Islamic dream interpretation of Car theft, Explanation & Meaning for Car theft dreams

Below Car theft dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Market Dream Explanation

Market Dream Explanation ? ? Stealing or cheating in buying and selling: Will indulge in the worst kind of theft, like that involving people?s bread. If a mujahid?involved in Jihad?will be caught and chained. If a pilgrim, will conquer the heart of a woman and enjoy making love to her. If a scholar, will give bad counsel, will pray the wrong way, will prostrate himself before the imam does, et cetera. ? Seeing a specific market full of people but with fire in it or a spring in its midst or seeing a nice breeze blowing in it or its shops filled with chopped straw: Good earnings for the merchants, but hypocrisy as well. ? The market looking empty and its people dead or the merchants feeling sleepy or looking dormant or the shops closed and cobwebs appearing here and there, even on the commodities: Stagnation and recession. ? Seeing a quiet market: Unemployment for its people.

Jinn? - Or Djinn Dream Explanation

Jinn? - Or Djinn Dream Explanation ? ? Accompanying the jinn refers to the following: (1) The dreamer is or will be close to the people versed in the Scriptures? (as, in Arabic, ?Sifr,? whose plural is ?Asfar,? means the Scriptures) or those who know the secrets. (2) Will travel by land or by sea? (as, in Arabic, safar, which is very close to sifr, means ?travel?). (3) Kidnapping. (4) Theft. (5) Adultery. (6) Drinking fermented juice? (wine). (7) Wine shops. (8) Singing. (9) The flute.? (10) Heretic places.? (11) Churches or synagogues.? (12) Sorcerers.? (13) Imagination and illusions. The jinn's who preach virtue, deter from vice, and bring good tidings represent the Muslims; the rest allude to atheists. ? Marrying a jinn:? (1) Will marry a debauched and sexually uncontrollable woman, a nymphomaniac.? (2) Will buy a sick animal.? (3) Will rule, govern, own something, or be highly promoted, if eligible for that.


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Creeping Dream Explanation

Creeping Dream Explanation ? In a dream, whether it be a human or an animal, creeping means a theft, spying or eavesdropping.

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Tomcat Dream Explanation

Tomcat Dream Explanation ? If the tomcat loses the fight, and if the man is already sick, it means that he will recover from his illness shortly thereafter. Otherwise, if he loses in the dream, it means that his illness has reached its peak. A cat or a tomcat in a dream also represent reckoning, estrangement of one's wife, her roughness with her husband, or they could represent ill behaved children with their parents, fights, theft, adultery, lack of loyalty, eavesdropping, taunting, roaring, clamor, a bastard son, a foundling or an orphan. On the other hand, a cat in a dream could represent a toadying person, dancing, being playful and kind, though awaiting to jump at the first opportunity to spoil others peace. If the cat, the tomcat and the mouse, or the lamb and the wolf become friends in the dream, it means hypocrisy, affectation and loss of moral standards. A civet cat in a dream represents a man who may have a suspicious look, though his character and conduct are exemplary. (Also see Cat)

Jinn Dream Explanation

Jinn Dream Explanation ? (Sing. Jinni) A creation from a smokeless fire. Among the Jinn, some are believers while others are satans. This is in contrast to human beings who are created from earth and among them some are believers and others are human satans. Jinn in a dream represent fraud, deceit, cunning, perfidy, treachery, theft, alcoholism, invented religious practices, travels, music, bars, tricks, sleight of hand, illusion, sorcery and magic. If one is transformed into a Jinni in a dream, it means that he will acquire such qualities.

Incident - A barber shaving off Beard and Moustache Dream Explanation

Incident - A barber shaving off Beard and Moustache Dream Explanation ? They began interrogating me about something that I had never done. After some days I was brought before the Qaadhi to face the charges brought against me. I was found guilty and awarded the penalty for theft. ?I became popular in the whole of Baghdaad as an accomplice of thieves. But Allah's bounties know no bounds. A few days before my hand was to be amputated, a son was born to the Khaleefah. In jubilation, he decided to released all prisoners amongst whom I was one. I thanked Allah a thousand times for favouring me with His special bounty. This is how my dream became a reality. I have never seen a dream come out so true as this one?.

