation ? Fostering a friendship or seeking the fellowship of the righteous ones or the men of knowledge in a dream represents one's sincerity and love for others, devotion to family ties and serving their interests. It also indicates one's true sincerity in his or her religious duties. (Also see Bond; Companionship; Fellowship; Kinship; Spiritual gathering)

Contract Dream Explanation

Contract Dream Explanation ? In a dream, a contract represents a necklace of pearls, a marriage contract, a prenuptial agreement or a business agreement. A contract in a dream also could signify a covenant or making a bond with the other signing party. (Also see Knot; Pledge of allegiance)

Handcuff Dream Explanation

Handcuff Dream Explanation ? (Fettered; Marriage; Shackled; Tied-up) If one sees his hand tied to his neck in a dream, it means that he does not pay Allah's rights upon what he earns. If one's hand is tied around his neck in a dream, it also could mean that he will desist from wrongdoing. If both hands are tied-up in the dream, it denotes his stinginess. If one is captured and handcuffed by the authorities in a dream, it means that he will be thrown into jail or fall into difficulties. Seeing oneself handcuffed in a dream also means marriage, wrongdoing, or hypocrisy. (Also see Bond; Rancor)

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Bond Dream Explanation

Bond Dream Explanation ? Adding extra shackles to an already bound and bed stricken person in a dream means his death and for a prisoner, it means extension of his sentence. Wearing a green garment and seeing one's hands tied-up in a dream means spiritual growth. If one sees himself wearing a white garment, then it means knowledge, understanding, beauty and honor. If one sees himself wearing a red garment, it means that he is a musician, or that he is fascinated by music and a night life of distractions. Wearing a yellow garment in a dream means sickness. If one sees himself tied up with a golden bond in a dream, it means that he is awaiting to recover money that he lost in an investment. If one sees himself in a dream tied-up inside a palace which is built from glass, it means that he will befriend a noble woman, though their friendship will not last. Seeing oneself being tied-up with another person in the dream means committing a sin and being afraid of its consequences. In general, a bond in a dream signifies distress and poverty. (Also see Band; Chain; Fetter; Yoke)

Marriage bond Dream Explanation

Marriage bond Dream Explanation ? To rescind one's bond of marriage in a dream means either death or dismissal from work. To revoke the bond of marriage in a dream also may mean selling a product for a term, requiring its return, or it may mean apostasy. (Also see Marriage; Yoke)

Chain Dream Explanation

Chain Dream Explanation ? (Complications; Longevity; Marriage; Richness; Sin) In a dream, a chain represents an old or a rich woman whose earnings are lawful. A chain in one's hand or around one's neck in a dream may mean threats, menaces, sin or disobedience. Seeing a chain around one's neck in a dream also means marriage to a woman of bad character. A chain in a dream also denotes complications. Seeing oneself chained means sorrow and distress. (Also see Bond)

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Shackles Dream Explanation

Shackles Dream Explanation ? (See Bond 1; Fetter; Yoke)

Bond Dream Explanation

Bond Dream Explanation ? (Band; Chain; Fetters; Shackle; Strap; Ties) In a dream, a bond signifies assiduity, piety, a pretext, an illness, an ongoing debt, cognizance of the one who puts the chain, or a rope around one's hands. A silver band in a dream means a lasting marriage. If it is a brass band in the dream, then it means decisiveness but with trickery and regarding something loathsome. If the bond is made from lead in the dream, then it means having determination about something weak or unworthy of such attention. A bond made with a rope in the dream signifies piety and religiousness. If it is mad of wood in the dream, then it means persistence in hypocrisy.

Relationships Dream Explanation

Relationships Dream Explanation ? (Bond; Connection; Liaison) To have important connections in a dream means compelling one's enemy to retreat or to accept one's conditions. To have strong relationships in a dream cools the divine wrath, as does giving charity in secret. This is true unless one's connections or circle gathers a group of evil companions, or if one is mingling with a band of conspirators.

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Bond Dream Explanation

Bond Dream Explanation ? If it is a bond made of a piece of cloth, or a thread in the dream, then it means attachment to something that will not last. In a dream, a bond also means delays when one is intending to travel, and for a merchant it means salability of his merchandise, and as for someone suffering from depression, it means perseverance of his sorrows. To see oneself tied-up in Allah's cause in a dream means caring for one's family. Seeing oneself tied-up or fettered in a city or a village in a dream means living there. Being bound inside a house in a dream means living with a difficult wife.

Fetter Dream Explanation

Fetter Dream Explanation ? (Bond; Shackle) To see one's feet put in irons or fettered in a dream represents evil people, or it could mean travels or leaving one's homeland. (Also see Bond)

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Seeing Bond dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Bond dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Bond dream Refer to Bond islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Bond very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Bond?

There are different meanings of Bond dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Bond dream Refer to above Bond islamic dream interpretation.

What do Bond symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Bond dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Bond dream Refer to above Bond islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Bond in dream?

Bond dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Bond dream Refer to above Bond islamic dream explanations.