Islamic dream interpretation of Boys, Explanation & Meaning for Boys dreams

Below Boys dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Sheep Dream Explanation

Sheep Dream Explanation ? If one sees himself slaughtering a sheep in a dream, it means that one of his boys will shortly die, or perhaps it could be the son of someone he knows. A sheep trader in a dream represents a good man who is intuitive and who spends his money on the path of seeking knowledge, or to propagate the same. If one sees himself having a fat tail like that of a sheep in a dream, it means that his livelihood will depend on the revenues of his offspring. In a dream, a sheep also represents a righteous man. (Also see Counting sheep; Ewe; Ram; Trader)

Bird Dream Explanation

Bird Dream Explanation ? The unknown bird symbolizes the Archangel of Death; a traveller; labour; or a man?s actions or deeds. Big and ferocious or rapacious birds are the kings, chiefs, prominent people, scholars, and rich people or those who make a good living. Waterbirds represent the nobles who hold two posts at a time, since these birds do as they like in the water and in the air. They could also symbolize people who travel by land and by sea. Dreaming of them is better than dreaming of any other species, because they have an easier livelihood and are less rapacious. Singing birds or those that wail simply refer to singers. Small birds are the young boys. ? An unknown bird picking up a gravel, a leaf, or some worm and taking off to the sky from a house in which someone is ill: The patient will die.


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Pederasty Dream Explanation

Pederasty Dream Explanation ? (Homosexuality; Lover of boys; Sodomize; Sodomy) Molesting a child, or forcing a boy to sodomy in a dream means committing an evil act, loss of one's capital to one's enemy, engaging in loathsome actions, losing dignity, or confronting an enemy. (Also see Anus; Inkwell; Satan; Scorpion; Sexual intercourse; Sodomy)

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Adam Dream Explanation

Adam Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing Adam: (1) The dreamer has committed a sin and should repent. (2) A reference to one?s father or ruler or to knowledge. (3) Will become a ruler or governor if eligible for such an honour. (4) Will be deceived and captured by one?s enemies, then released after some time. (5) A reference to the interpreter of dreams, because Adam was the first ever to have dreamed? (of Eve) and understood what dreams expressed. (6) A harbinger of the pilgrimage to Mecca (Makkah). (7) A coming together of the beloved ones. (8) Will have plenty of children, but more boys than girls. (9) Forgetfulness and absentmindedness.? (10) Trickery and ruses.? (11) The dreamer is mixing with snake charmers, poison makers, spiritualists and mediums, who are the demons? spokesmen.? (12) A reference to rough garments, weeping, or a malaise due to unhealthy food.? (13) A long journey, perhaps to where Adam first descended on Earth.? (14) An allusion to servants and to prostration before kings.

Lumber Dream Explanation

Lumber Dream Explanation ? (Hypocrisy) In a dream, lumber represents a person who mixes with hypocrites, or one who mixes goodness and hypocrisy in his life, or one who appears better than he is in reality. Damp lumber represents boys. If a traveller on a boat sees lumber in his dream, it represents the boat he is travelling on.

Foot Dream Explanation

Foot Dream Explanation ? The foot symbolizes a man?s style and wealth. The toes are his male children, his boys, his servants, and his maids or slaves. ? One?s feet stretching upward or toward the sky till they are detached from the body: Two male children will die. ? Seeing one or many toes taking off to the sky: Some of the dreamer?s boys, maidens, or slave girls will die. ? Having hair on the toes: An overwhelming debt. Excessive hair means that the hero of such a dream will die in prison. ? Committing adultery with one?s foot: The dreamer is in pursuit of illegitimate, unconventional, or perverse sexual practices.

