Islamic dream interpretation of Bottom, Explanation & Meaning for Bottom dreams

Below Bottom dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Anus Dream Explanation

Anus Dream Explanation ? The anus, in general, symbolizes a subdued man; a flute player; a drummer; a discreet man who keeps secrets; some relative of the degree whose marriage is prohibited in Islam; the bottom of a priest; a stupid or foolish person; a mate; money; the dreamer?s purse, bank, house, shop, warehouse or box, parlour, et cetera; and all that comes into contact with the bottom, such as a toilet seat, a slip, a chair, a straw carpet, a saddle, an animal that humans ride, the valet in charge of the dreamer?s personal hygiene, and so on and so forth. It could also symbolize the door? (key) to the man?s secrets, spanking and related obedience or disobedience, a trumpet, the blacksmith?s pair of bellows, a sewage facility, the words that come from the mouth?be they good or bad?the mouth that smells, and, paradoxically, festivities and joy. Other interpretations include the deserted house, the uncultivable land, any unholy place, the man whom people avoid because of his evil character or ignorance, or important matters on which the dreamer turns his back.

Drowning Dream Explanation

Drowning Dream Explanation ? If one does come out of the water alive in his dream, it means amending his life for the better and pursuing the correct course of serving one's religious life. If one sees himself after coming out of the water wearing a green garment in a dream, it means that he will pursue the path of knowledge and succeed in acquiring it. If one drowns and plunges to the bottom of the sea in a dream, it means that he will incur the wrath of someone in authority who will persecute him and cause him to perish. Drowning in a dream also means dying from an illness. Drowning in seawater in a dream means revival of one's faith in Allah Almighty. Drowning in freshwater in a dream means becoming extremely wealthy.


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Deep waters Dream Explanation

Deep waters Dream Explanation ? Falling into deep waters and not reaching the bottom of it in a dream means prosperity and wealth, for the world is a deep ocean. A sudden fall into water in a dream also means joy and money.

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Stuffed Turkey Dream Explanation

Stuffed Turkey Dream Explanation ? (Stuffed fish; Stuffed lam; Stuffing) In a dream, a stuffed turkey means holdings, reserves, profits from an investment, marriage, a festive dinner, or it could mean recovering from an illness. The grease collected in the bottom of a pan in the dream represents money earned from a woman.

Posterior Part Dream Explanation

Posterior Part Dream Explanation ? A man uncovering his bottom to the dreamer: Will feed the dreamer well, then turn his back to him. If that man is young and the dreamer sees his anus, he will be snubbed by the latter. In the event of an old man known to the dreamer, that person, in particular, will cause people to turn away from the dreamer. If the old man was unknown, people would turn their back to the dreamer without his knowing why or discovering the source of such an attitude. ? A man uncovering the dreamer till his posterior part appears: He will disgrace the dreamer before his folk. ? A woman showing her posterior part to the dreamer and allowing him to see her anus: Matters will come to a head, and the dreamer will be in business and have influence but contract debts.

Wound Dream Explanation

Wound Dream Explanation ? ? Being wounded in the bottom of the foot: Worries leading to a catastrophe. ? Being injured by someone: Will have a disaster because of that person and hatred will never go.

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Fish Dream Explanation

Fish Dream Explanation ? If one sees fish that have the look of human beings in a dream, it means business, trading or meeting with an interpreter, or a translator, or associating with people of good character. If such fish with a human face look beautiful, then one's companions are good. Otherwise, if the fish look ugly in the dream, then it means that he has associated himself with evil companions. If one sees an aquarium in his house filled with all types of catfish, or angelfish or similar fish that live in a home aquarium in a dream, it means being charitable or taking care of orphans or adopting children. If one sees himself reaching with his hand to the bottom of the seabed to catch fish in a dream, it means that he will acquire extensive knowledge in his profession and prosper from his trade. Otherwise, it could mean that one will become a spy.

Vessel Dream Explanation

Vessel Dream Explanation ? ? Being in a ship at the bottom of the sea: The dreamer will be in the hands of the people he fears most, and his eventual death will come as a relief for him. ? A ship being shattered and seeing its wreck and planks floating here and there: A tragedy will befall those whom the dreamer cherishes most. Holding an oar: The dreamer will acquire knowledge or obtain money from a thorny individual. ? Holding the ship?s ropes: The dreamer is religious and will befriend pious and virtuous persons in view of the Quranic verse: ?And hold fast, all of you together, to the cable of Allah ??? (?Al-Imran? [The Imran Family], verse 103.)

Anus Dream Explanation

Anus Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing the anus of an unidentified old man: Will be led astray and overwhelmed without knowing who is pulling the strings from behind. ? A prince cutting his anus or bottom: Will fire his piper. ? An ordinary man cutting his bottom: Will no longer honour his obligations toward his parents and in-laws. ? Seeing the mother?s anus or buttocks: (1) A planned pilgrimage will not be valid. (2) Earnings will fade and livelihood will grind to a halt. ? The anus of an unknown woman: The fading of the dreamer?s luck and livelihood. ? Penetrating the anus of a prelate: Will sweep dirt.

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Bottom dreams FAQs:

Seeing Bottom dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Bottom dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Bottom dream Refer to Bottom islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Bottom very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Bottom?

There are different meanings of Bottom dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Bottom dream Refer to above Bottom islamic dream interpretation.

What do Bottom symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Bottom dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Bottom dream Refer to above Bottom islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Bottom in dream?

Bottom dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Bottom dream Refer to above Bottom islamic dream explanations.

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