Islamic dream interpretation of Burying, Explanation & Meaning for Burying dreams

Below Burying dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Burial Dream Explanation

Burial Dream Explanation ? The same interpretation is given if one sees a prophet or a holy man walking out of his grave alive. To be buried after death, after sunrise, at noon or at the sunset hour in a dream means that one is being warned about doing what is good and abstaining from what is evil. To be buried alive in a dream is wrong and means betrayal. It could also mean marriage, prosperity or peace and tranquillity after suffering and hardships. If one sees a deceased person burying him alive in a dream, it means that one's due debts are not paid, or that one will be imprisoned to satisfy his debts, or that his collateral was not accepted. To bury a dead person twice means that one is covering his faults. If one sees a deceased person burying another deceased person in a dream, it means unity, clearing of the hearts, love and friendship between relatives, or perhaps it could mean imprisonment, marriage, a sickness, a trust, or guaranteeing a loan. Seeing oneself being buried after death in a dream means that one needs to repent before death. Should he still walk alive from his burial in the dream, it means that he may repent again. Allah knows best. (Also see Cemetery; Grave)

Excretion Dream Explanation

Excretion Dream Explanation ? If the location is unknown in the dream, it means that he unknowingly, but willingly spends his wealth in unlawful avenues, whereby he will reap no reward or benefit from it. Discharging Feces in the open and covering it with dirt in a dream means burying money in a hole and covering it with dirt. (Also see Impurity; Feces; Urinating)


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Tooth Dream Explanation

Tooth Dream Explanation ? ? The upper teeth falling on one?s knees: A male child will be born. ? Teeth falling on the ground: Death. ? Teeth growing in the heart: Death. ? Catching a falling tooth and refraining from burying it: Will give advice to whomever that tooth refers to. ? All the teeth of healthy, free persons, or travellers falling:? (1) Long disease.? (2) Troubles of all kinds but no death, because the teeth of those who die do not fall. Therefore, the same dream is a good one for those who are already ill. It means that they will recover fast.? (3) For travelling merchants the dream means that their luggage or cargo is light, especially if the teeth were seen moving. ? All the teeth falling, but catching them up in one?s sleeve or seeing them falling on the knees: Will live long, till all the teeth fall, and will have a large family at home.

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Cupping Dream Explanation

Cupping Dream Explanation ? (Sacrification; A medicinal process of blood letting) Cupping in a dream means signing an agreement under pressure, committing oneself beyond one's ability to comply, recovering from an illness, payment of debts, paying alimony to one's wife and children, loss of a business or burying a treasure. If cupping is administered but no blood comes from it in the dream, it represents buried monies that one cannot find. Cupping in a dream also means silence, desistance or abstaining from reply.

Burial Dream Explanation

Burial Dream Explanation ? If one sees himself being buried after his death in a dream, it means that he will undertake a long journey during which he will be short of money. If one sees himself being buried alive and if he recognizes the one burying him in the dream, it means that the latter will assault him, oppress him, imprison him or cause him injustice. If he dies in his grave after his burial in the dream, it means that he may die from such sufferings. Should he survive such adversities in the dream, it means that he will escape from such fear, prison or injustice. If he sees the other person driving him to the edge of his grave in a dream, it means that he will lead him to his death, though his name will be praised after his death.

Burial Dream Explanation

Burial Dream Explanation ? ? Throwing sand on a man?s head or handing him over to the undertakers in the grave pit: Will cause that man?s doom. ? Seeing oneself being put in an open grave: Will have a house. In case the sand had been levelled on the dreamer, he would obtain money, as much as there was sand. ? Burying a useful animal:? (1) Regret.? (2) Savings. ? Burying an odious animal: Will come across a man with similar characteristics. ? Burying an object: You are materialistic. ? Burying something that does not need to be buried:? (1) Will lose your fortune without achieving any purpose.? (2) Will keep something with somebody? (because the human being is made of dust or clay).

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Death Dream Explanation

Death Dream Explanation ? Death in the dream symbolises corruption of a perbond Deen while there will be glory, rank and honour for him in the world if such death is not accompanied by mourning, weeping, the carrying of a bier or corpse or the act of burying. If the corpse is seen as buried, it means there is no more hope for the improvement of his Deeni matters: the devil will take charge of his life and he will be overwhelmed by the quest of material wealth.

Burial Dream Explanation

Burial Dream Explanation ? ? Being buried alive in a grave: The doer will subdue the dreamer and perhaps lock him up, but the latter will escape such harm, unless he died in the rest of the dream, in which case he would die overwhelmed by all sorts of trouble and related worries. ? Burying a living person: Will triumph over enemy. ? Burying one?s enemy: Will overpower him. ? A group of people burying a person:? (1) Bad omen.? (2) Those people will gang up to destroy that person. ? Coming out of the grave: Will? (hopefully) repent.

House Dream Explanation

House Dream Explanation ? As for the door?s lock and handle they symbolize the wife or the servant. The supports of the door are the male children, the slaves or servants, or the brothers and assistants. For Ibn Siren, the keyhole is the dreamer?s ear, meaning probably the house servant who reports everything to the master. The unknown house is the Hereafter, especially if it has a revealing name like Darussalam? (The House of Peace). ? A sick person seeing himself in an unknown house: Will die peacefully. ? A healthy person seeing himself in an unknown house:? (1) Will go to Mecca (Makkah).? (2) Will engage in Jihad or Holy Struggle.? (3) Will become ascetic.? (4) Will acquire learning.? (5) Will endure hardships with stoicism.? (6) Will give alms. ? Building a new house:? (1) If ill, the dreamer will recover and become healthy.? (2) If there is a sick person in the house, that person will recover, unless the dreamer is in the habit of burying the dead in his house, in which case the new house would mean the tomb of that patient. The same bad interpretation would apply if the house was built in an impossible place, if it was painted in white, or if funereal flowers were seen in the dream.? (3) If a bachelor, the dreamer will get married.? (4) The dreamer will find a husband for his daughter and let her stay with him, if the girl is old.? (5) The dreamer will have a concubine.

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Banner Dream Explanation

Banner Dream Explanation ? If the flag represents a country in the dream, it means that one may visit such a country. If a woman sees herself burying three banners in a dream, it means that she will marry three men who belong to the noble class of the society. Such three people will die one after the other. As for a pregnant woman, a flag in a dream means a son and for an unwed woman, it means a husband. A large banner in a dream means rain and winds. The carrier of the flag is usually interpreted to represent a judge. If one sees himself carrying a banner in his dream, it means that he is seeking the seat of a judge. (Also see Army's flag; Flag)

Dates Dream Explanation

Dates Dream Explanation ? (Fruit; Palm tree) In a dream, dates mean money or a good message. Eating dates in a dream means earning lawful income. Dates are like money, they do not have a long shelve life. Unripened dates in a dream indicate the availability of water for those who need it. Red unripened dates in a dream may signify some type of blood disease, whereby the red cells grow to exceed in number the white cells. Dates in a dream also mean rain. Eating dates in a dream means reading the Holy Quran and reaping benefits from one's religion. Buried dates in a dream represent one's savings. If one sees himself burying dates in a dream, it also means stealing from the property and money of orphans.

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There are different type of Burying dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Burying dream Refer to Burying islamic dream interpretation

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There are different meanings of Burying dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Burying dream Refer to above Burying islamic dream interpretation.

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There are different symbols of Burying dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Burying dream Refer to above Burying islamic dream symbols.

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Burying dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Burying dream Refer to above Burying islamic dream explanations.

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