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Kite Dream Explanation

Kite Dream Explanation ? (Small hawk) In a dream, a kite means an insouciant or a languorous ruler who is audacious, defiled and stout hearted. If one catches and trains a wild kite to hunt for him and he finds that it is not obeying him or holding fast to his wrist in a dream, it means that he will bear a son who will become a ruler. Otherwise, if the kite flies away from his wrist in the dream, it means that the fetus may die before birth. Its chicks represent boys and girls banding at wrongdoing. A kite in a dream also represents an adulterous wife and a secret affair. (See Introduction)

Jewel Dream Explanation

Jewel Dream Explanation ? Jewels, including pearls and all the rest, symbolize sensuality and sexual passion for women and boys. ? Using a key to open a safe and taking some jewels from it:? (1) Will seek the advice of a scholar.? (2) Will deflower a virgin, who will give the dreamer excellent children.

Egg Dream Explanation

Egg Dream Explanation ? ? Eating eggshells: The dreamer is a graverobber. ? Dreaming that wife has laid an egg: She will give birth to an atheist, in view of Quranic verses addressed to atheists and comprising examples of God?s might and miracles, such as: ?? he bringeth forth the dead from the living?? (?Al-Rum? [The Romans], verse 19.) ? Putting an egg under a hen that cracks to give way to chicks: A dead matter will be revived, and a pious son will be born to the dreamer or as many sons as there were chicks, in view of the Quranic expression in the same verse: ?He bringeth forth the living from the dead?.? ? Placing eggs under a cock, which is hatched to give chicks: A tutor will arrive for the young boys. ? Breaking an egg: Will deflower a virgin. If the dreamer fails to break it, he won?t be able to pierce the hymen.

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Mirror Dream Explanation

Mirror Dream Explanation ? it symbolises a perbond wife. If a person sees himself as looking into a mirror, if his wife is expecting, she will give birth to a son who will resemble him. But if she is not nor does he have a son it means he will lose his job and someone else will take his position. If a pregnant woman sees herself looking into the mirror she will give birth to a girl who will resemble her in every way. But if she is not pregnant it means her husband will marry another woman who will occupy the same house. If a little boys sees himself looking into a mirror, a brother resembling him will be born. And if a little girl happens to see the same dream her moth will give birth to a girl.

Testicles Dream Explanation

Testicles Dream Explanation ? ? A dreamer seeing his testicles being cut off or infected with a disease:? (1) His foes will have the upper hand inasmuch as the situation looked bad.? (2) No more girls will be born to him. He will only produce boys.? (3) Will receive compensation and damage for a life taken away.51 ? Seeing one?s testicles in enemy hands: The enemies will reach the dreamer inasmuch as they are in control of his pair of vital organs. ? Seeing one?s left testicle having been snatched: The dreamer?s son will die, and he will have no more boys.

Silver Dream Explanation

Silver Dream Explanation ? The bracelet and the anklet symbolize the husband or marriage, in particular. For men they represent sorrow. Lady?s jewels could also refer to their children, since mothers are proud of them. Gold is a reference to boys and silver to girls. Likewise, whatever is masculine refers to boys and anything feminine to girls. Certain interpreters hate to hear about silver in view of the etymology of the word?in Arabic feddah from fadd or yafeddo, meaning ?to disperse? or ?to deflower.? In general, silver is hoarded money. An alloy of silver and gold is a beautiful white girl or slave girl? (or servant in the modern sense), because silver is part of the essence of women? (according to the ancient Arabs). Whoever dreams of having acquired such an alloy will seduce a pretty woman. If the piece is big, he will find a treasure.

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Grill Dream Explanation

Grill Dream Explanation ? ? Grilled poultry: Money obtained from a woman without treachery or wickedness. But if the meat was not well done, the dreamer will speak ill of her in her absence and be unfair. ? Any poultry, be it grilled or fried: Honest but hard gains. ? Dreaming of something which the dreamer knows is burnt in real life: Benefits through injustice. ? A grilled flank: Symbolizes women? (because Eve is said to have been created from Adam?s rib). It follows that the side stretching from below the head to half the body is a reference to girls and female slaves. The lower part is an allusion to boys. ? Eating a grilled side: Burdens, worries, and sorrow.

