Islamic dream interpretation of Captive, Explanation & Meaning for Captive dreams

Below Captive dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Sheep Dream Explanation

Sheep Dream Explanation ? ? A she-goat talking to the dreamer: Fertility and welfare. ? She-goat wool: Money. ? A man who fears for his life, who is in jail, who has been taken captive, or who is ill dreaming of slaughtering a ram: Will be safe, in view of the legend of the Prophet Ibrahim, who was preparing to slaughter his son to obey God?s orders when the Almighty sent a ram from the sky to substitute for the son and be sacrificed instead. A warrior dreaming of slaughtering a ram: Will emerge victorious. ? Rams slaughtered in a place: People will be slain there.

Jinn? - Or Djinn Dream Explanation

Jinn? - Or Djinn Dream Explanation ? ? A person dreaming that a jinn is standing behind him: His enemies will have the upper hand. ? Dreaming that you are controlling a jinn, who obeys you: Dignity and the highest post. ? Tying up a jinn: Will triumph over the enemy. ? Falling captive in the hands of the jinn: Scandals. ? Taking a jinn as a confidant: The dreamer is spending his time and money with corrupt persons, and all pending matters will be stalled.


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Pearl Dream Explanation

Pearl Dream Explanation ? ? Piercing beautifully shaped and lined up pearls: Will interpret the Holy Quran in a correct manner. ? Piercing a pearl with a wooden nail: Will make love to a prohibited relative. A man told Ibn Siren he dreamed that he was piercing a pearl. ?Do you know your mother?? the interpreter asked. ?No, she was taken captive when I was a small child.? ?Have you recently bought a slave?? ?Yes.? ?Do you sleep with her?? ?Yes.? ?Then fear God, for she is that mother.? ? Finding a big pearl: Plenty of money.

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Atheism Dream Explanation

Atheism Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing many atheists: Will have many children. ? An atheist slave girl: Indecent joy and pleasure. ? Atheists entering the dreamer?s house to fight him: Enemies are after his blood and will succeed inasmuch as they penetrated his home. ? Falling captive in atheist hands: Enormous worries. ? Being held hostage or mortgaging oneself to atheists: Your sins are like a sword hanging over your neck. ? Being an atheist, then embracing Islam:? (1) You will thank God for his bounty after being ungrateful.? (2) Death is near.

Hair Dream Explanation

Hair Dream Explanation ? ? Dreaming that the head was shaved without remembering having shaved it: Will triumph over enemies and become strong. ? A woman dreaming that her hair was shaved: Will be abandoned by her husband or die. ? A woman dreaming that her husband has shaved her head or shortened her hair at the Kabah? (the Muslims? holiest shrine, in Mecca (Makkah)): She will settle her debts, and her wishes will be fulfilled. If her husband had done so elsewhere than in Mecca (Makkah), he will hold her captive in her house, as if he had cut the wings of a bird. It could also mean that he would slander her.

Sacrifice Dream Explanation

Sacrifice Dream Explanation ? The sacrifice is a harbinger of relief from all worries and of blessings. If the dreamer is a woman, she will give birth to a devout son. ? Sacrificing a cow or a ram: The dreamer will set free some slaves or captives. If the dreamer is a captive, he will be released soon. If indebted, he will settle debts. If poor, he will become rich. If a warrior, he will triumph. If scared, he will feel secure. If he has been to Mecca (Makkah), he will perform the pilgrimage.

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Jinn? - Or Djinn Dream Explanation

Jinn? - Or Djinn Dream Explanation ? ? Having a child by the jinn:? (1) Benefits from a mean person.? (2) Money from an atheist or a hoarder. ? A king dreaming of catching and shackling a jan: Will seize a country and take captive its atheist inhabitants. ? A pious person dreaming of catching and fettering a jinn: Will be immune from Satan through his fasting and by controlling his passions. ? Wrestling with a jinn: Will be safe from their evil or the evil of whomever it symbolizes.

Ali Ibn Abi Taleb Dream Explanation

Ali Ibn Abi Taleb Dream Explanation ? ? An Ulema, or Muslim religious scholar or erudite, seeing Ali: Will acquire further knowledge, prestige, and power over his equals. The dreamer should be careful as not to be taken captive, deported, or relocated. Seeing Ali in a warlike mood in a Muslim city: Civil strife or a very strong polemic. ? Seeing Ali in a place where there are great or old people: They will all be destroyed. ? Seeing Ali, his hands deeply tinged: The children of the dreamer will have the upper hand in a dispute with him. ? Seeing Ali with a wound in his body: The dreamer is being stabbed or strongly contested and will be brought down or subdued. ? Ali taking out the sword: The dreamer is asking his children to become chiefs and to fight for it. Seeing Ali in a fight means that those children will triumph.

Captive dreams FAQs:

Seeing Captive dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Captive dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Captive dream Refer to Captive islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Captive very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Captive?

There are different meanings of Captive dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Captive dream Refer to above Captive islamic dream interpretation.

What do Captive symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Captive dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Captive dream Refer to above Captive islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Captive in dream?

Captive dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Captive dream Refer to above Captive islamic dream explanations.

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