Islamic dream interpretation of Called, Explanation & Meaning for Called dreams

Below Called dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Calling someone Dream Explanation

Calling someone Dream Explanation ? (Shouting) If one is called by name from a short distance in a dream, it means that he will befriend lowly street people. If one's name is called from the horizon or from the furthest end of a valley in a dream, it means that he will attain an honorable status and rank. If one's name is called from a great distance in a dream, it means that he has disobeyed Allah's commands and is suffering by being distanced from his Lord.

Aqiq Dream Explanation

Aqiq Dream Explanation ? The same stone was used in ornamenting the Taj Mahal in India. The higher qualities of Aqiq? (mostly found in anes and Khawlan, in North Yemen) are believed by Orientals to have certain properties, like the ability to slow down the movement of fluids in the body. If somebody is hurt, for instance, while carrying Aqiq or wearing it as a ring whose stone touches the skin, the blood is unlikely to ooze out of the wound. Some men also use it to avoid rapid ejaculation. I was told by one of the few remaining Aqiq craftsmen in North Yemen, a few years ago, that a rich Arab client believed by the craftsman to be a Saudi ambassador had proposed to pay some two hundred thousand dollars for one of those special rings, but his offer had been declined. In Sanaa, the capital of North Yemen, there is a stone that, I was told, was then in the custody of someone called Ahmad Al-Turki, who cannot sell it for its being a waqf? (a property confined to public benefit, according to an Islamic code). That stone, called Al Fass Al Hanash? (The Snake Stone), has the property of saving people from snakebites.


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Incident - seeing Five Fingers cut off Dream Explanation

Incident - seeing Five Fingers cut off Dream Explanation ? The governor of Alexandria was tried once with extreme attachment and love for his five children. All five were steadfast in their religious commitment. One night, the governor saw in a dream as though his five fingers were cut off. He woke up extremely disturbed and told his five children his dream. The children called in a dream interpreter called Sheikh Yusuf Al-Karbouni at once.

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Incident - Shaikh Salim Bin Tsa and reading Qur'an Dream Explanation

Incident - Shaikh Salim Bin Tsa and reading Qur'an Dream Explanation ? Shaikh Salim Bin Tsa once visited Hamza Bin Al-Habib Al-Zayyat, God bless his soul, who had memorized the Holy Qur'an and read it with great devotion, seeking God's pleasure, and saw him crying and rubbing his cheeks with dust. He exclaimed: "I call upon God's protection for you. Oh Hamza, what is this crying?" Hamza replied: "Last night, I saw in a dream that the Day of Resurrection took place. The readers of the Qur'an were called in to stand before God Almighty, and I was among them. I then heard an amiable voice saying: 'Only those who lived by the Qur'an should enter.' I was in shock, so I began to withdraw. A voice called my name: "Where are you going to, Oh Hamza Bin Al-Zayyat?' I cried out: 'At thy command, Oh caller to my Lord.' An angel then said to me: 'Say: At Thy command Oh my Lord, At Thy command.' So I repeated what the angel told me to say.

Saleh Dream Explanation

Saleh Dream Explanation ? Saleh is an Arab prophet from the tribe of Thamud whose folk are named after their grandfather Thamud, brother of Jeddis. Their father was Aather ibn? (son of) Aram ibn Sam ibn Nuh? (Hoah). They came from Areba and lived in Al-Hijr, between Al-Hijaz and Tabuk. The Muslims? Holy Prophet passed by them when he was on his way to Tabuk. Their traces can be found in Saudi Arabia in a place called Madain? (the cities of) Saleh. The story of the Prophet Saleh is related in the chapter called ?Al-Aaraf?? (The Heights) in the Holy Quran.

Paralysis, Facial?- Also Called Bell?s Palsy Dream Explanation

Paralysis, Facial?- Also Called Bell?s Palsy Dream Explanation ? Dreaming of facial paralysis means a heresy will come up, making the dreamer liable to God?s punishment.

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Sheeth Dream Explanation

Sheeth Dream Explanation ? Sheeth was the son of Adam, also called Hebatullah, or Gift of God, because he was born after the death of Abel. Dreaming of seeing Sheeth means one will have money, assets, and children and lead a pleasant life.

