Islamic dream interpretation of Builder, Explanation & Meaning for Builder dreams

Below Builder dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Palm Dream Explanation

Palm Dream Explanation ? If one sees hair growing in the palm of his hand in a dream, it means depression, distress and debts. Growing hair on top of one's hand in a dream indicates one's strength or virility. Seeing one's hand hanging down from the skies in a dream denotes one's connections with the ruler or people in authority. A stretched hand from the skies in a dream also could mean profits and blessings for a hunter, a builder and a real estate professional. In a dream, the palm of one's hand also represents his world. It also may mean ceasing a certain course of action.

Builder Dream Explanation

Builder Dream Explanation ? A builder, or a brick layer in a dream represents a righteous person who brings people's hearts together. If he does not accept wages for his work, then in reality such a person is a man of virtue and moral excellence. A builder in a dream also represents a poet, longevity or he may represent the element of greed and desire to amass the world because of his continuous asking for bricks and cement to fasten them together. A builder, or a brick layer in a dream also means unity, love and support. Demolishing a building in a dream means negating promises and failing to comply with the conditions of an agreement. (Also see Builder)


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Satan Dream Explanation

Satan Dream Explanation ? ? Chaining up or tying up Satan: Glory in view of the Quranic verses: ?And the unruly, every builder and diver? (made We subservient), and others linked together in chains? ?48? (?Sad,? verses 37?38.) ? A devil diving or descending on the dreamer: He will lie and commit an abomination in view of the Quranic verse: ?They descend on every sinful, false one.? [The Poets], verse 222.) ? Whispering to Satan: The dreamer will connive with his enemies and plot against the pious but fail, in view of the Quranic verse: ?Lo! Conspiracy is only of the Devil, that he may vex those who believe; but he can harm them not at all unless by Allah?s leave. In Allah let believers put their trust.?? (?Al-Mujadalah? [The Argumentation], verse 10.)

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Hornet Dream Explanation

Hornet Dream Explanation ? A hornet in a dream represents a fighting enemy, a builder, an architect, a thief, a highway robber, a despicable person whose earnings are unlawful, a singer who sings in the wrong key, eating poisonous food, or disclosing something. A hornet in a dream also represents a slanderer, a troublemaker, a strong fighter, a strong enemy that will argue against the truth, or merciless people, a vile person, a blood thirsty person, a stinging personality, or a harmful connection. Fighting attacking hornets in a dream means a war with evil people.

Building Dream Explanation

Building Dream Explanation ? Erecting a foundation for a building, then completing its structure in a dream means seeking knowledge, wisdom or leadership. Building a house in a different county, town or locality in a dream means a marriage with a woman from that neighbourhood. Building an edifice from ceramic in a dream means decorating oneself. If the building is from clay in the dream, it means lawful earnings. If one engraves pictures or forms thereon in the dream, it means acquiring knowledge, learning a new craft, a leading position in the government which involves partying, alcohol and mingling with what is unlawful. Building an edifice from plaster or backed bricks encrusted with pictures or forms in a dream means engaging in an unlawful or a deceitful act. Building a house in a dream and strengthening its walls, means to complete the father's traditions, and to continue working in his trade. (Also see Builder)

Amber Dream Explanation

Amber Dream Explanation ? (Musk; Spermaceti) To perfume or anoint oneself with amber in a dream means increase in one's earnings through a rich acquaintance or earning money through a notable person or through a man of knowledge. Seeing a person mixing amber in a dream denotes a praiseworthy person, an architect or a builder. Anointing oneself with amber in a dream signifies hearing praises.

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Caning Dream Explanation

Caning Dream Explanation ? (Basket weaver; Caner; Mesh weaver; Reed) In a dream, a caner represents a weaver, a tailor, a builder, an architect or a grave digger.

Builder Dream Explanation

Builder Dream Explanation ? A person at whose hands people offer repentance and swear oaths of abstinence from sins.

Cage maker Dream Explanation

Cage maker Dream Explanation ? In a dream, a cage maker represents a builder, a tailor, marriage, a teacher, a prison guard or a weaver.

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Fencer Dream Explanation

Fencer Dream Explanation ? (Controversy; Fence; Politicking) Seeing a fence builder in a dream means moving forward, fulfilling one's goals, or he could represent a salesman of specialty outfits.

Balance Dream Explanation

Balance Dream Explanation ? (Scale) A balance and a scale in a dream have similar interpretations. Both represent faith, justice and righteousness in words and actions. In a dream, a balance also may represent a wife, or it could mean payment of one's debts. A steelyard in a dream represents an architect or a builder. A miller's scale in a dream represents a man who considers himself worthy of respect, while his actions, earnings and moves are contemptible. A precision scale in a dream represents a warning against heedlessness and concern for proper accounting for one's actions. The justice scale represents a judge. If it stands balanced in one's dream, then it means that the judge of that locality is a just and a learned person. In a dream, the scales of a balance represents the judge's ears.

Builder dreams FAQs:

Seeing Builder dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Builder dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Builder dream Refer to Builder islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Builder very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Builder?

There are different meanings of Builder dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Builder dream Refer to above Builder islamic dream interpretation.

What do Builder symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Builder dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Builder dream Refer to above Builder islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Builder in dream?

Builder dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Builder dream Refer to above Builder islamic dream explanations.

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