Islamic dream interpretation of Chicks, Explanation & Meaning for Chicks dreams

Below Chicks dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Chicks Dream Explanation

Chicks Dream Explanation ? (Baby; Chicken; Fowl) A chick in a dream represents a stolen or a missing child. The sound of chicks in a dream represents the voice of insolent people. Eating chick's meat in a dream means receiving unlawful or stolen money. Chicks in a dream also signify something that will develop fast and produce its results without much effort on the part of the person caring for them.

Meat Dream Explanation

Meat Dream Explanation ? Eating a fish in a dream means easy, lawful and enjoyable earnings. Cooked or broiled fowl meat in a dream means profits and money earned from a woman through deception and dishonesty. If it is uncooked in the dream, then it means backbiting or slandering a woman. Eating the meat of an unlawful bird in a dream means deceiving, defrauding, or stealing money from unjust people. Eating swan's meat in a dream means benefits drawn from pious and religious people. Eating fired or broiled chicks in a dream means hard earned money. Unknown meat in a dream represents the hidden treasures of past nations, or buried treasures. (Also see Butcher; Flesh; Mutton; Pot)


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Pigeon Dream Explanation

Pigeon Dream Explanation ? (Dove; Ringdove; Turtledove) Seeing a pigeon in a dream means glad tidings. It is also said that Allah Almighty will accept the prayers of one who sees pigeons in his dream. In a dream, a pigeon also represents a trustworthy messenger, a truthful friend, a comforting beloved, a chaste wife, striving to sustain one's family, or a fertile woman with a large family. The cooing of pigeons in a dream means lamentation. Pigeons eggs in a dream represent one's daughters or female neighbors. A domesticated pigeon in a dream represents a beautiful woman from Arabia. Pigeon's nest in a dream represents women's parties. Pigeon chicks in a dream represent the boys in a family.

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Kite Dream Explanation

Kite Dream Explanation ? (Small hawk) In a dream, a kite means an insouciant or a languorous ruler who is audacious, defiled and stout hearted. If one catches and trains a wild kite to hunt for him and he finds that it is not obeying him or holding fast to his wrist in a dream, it means that he will bear a son who will become a ruler. Otherwise, if the kite flies away from his wrist in the dream, it means that the fetus may die before birth. Its chicks represent boys and girls banding at wrongdoing. A kite in a dream also represents an adulterous wife and a secret affair. (See Introduction)

Osprey Dream Explanation

Osprey Dream Explanation ? An osprey in a dream also means returning from a journey. It is also glad tidings of success and profits if an osprey comes near someone in a dream and talks to him. If a pregnant woman begets an osprey in her dream, it means that she will give birth to a son who will grow to be a courageous soldier or a leader in his community. A dead osprey in a dream means death. If thieves or robbers see an osprey in a dream, it means that they will suffer the consequences of their evildoing. If an osprey caries someone in the air in a dream, it means rising in station and honor. Fighting an osprey in a dream means fighting people in authority. Carrying the emblem of an osprey in a dream means winning victory over one's enemy. A female osprey in a dream represents homeless women who are driven into prostitution, while osprey chicks in a dream represent children born from adultery.

Egg Dream Explanation

Egg Dream Explanation ? ? Eating eggshells: The dreamer is a graverobber. ? Dreaming that wife has laid an egg: She will give birth to an atheist, in view of Quranic verses addressed to atheists and comprising examples of God?s might and miracles, such as: ?? he bringeth forth the dead from the living?? (?Al-Rum? [The Romans], verse 19.) ? Putting an egg under a hen that cracks to give way to chicks: A dead matter will be revived, and a pious son will be born to the dreamer or as many sons as there were chicks, in view of the Quranic expression in the same verse: ?He bringeth forth the living from the dead?.? ? Placing eggs under a cock, which is hatched to give chicks: A tutor will arrive for the young boys. ? Breaking an egg: Will deflower a virgin. If the dreamer fails to break it, he won?t be able to pierce the hymen.

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Chicks dreams FAQs:

Seeing Chicks dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Chicks dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Chicks dream Refer to Chicks islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Chicks very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Chicks?

There are different meanings of Chicks dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Chicks dream Refer to above Chicks islamic dream interpretation.

What do Chicks symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Chicks dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Chicks dream Refer to above Chicks islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Chicks in dream?

Chicks dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Chicks dream Refer to above Chicks islamic dream explanations.

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