Purslane Dream Explanation

Purslane Dream Explanation ? (bot. A low trailing succulent herb.) In a dream, purslane represents a person with exaggerated hopes. This is why this type of sprout is also called; stupid sprout.' (Also see Sprout)

Incident - Falling Down From High Altitude Dream Explanation

Incident - Falling Down From High Altitude Dream Explanation ? A man saw himself in a dream falling down from a high altitude. When he woke up, he said to himself: "I will avoid going out of my house or seeing people for a while." During the middle of the afternoon of that same day, a close friend came to see him, and called him from downstairs. When the man stood up to look through the window, the shutters broke, and he fell with them.

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Eating Roasted Meat Dream Explanation

Eating Roasted Meat Dream Explanation ? Eating roasted meat means that the observer of the dram will be given meager livelihood and will face much hardships an anxiety for, roasting is called shayyun in Arabic meaning a wound. And a wound causes harm and grief.

Rue Dream Explanation

Rue Dream Explanation ? Wild rue, also called herb of grace, symbolizes money laundering. It is a plant that has a strong smell and small flowers. It was said by the ancient Arabs to have certain medical or healing properties; but its use is extremely dangerous. Each of its flowers represents one hundred currency units.

Elder Dream Explanation

Elder Dream Explanation ? The elder tree, also called balm tree, symbolizes blessed money. It is a tree with white flowers in bunches from which the essence of a perfume is derived.

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Turnip Dream Explanation

Turnip Dream Explanation ? The turnip, also called rape, symbolizes a thick-skinned and curious female villager. For others it represents worries and sorrow.

Incident - Drinking water from a pond with a beast inside Dream Explanation

Incident - Drinking water from a pond with a beast inside Dream Explanation ? Later on, positive circumstances will manifest and allow you to attain your goals and to take the place of that person. People will then come to you for their needs, and you will serve them with honesty, justice, and compassion." The man's dream was true, and as soon as he occupied that chair, he called for the dream interpreter and rewarded him for his knowledge.

Desires Fulfilled Dream Explanation

Desires Fulfilled Dream Explanation ? If a person dreams that his mission is accomplished and his heart's desires are fulfilled in the world it means his condition will change completely and he will sustain much loss for Allah Taala says in the Holy Quran: Until in the midst of their enjoyment of our gifts, we called them to account suddenly, when lo, they were plunged in despair.

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Laplow Dream Explanation

Laplow Dream Explanation ? The laplow, also called lablab, hyacinth bean, and Egyptian kidney bean, symbolizes a good man.

Daisy Dream Explanation

Daisy Dream Explanation ? Dreaming of picking a daisy, also called ox-eye or feverfew, at the foot of a mountain means one:? (1) Will conquer the heart of the beautiful girl of a great king.? (2) Will befriend the wife?s relatives, which this plant alludes to.

Mint Dream Explanation

Mint Dream Explanation ? Mint or peppermint symbolizes the one who announces a death, the death announcement itself, et cetera, because the word, in Arabic, comprises the expression naa, which means exactly that. It is called nee-no! a.

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Aqiq Dream Explanation

Aqiq Dream Explanation ? Is a name given by Arabs to a very large variety of semiprecious stones, if not all of them. It translates as cornelian, if the stone is reddish, or agate, if otherwise. The clearer and the more reddish the stone, the more expensive it is. In any case, for pious Muslims Aqiq is invaluable, in view of a Hadeeth? (statement reportedly made by the Holy Prophet) according to which Aqiq repels poverty. It is also believed to have been the first stone that recognized the unicity of God? (sic).20 The best quality is the one found in Yemen, hence the appellation Aqiq yamani, and the Muslims? first choice is the white color and also the brownish red called in Arabic rommani kabedy, which literally means ?having the color of liver like pomegranate.? There are also famous varieties called jaze, a kind of black and/or white beads, and sabaj, which is utterly black. Lesser qualities are simply called kharaz, or beads. It is noteworthy that Hobal, the Arabs? foremost idol before Islam prevailed, was said to be made of Aqiq. Its eyes were fascinating.

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There are different meanings of Called dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Called dream Refer to above Called islamic dream interpretation.

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There are different symbols of Called dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Called dream Refer to above Called islamic dream symbols.

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Called dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Called dream Refer to above Called islamic dream explanations.

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