Islamic dream interpretation of Chewing, Explanation & Meaning for Chewing dreams

Below Chewing dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Planet Dream Explanation

Planet Dream Explanation ? ? Swallowing planets without chewing them:? (1) Noble people will mingle in the dreamer?s business and secrets.? (2) The dreamer will die. ? Planets falling: The dreamer will lose his hair and become bald. ? A planet falling in a place: A tragedy will befall a notable in that place. ? Planets falling and sprinkling:? (1) Death of great kings.? (2) War in which many soldiers will perish. ? Small planets falling: Death of unknown, weak, or persecuted people. ? Seeing planets during the day: Scandals, major events, and catastrophes. ? Seeing the morning planet: A harbinger of marriage. Seeing it at one?s place on a dark night means that the dreamer himself will get married, and vice versa. ? Becoming a planet: The dreamer will get rich.

Finger Dream Explanation

Finger Dream Explanation ? ? The index finger being atrophied: A sister will die. ? The thumb being atrophied: The father will die. ? A man having four wives dreaming that four fingers were severed: All four will die. ? Cutting someone else?s fingers: Will wreak havoc on his money. ? The disappearance of the fingers: Servants will go. ? Chewing fingers: The end of a fortune. ? Contraction of the fingers: Will abandon or fail to sustain those female relatives with whom sex is prohibited in Islam? (mother, sister, sister-in-law, et cetera).

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Masticate Dream Explanation

Masticate Dream Explanation ? (See Chewing gum)

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Food Dream Explanation

Food Dream Explanation ? If one finds his mouth filled with food, and if there is still a cavity for more food in the dream, it means confusion, or it could represent the balance of his life in this world. If one manages to grind and swallow the food in his mouth in a dream, it means that he will overcome his difficulties. Receiving a sour or a bitter tasting food from someone in a dream means hearing harsh words, and the same interpretation is given if one offers someone sour or bitter food in a dream. If he eats it, then it means sorrow, sadness and distress. If one finds himself eating it patiently and thanks Allah Almighty for it in the dream, it means that he will escape from such dangers. (Also see Chewing food; Guest; Hospitality; Swallowing; Table)

Chewing food Dream Explanation

Chewing food Dream Explanation ? If one sees himself exaggeratedly chewing his food in a dream, it means disdain and indifference about seeking an honest livelihood. Swallowing food one should chew in a dream means debts, or collectors standing at one's door demanding their money. (Also see Chewing gum; Chewing)

Tooth Dream Explanation

Tooth Dream Explanation ? ? Teeth falling and picking them up with one?s hand or beard: The dreamer?s children will break with him; no more children will be born, and if ever one is born he will not stay to be brought up by the dreamer. ? All the teeth falling and disappearing from the dreamer?s sight:? (1) His family or his household will die before him.? (2) People of his generation or of the same age will die. ? People chewing the dreamer?s flesh or biting him with their teeth: The dreamer should be modest, which he is not. ? Teeth breaking: The dreamer will settle his debts, little by little.

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Gum Dream Explanation

Gum Dream Explanation ? (See Chewing gum)

Honey Dream Explanation

Honey Dream Explanation ? Pure honey means recovery from a disease. ? The sky raining honey: Good religion and blessings will prevail all over the place. ? Eating honey: Will embrace or hug and kiss a beloved one. ? Chewing honey: Will get married. ? Eating bread and honey: Will make a living from a booty.

Camel Dream Explanation

Camel Dream Explanation ? ? Watching Arab camels: Will rule over an Arab province. ? Taking camel wool: Lasting money. ? Watching two camels fighting: War will break out between two kings or great men. ? Eating the head of a camel raw: Will slander or backbite a great man. ? Milking a camel: Money from a king or an influential person. If blood comes out instead of milk, illicit gains. ? Milking a she-camel: Work will pay. ? Chewing camel milk: Humiliation. ? Eating camel meat: Will fall sick.

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Iron Dream Explanation

Iron Dream Explanation ? Iron symbolizes money, dignity, power, and triumph. However, ? Eating iron with bread means harm and possible end of the dreamer?s livelihood. ? Chewing iron means absence.

Pearl Dream Explanation

Pearl Dream Explanation ? ? Entering pearls into one?s mouth: Religious devotion. ? Throwing pearls from one?s mouth and people collecting them but not the dreamer himself: The latter is a preacher who does not apply his prediction to himself. ? Chewing pearls: Will backbite. ? Vomiting, chewing, then swallowing pearls: Will flout and slander people. ? Seeing or finding a pearl:? (1) A woman whom the dreamer will marry or a servant.? (2) Will have a good-looking boy in view of the following verse from the Holy Quran describing some of the merits of Paradise: ?And will go round about them perpetual youths: If thou seest them, thou wouldst think them scattered pearls.?? (?Al-Dahr? [Time], also named ?Al-Insan? [The Human Being], verse 19.)

Pearl Dream Explanation

Pearl Dream Explanation ? Drilling a hole in a pearl in a dream also means having sexual intercourse with a blood relation. Swallowing a pearl in a dream means hiding a testimony. Chewing on pearls in a dream means backbiting people. Vomiting pearls in a dream means scheming against people and deceiving them. Throwing a pearl into a river in a dream means helping people. Extracting a pearl from its shell, then throwing the pearl and keeping the shell in a dream means that one is involved in body snatching and in desecrating the graves. Opening a closet with a key and pulling out stored pearls from inside it in a dream means asking a question from a scholar.

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Chewing Dream Explanation

Chewing Dream Explanation ? (Greed) To chew food other than for grinding or eating one's meal in a dream means an illness or loss of appetite. Chewing gum in a dream means earning money coupled with ugly words that will grow to become a big fight and that will lead to a court appearance. The source of it all begins with greed. Anything that is chewed in a dream means an exchange of words. The only exception to it is chewing a stick of sugar cane in a dream. In that case, it means lauding someone or hearing pleasing words one desires to hear over and over. (Also see Chewing food; Chewing gum; Greed)

Food Dream Explanation

Food Dream Explanation ? (Man's food; Dinner; Digesting food; Invitation; Lunch) Food which is placed on a ceramic plate or on a clay plate in a dream represents lawful earnings. If food is served on a forbidden golden or silver platter in the dream, it represents unlawful money, extensive debts, eating and chewing one's food with desire and gluttony. Swallowing what one is chewing means debts or collectors demanding their money. Eating with the right hand in a dream means success. Eating with the left hand in a dream means falling in the trap of one's enemy and displeasing one's friends. Eating from someone else's hand in a dream means good abstinence and trusting in Allah Almighty as one's sole sustainers.

Swallowing Dream Explanation

Swallowing Dream Explanation ? To swallow something one is chewing in a dream means debts, or collectors demanding their money. To swallow dust or sand in a dream means poverty, giving someone a warning look, greed, or it could mean bribing someone in authority. (Also see Chewing; Food)

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Masticating Teeth Dream Explanation

Masticating Teeth Dream Explanation ? To see the teeth in the act of chewing suggest that one of his family members will fall ill.

Sugar cane Dream Explanation

Sugar cane Dream Explanation ? A field of sugar cane in a dream also represents the ability to hide something, or to redo something, or to declare a war, or it could mean signing a business agreement, a marriage contract, celebrating old times and events, freedom from imprisonment, releasing prisoners, recovering from an illness, or exhuming the dead. Chewing or sucking on a stick of sugar cane in a dream means becoming talkative or repetitive. If one sees himself making juice out of sugar cane in a dream, it means prosperity and wealth. Sugar cane in a dream also represents money that one earns from a stingy person. (Also see Juice; Reed)

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