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Adultery Dream Explanation

Adultery Dream Explanation ? Adultery symbolizes betrayal and theft. ? An adulteress flirting with the dreamer: Will obtain dirty money. ? A concupiscent person having sex with an adulteress: Will make sinful gains or will be involved in evil and intrigue. ? A virtuous and righteous person making love to an adulteress: Will add to his knowledge and blessings or will perform the pilgrimage to Mecca (Makkah). The contradiction between the above two cases lies in that sex, in general, symbolizes the fulfilment of wishes, be they religious or worldly, because sex is nothing else but pleasure, satisfaction, delight, or ecstasy. And the woman, in dreams, symbolizes the world or the dreamer?s life and livelihood. Therefore, the meaning of having intercourse with a woman is contingent upon the tendencies of the dreamer, whether religious or earthly.

World Dream Explanation

World Dream Explanation ? (Creation; Lower world; Material; Woman) In a dream, the world represents a woman, and a woman represents the world. If one sees himself departing from this world in a dream, it means that he may divorce his wife. If one sees the world as totally destroyed and that he is the only remaining soul in it in a dream, it means that he may lose his sight. If one sees as though the entire world is placed before him to take whatever he desires from it in a dream, it means that he may become poor, or that he may die shortly after that dream. Seeing the world in a dream also means distractions, jokes, deception, arrogance, negating promises, failing one's promises, theft, cheating, trickery, sufferings, a prostitute, adversities, sickness, paying fines, mental depression, limitations, appointments, dismissals, or disappointments.

Horse Dream Explanation

Horse Dream Explanation ? ? Dreaming that one?s draft horse has become insubordinate and one is unable to control it means the wife will have the upper hand. ? The packhorse talking to the dreamer: Plenty of money will come from the wife?s side, and respectability will be enhanced. ? Making love to a packhorse: Will do a favour to one?s wife and abstain from complaining of any weakness. ? Riding on a draft horse: Will embark on a distant journey and get plenty of welfare from the wife?s side. ? Riding and flying with a draft horse: Will travel with one?s wife, who will become somebody. ? The draft horse being angry with the dreamer: His wife is an infidel. ? Death of a draft horse: Death of a wife. ? Theft of a packhorse: Divorce.

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Cat Dream Explanation

Cat Dream Explanation ? A cat in a dream represents a book of records, one's share from a business, an inheritance, or his work. A cat in a dream also means shunning off one's husband, wife or children, or it could mean a fight, theft, adultery, disloyalty, eavesdropping, backbiting or bearing a child from adultery, a bastard child, or it could represent a gentle speaking person, a toadying person or someone who desires to be accepted by others, and should he find an opportune moment, he will spoil everyone's peace. A cat in a dream also represents a banal woman who likes herself.

Bat Dream Explanation

Bat Dream Explanation ? A bat in one's dream also represents a witch, or an unjust person who may have suffered from deprivation in his childhood. A bat in a dream also signifies blindness, heedlessness, a child of adultery, or a bastard son. In a dream, a bat also means hiding from people because of one's evildoing, such as theft or eavesdropping. Seeing a bat in a dream also means the end of enjoying blessings and not acknowledging their true provider. A bat in one's dream also means having to change one's living standards.

