Islamic dream interpretation of Ceremony, Explanation & Meaning for Ceremony dreams

Below Ceremony dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Garden Dream Explanation

Garden Dream Explanation ? In other interpretations, the garden could represent the dreamer?s wife. Its fruits are her money, dresses, and jewels; the trunks of its trees are her weight and silhouette; their height are the length of her life; the area covered by the garden is the wife?s comfortable livelihood. Likewise, a garden refers to the marketplace, forums or the courts of rulers and scholars grouping people of all walks of life or of various nationalities, a wedding ceremony, in which case the trees are the tables and the fruits the various dishes; or whatever is useful to man, like utilities of all kinds, domestic animals, and servants. It is important in dreams involving gardens to consider the season in which the dream occurred. Dreams that occur in spring or summer when the water flows and everything flourishes are a good augury. Those that take place in autumn or winter are a curse.

Muezzin Dream Explanation

Muezzin Dream Explanation ? (Caller to prayers; Muslim caller on the hour of prayers) In a dream, a muezzin represents someone who calls for what is good and blessed, a broker, an officiant who performs the wedding ceremony, the messenger of the king, or his door attendant. If a muezzin recites the entire call to prayers in a dream, it may denote the pilgrimage season. The call to prayers in a dream also may represent a siren announcing a burglary or a fire.


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Marriage Dream Explanation

Marriage Dream Explanation ? If a sick woman sees herself getting married to a man she does not recognize or know his name in a dream, it means that she may die from her illness. If the man who sees himself getting married in the dream qualifies, it means that he will attain a high ranking job or a suitable position. If one's wedding ceremony is made with witnesses only in the dream, it means that he has made a covenant with Allah Almighty. If he performs a traditional wedding ceremony with its celebrations and festivities in the dream, it means a new job, or it could mean acquiring fame, or becoming renowned for one's good reputation or character.

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Wedding Dream Explanation

Wedding Dream Explanation ? ? On the contrary, a wedding party in which dancing or any form of entertainment takes place heralds a tragedy. A particularly bad omen is the zaghrouda, the strident, long-drawn, and trilling shrill produced by Arab women by moving the tongue with the rapidity of the drumstick of an electric bell as a manifestation of joy. One zaghrouda means minor worries. ? A person giving a wedding party: Catastrophe. ? Being invited to a wedding ceremony: Joy and happiness, provided no food or banquet is seen. ? Organizing or looking after the preparations of a wedding party: Some members of the dreamer?s family will attend his funeral. ? If the wedding ceremony takes place in a house where a person is ill: The latter will die.

Exhibition Dream Explanation

Exhibition Dream Explanation ? (Display; Hearing; Honor guards; Inspection of troops; Military review; Portrayal; Presentation; Review officer; Show) If one sees himself standing before a high-ranking officer during a ceremony of reviewing the guards of honor or in a military barrack in a dream, and if the officer is displeased with him in the dream, it means that he will commit a major sin.

Aqiqah rites Dream Explanation

Aqiqah rites Dream Explanation ? (Hair of a newborn; Immolation offered on the seventh day for a newborn; Islamic tradition of shaving the hair of a newborn on the seventh day after his birth; Sacrament; Weighing the shaved hair of a newborn and distributing an equal measure in gold or silver in charity for his benefit.) The offering of an Aqiqah ceremony in a dream represents glad tidings, the arrival of a long awaited person, recovering from an illness, or the release of a prisoner.

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Jujube Dream Explanation

Jujube Dream Explanation ? (Fruit) In a dream, a jujube fruit represents a noble, strong and a cheerful person who benefits people at large, and who is firm and patient in the face of adversities. Sucking the juice of a jujube fruit in a dream means gaining power. In a dream, a jujube fruit also represents the fingers of a woman who had applied henna to her hands for a wedding or for a religious ceremony. (Also see Henna; Jujube tree)

Veterinarian Dream Explanation

Veterinarian Dream Explanation ? In a dream, a veterinarian is a person who adorns and beautifies distinguished and honored people, and who supports and assists them in developing strength. Seeing a veterinarian in a dream also means performing a marriage ceremony, travels, a pharmacist or a merchant. In a dream, a veterinarian also means nursing the wounded soldiers in the battlefield. A veterinarian in a dream also may be interpreted as one's physician, one who practices righteousness, a wise man, a specialist in setting broken bones, cupping, or practicing bloodletting medicine.

