Islamic dream interpretation of Catching, Explanation & Meaning for Catching dreams

Below Catching dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Swallow Dream Explanation

Swallow Dream Explanation ? (zool. Starling) A swallow in a dream represents money, a blessed man, a blessed woman, or an intelligent and a learned boy. Catching a swallow in a dream means seizing what is unlawful for one to take. A house filled with swallows in the dream represents lawful earnings. A swallow in a dream is also interpreted to represent a man of good character, and who is pious and amicable. Helping a swallow in a dream means that one may assist a kind person in his life. Catching a swallow in a dream also means being unjust toward one's wife. Eating a swallow in a dream represents a fight.

Partridge Dream Explanation

Partridge Dream Explanation ? (Francolin; Genus; Mountain quail; Woman) In a dream, a partridge represents a beautiful but a non-amicable woman. Catching a partridge in a dream means marrying such a woman. Catching many partridges in a dream means prosperity. A flock of partridges in a dream represents women. A partridge in a dream also represents smiling people. Eating the flesh of a partridge in a dream means buying new clothing, or storing food for one's family.


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Goose Dream Explanation

Goose Dream Explanation ? Geese symbolize women with superb bodies and fame and fortune. Otherwise, they represent powerful people whose influence is omnipresent on land and in the seas, but who are overwhelmed by worries and sorrow. ? Geese honking in a place: There will be sobbing and wailing in that place. ? Looking after geese: Will mix with or prevail over prestigious people and earn money through them. ? Catching a goose in the water: Will have a male child.

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Ape Dream Explanation

Ape Dream Explanation ? ? Eating ape meat: (1) Terrible worries or ailments. (2) Will obtain new clothes. ? Hunting and catching an ape: Will benefit from magicians. ? Being bitten by an ape: Hostility and polemics. ? Having sex with an ape: Will commit an abomination. ? An ape entering the bed of a known man: A Jew or an atheist will rape or commit adultery with the dreamer?s wife. ? An ape eating at the dreamer?s table: A transvestite is hiding among the latter?s women.

Osprey Dream Explanation

Osprey Dream Explanation ? (Angel of death; Bone-breaker; Eagle) In a dream, an osprey represents a powerful and a mighty warrior, and a merciless man whom no one trusts. If one sees an osprey over his roof, or inside his house, or standing over his head in a dream, it represents the angel of death. Catching an osprey in a dream means frequenting a ruler and remaining constantly wary of him whether one obeys him, or opposes him in opinion. If an osprey scratches someone with his claws in a dream, it means depression and financial losses.

Tooth Dream Explanation

Tooth Dream Explanation ? ? The upper teeth falling on one?s knees: A male child will be born. ? Teeth falling on the ground: Death. ? Teeth growing in the heart: Death. ? Catching a falling tooth and refraining from burying it: Will give advice to whomever that tooth refers to. ? All the teeth of healthy, free persons, or travellers falling:? (1) Long disease.? (2) Troubles of all kinds but no death, because the teeth of those who die do not fall. Therefore, the same dream is a good one for those who are already ill. It means that they will recover fast.? (3) For travelling merchants the dream means that their luggage or cargo is light, especially if the teeth were seen moving. ? All the teeth falling, but catching them up in one?s sleeve or seeing them falling on the knees: Will live long, till all the teeth fall, and will have a large family at home.

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Fox Dream Explanation

Fox Dream Explanation ? ? A fox calling the dreamer: Will be terrified. ? Playing with a fox: Will be blessed with a woman who loves you as much as you love her. ? Catching a fox:? (1) The dreamer will obtain the favours of a woman without there being any great love for her.? (2) Will triumph over an adversary or a competitor. ? Eating fox meat: Will fall ill and recover very quickly. ? Drinking fox milk:? (1) Will recover from a disease.? (2) A worrisome matter will be over. ? Seeing herds of foxes: Magic and ruse will be widespread in the area. ? Rewarding a fox with extreme generosity:? (1) The dreamer is rewarding people who do not deserve it.? (2) The dreamer enjoys lying.

Hoopoe? - Also Called In English Coffin Bird Dream Explanation

Hoopoe? - Also Called In English Coffin Bird Dream Explanation ? The hoopoe symbolizes a man of vision and foresight in his work, a writer and a critic who goes into every detail but who has little religion and does not enjoy a good reputation, in view of that bird?s stinking smell. Catching a hoopoe means one will hear news.

Locust Dream Explanation

Locust Dream Explanation ? If, on the contrary, people are seen, in the dream, catching and eating locusts while they look harmless, they are a harbinger of benefits, welfare, and abundance. Locusts seen in a container represent gold and silver coins. Locusts seen in any place without causing harm mean joy and happiness, in view of the story of the prophet Ayyoub? (Job). However, locusts could also symbolize the baker who sells adulterated bread. The sky raining golden locusts means blessings and joy.

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Doe Dream Explanation

Doe Dream Explanation ? The doe or roe is a beautiful Arab girl. ? Catching a doe in a hunt: Will be smart enough to let a girl fall in love with you or will trick a woman into marrying you. ? Shooting at a doe: Will divorce or beat your wife or have sex with a slave or a maiden. ? Throwing an arrow at a doe: Will slander a maiden or a maid. ? Slaughtering a doe and shedding its blood: Will deflower a girl.

Hen Dream Explanation

Hen Dream Explanation ? The hen symbolizes a pretty but thoughtless and frivolous woman, the offspring of a slave or a servant. And the hen and its feathers represent useful money. ? Slaughtering a hen: Will deflower a maid or a maiden. ? Catching a hen: Will earn good money by regular means.