Ibrahim? - Abraham Dream Explanation

Ibrahim? - Abraham Dream Explanation ? ? A father of many children seeing Ibrahim: One of his boys will divorce. ? Accompanying Ibrahim or walking beside him:? (1) The dreamer will get into trouble with foes but emerge victorious and become a just ruler? (authoritative man) or an imam? (spiritual leader).? (2) The dreamer will befriend some folk who will submit him to a hard test on their part. ? Being summoned by Ibrahim and responding promptly: Elevation in life. ? Being called by Ibrahim and failing to respond or the dreamer seeing Ibrahim talking to him with remonstrance's or looking sad:? (1) Will fail to perform the pilgrimage to Mecca (Makkah) despite ability to do so.? (2) Will abandon prayers.? (3) Will backbite the imam.? (4) Will behave like a hypocrite.

Sheep Dream Explanation

Sheep Dream Explanation ? Seeing a sheep in one's dream also represents an obedient son. If one's wife is pregnant, and if he is presented with a sheep as a gift in a dream, it means that she will deliver a boy. Otherwise, the remaining little domesticated animals represent headache, because of the responsibility involved in caring for and in upbringing the boys, except for the girls, for they represent worldly success and profits.

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Bead Dream Explanation

Bead Dream Explanation ? ? (Also see Aqiq.) Beads symbolize a woman, a servant, a girl or a slave, money, politeness, shrewdness, procreation, and boys. ? Finding beads:? (1) Money and gifts from God, as many gifts as beads.? (2) A beneficial trip. ? Finding white beads: Will get a good servant who fears the wrath of God. ? Finding green beads: Will have a pious servant. ? Finding black beads: Will obtain the services of a nonreligious, corrupt, and unkind servant. ? Seeing gemstones in the form of beads: Should be interpreted according to the meaning of each stone.

Egg Dream Explanation

Egg Dream Explanation ? For medical doctors, gifted persons, and poultry farmers, eggs mean welfare. For the rest, few eggs mean benefits; many eggs means deep worries. Big eggs refer to boys and small ones to girls. For bachelors, eggs often symbolize marriage. For married people, eggs are the forerunners of childbirth. Eggs also represent hidden things. ? Eggs in a container: Slave or maiden girls, in view of the Quranic expression ?[Pure] as they were hidden eggs [of the ostrich].?? (?Al-Saffat? [Those Who Set the Ranks], verse 49.) ? The dreamer?s hen having laid an egg: Will be blessed with a male child. ? Cooked eggs without shells: Blessed gifts and benefits. ? Eating raw eggs:? (1) Will accept dirty money.? (2) Will be plagued by many worries.? (3) Will commit a sin.

Gargoyle?- Or Roof Gutter Dream Explanation

Gargoyle?- Or Roof Gutter Dream Explanation ? The gargoyle symbolizes a companion, sometimes well known; girls?free, slave, or servant?the boys that look after the place; relief, for it brings about relief by draining rainwater's; the messenger; and the honest person who never betrays or fails anyone, but gives everyone his due. ? Seeing gargoyles or drainage facilities but no rainwater therein: Dissension and conspiracies. Every gargoyle alludes to a neck that will be cut. ? Clean water flowing in the drainage facilities: Prosperity and security for the people of the area. ? Troubled or stinking water running in the gargoyles: Ailments and diseases, particularly cold sores, boils, smallpox, and the like.

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Key Dream Explanation

Key Dream Explanation ? The key symbolizes access to learning, especially the Holy Quran. It also means benefits, a safe, blessings, and support. Keys could refer as well to children, boys, messengers, money and the piercing of mysteries, or the pilgrimage to Mecca (Makkah). Other interpretations include the man and the woman, the former penetrating the latter like the key in the keyhole, the wrapped up baby, and the dead in his grave. ? Holding a key: God will respond to the dreamer?s prayers. ? Seizing a key: Will find a treasure or make a fortune from agriculture. If the dreamer is already a rich person, this dream is a reminder that he should pay his religious dues and be good to the needy.

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Seeing Boys dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Boys dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Boys dream Refer to Boys islamic dream interpretation

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There are different meanings of Boys dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Boys dream Refer to above Boys islamic dream interpretation.

What do Boys symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Boys dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Boys dream Refer to above Boys islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Boys in dream?

Boys dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Boys dream Refer to above Boys islamic dream explanations.

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