Rank Dream Explanation

Rank Dream Explanation ? (Ceremony; Religious rank) Awarding a meek person a ceremonial rank or a station of honor in a dream represents a wedding, a job, or a good deed through which Allah Almighty will raise such a person in station. (Also see Rising in station)

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Wedding Dream Explanation

Wedding Dream Explanation ? There are conflicting views on this symbol. In general, a wedding ceremony is not a happy dream. But all depends on whether the person is holding it or is invited to it and on whether the party is silent or tumultuous. ? A quiet sophisticated wedding: Welfare and blessings, especially if traditionally good symbols are seen.

Grill Dream Explanation

Grill Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing an expert grilling veal:? (1) Marriage of a bachelor.? (2) Marriage ceremony.? (3) New children. ? Seeing oneself grilling meat and selling it: Will collect money for the ruler through injustice and confiscation. ? Grilled meat: (1) A hint about what the future holds. (2) Coming relief. (3) Earnings and prosperity, even if it is poultry meat or sausages. (4) Triumph over enemies. (5) Will have more male children, especially if it was grilled veal. (6) A fat grilled mutton: Less money and earnings the hard way. (8) Eating grilled mutton: The dreamer will nibble at his son?s earnings. (9) Eating underdone meat: Trouble from the son?s side.? (10) Grilling cow meat:? (a) The end of fear.? (b) If the wife is pregnant, she should expect a son.? (11) Eating beef: Will meet the ruler.? (12) Eating grilled veal: Earnings and fertility.? (13) Eating grilled kid? (baby goat): Will have a male child.? (14) Grilled camel meat:? (a) Fear will disappear.? (b) A reference to a boy versed in literature and overcoming all obstacles.? (c) If the meat is underdone, the boy will not be smart at his job.? (d) Joy and prosperity.? (e) The marriage of a bachelor.? (f) Harmony and love.? (g) The return of a traveller.? (h) The cutting of one?s bread? (end of livelihood).? (i) Prison.? (j) Complications.? (k) The splitting up of families.? (l) Fevers.? (15) Seeing a grilled part of a camel talking to you: A favourable turn of events and escape from peril.

Funeral Ceremonies, Obsequies Dream Explanation

Funeral Ceremonies, Obsequies Dream Explanation ? ? Organizing a funeral: Will look after a marriage ceremony. ? Praying in a funeral service: Will befriend people for the sake of friendship and thus earn God?s blessings. ? Walking in a funeral procession:? (1) Will follow a powerful but corrupt person.? (2) Will see off a traveller.? (3) The dreamer is seeking some benefit or his personal comfort, as indicated by the name or function of the dead person, or is seeking a reward from God.

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Church Dream Explanation

Church Dream Explanation ? ? A man praying in a church according to Christian rites: Will mix with atheists, heretics, adulterers, drunkards, or people who commit other abominations. The same would apply to a woman dreaming of attending a tumultuous marriage ceremony or a funeral at which people weep loudly, tear their pockets, and wear black. ? Remembering or mentioning Allah in a church and denouncing what the worshipers there are doing: Will work for the promotion of virtue and the deterrence of vice. ? Mentioning God, crying, and praying toward the Kabah? (in the direction of Mecca (Makkah)) inside the church: Will visit a graveyard to pray for the dead or attend a funeral service.

Tailor Dream Explanation

Tailor Dream Explanation ? (Couturier; Marriage) A tailor in a dream represents unity, a peacemaker, a scribe, a secretary, or an officiant who conducts the marriage ceremony and witnesses the signing agreement. A tailor in a dream also represents someone who regrets his wrongdoing, or amends his conduct for the better. To become a tailor and sew one's own garments in a dream means struggling to build one's livelihood.

Firewood Dream Explanation

Firewood Dream Explanation ? Attributing the firewood to its mother tree or distinguishing its fruit in the dream means money of a doubtful source. Offering timber to burn in a religious ceremony in a dream means nearness to one's Lord, or it could mean offering a gift to one's teacher, bringing a culpable before a judge, or bringing a sick person to the doctor. In this case, if the timber burns before putting it in the fire, it means that the gift was accepted, or that a guilty person will receive a just verdict. Eating timber in a dream means earning unlawful money. A tree stump or a log in a dream means a chronic illness or paralysis. A prepared log for the fire in a dream means profits for those who use it to earn their livelihood. (Also see Fire; Log)

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Ceremony dreams FAQs:

Seeing Ceremony dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Ceremony dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Ceremony dream Refer to Ceremony islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Ceremony very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Ceremony?

There are different meanings of Ceremony dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Ceremony dream Refer to above Ceremony islamic dream interpretation.

What do Ceremony symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Ceremony dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Ceremony dream Refer to above Ceremony islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Ceremony in dream?

Ceremony dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Ceremony dream Refer to above Ceremony islamic dream explanations.

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