Crow Dream Explanation

Crow Dream Explanation ? The crow symbolizes a haughty man who walks arrogantly, a miser, a corrupt person, and a liar. According to religious belief, it once was a human being but was metamorphosed as a result of a curse. In general, sight of one does not augur well. Paradoxically, it sometimes alludes to long life. ? Catching a crow: Will make illicit gains through corruption and arrogance. ? Seizing or winning a crow: Vanity and wrongdoing. ? Owning a crow: Will loot somebody or something. ? Talking to a crow: Will drown in worries, but relief will follow. ? Eating crow meat: Will get money from thieves.

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Tripping Dream Explanation

Tripping Dream Explanation ? (Debts; Slipping; Step lightly; Stumble) To stumble by catching one's foot or hurting one's toe in a dream means accumulating debts. If one's toe bleeds from tripping out in the dream, it means acquiring unlawful or tainted money to pay other debts, or it could mean suffering a great financial loss. (Also see Walking)

Honey And Butter Coming From The Sky Dream Explanation

Honey And Butter Coming From The Sky Dream Explanation ? It is reported either on the authority of Ibn Abbas or on the authority of Abu Huraira that a person came to Allah's Messenger (Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam) and said: Allah's Messenger, I saw while I was sleeping during the night (this vision) that there was a canopy from which butter and honey were trickling and I also saw people collecting them in the palms of their hands, some more, some less, and I also saw a rope connecting the earth with the sky and I saw you catching hold of it and rising towards the heaven; then another person after you catching hold of it and rising towards (Heaven) ; then another person catching hold of it, but it was broken while it was rejoined for him and he also climbed up. Abu Bakr said: Allah's Messenger, may my father be sacrificed for you, by Allah, allow me to interpret it. Allah's Messenger (Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam) said: Well, give its interpretation. Thereupon Abu Bakr said: The canopy signifies the canopy of Islam and that what trickles out of it in the form of butter and honey is the Holy Qur'an and its sweetness and softness and what the people get hold of it in their palms implies major portion of the Qur'an or the small portion; and so far as the rope joining the sky with the earth is concerned, it is the Truth by which you stood (in the worldly life) and by which Allah would raise you (to Heaven). Then the person after you would take hold of it and he would also climb up with the help of it. Then another person would take hold of it and climb up with the help of it. Then another person would take hold of it and it would be broken; then it would be rejoined for him and he would climb up with the help of it. Allah's Messenger, may my father be taken as a ransom for you, tell me whether I have interpreted it currectly or I have made an error. Allah's Messenger (Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam) said: You have interpreted a part of it correctly and you have erred in interpreting a part of it. Thereupon he said: Allah's Messenger, by Allah, tell me that part where I have committed an error. Thereupon he said: Don't take an oath. (Muslim)

Magpie Dream Explanation

Magpie Dream Explanation ? (Blabber; Hodgepodge) In a dream, a magpie represents a man who keeps no promise, who has neither honor nor does he feel comfortable with anyone. Such a man is rich, accursed and opportunistic. If a magpie speaks to someone in a dream, it means that he will receive news concerning a distant person. Catching a magpie in a dream means overcoming a corrupt and a perfidious person. Fighting with a magpie in a dream means engaging in a futile adventure and gaining nothing from it.

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Crane Dream Explanation

Crane Dream Explanation ? ? Cranes flying in a country?s skies: A harbinger of extremely cold weather and unbearable storms during the year. ? Cranes assembled in winter: Beware of thieves and highway bandits. ? Catching a crane:? (1) Will have a marital relationship with ill-reputed people known for their corruption and bad character.? (2) Will earn a reward. ? Riding on a crane: Will become poor.

Falcon Dream Explanation

Falcon Dream Explanation ? ? A king dreaming of looking after a falcon: Will have an army of Arabs known for their stoicism and courage. ? A king dreaming of a falcon taking off from his hand and leaving a thread or a feather: The king will be overthrown, but will keep some wealth. ? Seeing a falcon in one?s house: Will subdue a thief. ? Catching a falcon or placing it on one?s hand: Will catch a thief and recover lost property. ? Seizing a falcon: Will have a great son.

Mountain goat Dream Explanation

Mountain goat Dream Explanation ? (Ibex; Oryx; Sasin; Wild goat) In a dream, a mountain goat represents a foreigner who will be passing by one's town. Catching a mountain goat in a dream means receiving money from a king or from a wealthy and a powerful person, for the mountain in a dream represents such a person and the goat represents the prize. Looking at a mountain goat in a dream means slandering a person who holds an important position in the government and who is well connected with the ruler. Catching a mountain goat in a dream means harm and sufferings, though eating its meat in a dream means that one will receive money from such a person. (Also see Oryx)

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Eagle Dream Explanation

Eagle Dream Explanation ? ? Catching and taming an eagle: The dreamer will befriend a king. ? An eagle scratching the dreamer with its claws: The dreamer will face physical and financial hardships. ? An eagle being friendly, giving something to the dreamer, or talking to him in a comprehensible manner: Benefits and welfare. ? A woman giving birth to an eagle: The dreamer will have an illustrious son, if the lady lives in the propitious milieu. If she is poor, she will give birth to a soldier. ? Riding on an eagle:? (1) Doom for great men and rulers.? (2) Welfare for the poor.

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Seeing Catching dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Catching dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Catching dream Refer to Catching islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Catching very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Catching?

There are different meanings of Catching dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Catching dream Refer to above Catching islamic dream interpretation.

What do Catching symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Catching dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Catching dream Refer to above Catching islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Catching in dream?

Catching dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Catching dream Refer to above Catching islamic dream explanations.

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