Cat Dream Explanation

Cat Dream Explanation ? ? Shedding blood after being scratched by a cat or losing an eye to its claws: Beware of an implacable enemy! ? Selling a cat: The dreamer will spend his money. ? Eating cat meat: Will learn magic. ? Turning into a cat: Will earn one?s living through illicit practices and theft. ? A cat entering one?s house: A robber will break in. Whatever is taken away by the cat will be stolen by the burglar. ? Acquiring cat meat or grease: Will get money from a thief or obtain something stolen. ? Fighting a cat that bites or scratches the dreamer in the process: Long illness or deep trouble followed by relief. If the cat was overwhelmed, recovery will come faster. The reverse is also true. ? A cat and a mouse getting along with each other, as in the case of the wolf and the sheep:? (1) Hypocrisy.? (2) No more fear of the enemy.? (3) The ruler will be just to his subjects.? (4) The world will turn upside-down. ? Seeing a civet cat: A man of contradictions, combining high virtue and an evil character.

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Firewood Dream Explanation

Firewood Dream Explanation ? Firewood in a dream means slander and backbiting. If one puts two or three logs to burn in the fire in a dream, it means that an argument will take place or that an exchange of rough words will grow beyond one's control. If a religious person sees timber in his dream, it means that he will commits a major sin such as theft, murder, or adultery, he will then be caught and put to justice. If anyone kindles a fire in a dream, it means that he will report someone to the authorities. Carrying firewood in a dream means exchanging harsh words, slander, rebuke or calumniation.

Theft or Destruction of a Weapon Dream Explanation

Theft or Destruction of a Weapon Dream Explanation ? If a person sees his weapon as stolen or snatched from him or broken or ruined it denotes the weakening of his power and strength. The same is the case. Where the weapon is given away as a gift or sold or thrown away or loaned to someone.

Worshipping fire Dream Explanation

Worshipping fire Dream Explanation ? (Fire worshipper; Magi; Magus; Mazdaism; Sorcerer) Seeing an old man worshipping fire in a dream means facing a person who cares little about obliterating his enemy. Seeing oneself worshiping fire in a dream means apostasy, committing adultery, theft, murder, making a false oath, polytheism, or being an unjust person.

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Call to prayers Dream Explanation

Call to prayers Dream Explanation ? (Azan; Muezzin) Hearing the call to prayers in a dream denotes the pilgrimage season or announces its holy months. It also may indicate backbiting, a theft, announcing a major move or blowing the trumpets of war, or it could denote rank and honor or obeyed commands of the one seeing the dream, or perhaps announcing a wife for an unmarried man, and it could mean telling the truth. Hearing the call to prayers in a language other than the Arabic in which it was revealed in a dream means lies and backbiting. If one sees a woman calling to prayers, standing on the top of a minaret in a dream, it means innovation and trials. If children give the call to prayers in a dream, it means that people filled with ignorance will rule the land. This is particularly true when the call is made outside the proper time.

Theft of a Ring Dream Explanation

Theft of a Ring Dream Explanation ? If the ring is stolen or destroyed his business and livelihood will be disrupted. And he will find himself in straitened circumstances.

Adultery Dream Explanation

Adultery Dream Explanation ? (Rape) Committing the abominable and forbidden act of adultery in a dream means betrayal. If one sees himself doing so in a dream, it means that he will betray his wife. An unknown woman is better here than a known woman. Adultery in a dream also means theft. If one sees an adulteress soliciting him for fornication in a dream it means that he might be lured to earn unlawful money. If one commits adultery with a young and a beautiful woman in a dream, it means that he will place his earnings in a well-guarded place or a coffer. If a strong person commits adultery in his dream and if he had to face the divine ordinance and chastisement for his sin in the dream, it means that his authority will expand.

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Theft of a Mare Dream Explanation

Theft of a Mare Dream Explanation ? If a person dreams his mare as being stolen or dead, the same will happen to his wife. If he sees any defect in her the same is to be expected with regards his wife.

Car theft dreams FAQs:

Seeing Car theft dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Car theft dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Car theft dream Refer to Car theft islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Car theft very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Car theft?

There are different meanings of Car theft dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Car theft dream Refer to above Car theft islamic dream interpretation.

What do Car theft symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Car theft dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Car theft dream Refer to above Car theft islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Car theft in dream?

Car theft dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Car theft dream Refer to above Car theft islamic dream explanations.

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