Islamic dream interpretation of Chief, Explanation & Meaning for Chief dreams

Below Chief dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Pharaoh Dream Explanation

Pharaoh Dream Explanation ? Any pharaoh is an enemy of Islam. His welfare means that Muslims and their imam? (chief) are not well off. Dreaming of becoming a pharaoh means one will become powerful and as notorious as the pharaoh dreamt of and will die as an evil person.

Incident - Piercing eggs from the top and Extracting the White Dream Explanation

Incident - Piercing eggs from the top and Extracting the White Dream Explanation ? Finally, after taking a promise from Ibn Sirin, the man confessed that he is the person who saw that dream. Imam Ibn Sirin asked someone to call the chief of police and to tell him that this man is a body snatcher who digs the graves and steals their contents. The man immediately asked for forgiveness, repented from his doing, and promised never to do it again.


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An Incomplete Athaan During any Month other than Hajj Dream Explanation

An Incomplete Athaan During any Month other than Hajj Dream Explanation ? An incomplete athaan during any month other than Thil-Hijjah means he will steal something from which he will not profit a tall and, instead, he will become popular as a chief.

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Jaws Dream Explanation

Jaws Dream Explanation ? (Chin; Indignant talk) The lower jaw represents the chief of a group of people who has a large offspring. If one sees his chin elongated in his dream, it means that he will become reproving of others, and he will gossip in vain. It also means weakness after strength. (Also see Body; Chin)

Bier Dream Explanation

Bier Dream Explanation ? ? Being lifted, placed on a bier, and borne on men?s shoulders: Promotion, power, influence, and tyranny. Will ride on people?s necks and have as many followers as were seen carrying the dreamer in the dream. ? Seeing oneself on a bier without anybody carrying it: Will go to jail. ? A ruler, a chief, a merchant, or a manufacturer seeing himself on a bier rolling or gliding on the soil: Will board a ship. ? Carrying a bier:? (1) If eligible, will govern a province as prominent as the people marching in the funeral procession.? (2) Illicit gains.? (3) Will intercede in favour of a religiously corrupt person. ? A bier flying and people holding to it:? (1) A chief or a scholar will die without anybody knowing about it.? (2) A great man will die in foreign land, during the pilgrimage or in a battle for the sake of Allah? (Jihad).? (3) If the dead man on the bier was identified, it would be him in particular.

Belial - The Chief Demon Dream Explanation

Belial - The Chief Demon Dream Explanation ? See Satan.

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Head Dream Explanation

Head Dream Explanation ? The person?s head is the imam or Muslim spiritual leader, his chief, his capital, or his endeavours. It also symbolizes his parents and his children if they are alive. Moreover, it symbolizes the mind or the brain. Any disease in the head applies to the dreamer?s chief. ? The imam seeing his head bigger than usual: Abundance and more power. ? An ordinary person seeing his head bigger than usual: More dignity. The reverse is also true. ? The imam seeing himself with a ram head: He will be fair and just. ? The imam seeing himself with a dog head: He will be a tyrant and treat his subjects foolishly. ? A person whose parents or children are alive dreaming of having been beheaded: Bad omen. ? The same dream made by a person who is afraid or condemned to death: A good dream, because you only die once.

Grave Dream Explanation

Grave Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing something written on someone?s grave? (epitaph): Will stay in jail forever. ? Seeing oneself in the grave being questioned by Munker and Nakeer? (the two angels commissioned for that purpose): The ruler or chief will send for the dreamer to ask him something. If he replied to them gently and correctly, he will have nothing to fear. ? Being removed from the grave, then returned to it: Will receive benefits from the ruler? (or chief), but end up behind bars. ? The sky raining graves: Compassion from God.

Sulayman Dream Explanation

Sulayman Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing or owning Sulayman?s ring: The dreamer will receive a new mandate or own something spectacular. ? Seeing Sulayman at a pulpit or a rostrum or on a deathbed: A supreme authority, a prince, or a chief will die, and people will know about it only after some time. ? A woman seeing Solomon: She will cheat or outsmart her husband.

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Stair Dream Explanation

Stair Dream Explanation ? ? A ladder placed on the ground: Sickness. ? A standing ladder: Good health. ? Going downstairs:? (1) If the dreamer is on a journey, he will return.? (2) If the dreamer is a chief, he will step down.? (3) If the dreamer is riding, he will continue on foot.? (4) If the dreamer?s wife is ill, she will die.

Moon Dream Explanation

Moon Dream Explanation ? (Reverie; Satellite) The moon in a dream represents a just ruler, his chief minister, a great scholar, a handsome looking boy, a tyrant, or a liar. Seeing the moon as it is in the skies in a dream represents the chief minister of the land. Seeing the moon sitting in one's lap in a dream means getting married. Sitting in the moonlight and talking to one's friend in a dream means reverie and idle talk. If a woman sees that the moon has fallen inside her house, then if she takes it and wraps it in a swaddle in a dream, it means that she will beget a son who will shortly die after his birth and she will suffer great sorrow from his loss. Seeing the moon turned to the dark side in a dream means dismissal of the chief minister from his post. Seeing the moon advancing before the sun in a dream means that the chief minister will rise against his master.

Crucifixion Dream Explanation

Crucifixion Dream Explanation ? ? A bondsman dreaming of being crucified: Will be freed. ? Being crucified on the wall of a city with people watching: The dreamer will have dignity and influence, and both the rich and poor will be at his command? (under him). If he bleeds, his subjects will benefit from him. ? Eating the flesh of a crucified person:? (1) Will obtain money and other advantages from a great chief.? (2) Will backbite or slander a ruler or a chief.

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Veil Dream Explanation

Veil Dream Explanation ? The veil symbolizes the dreamer?s religion and the woman?s husband, decency, ornament, and welfare or her chief. ? A pure veil: The husband or chief has plenty of money. ? A white veil: The husband or chief is religious and prestigious. ? A black veil: The husband is stupid and poor.

Fishmonger Dream Explanation

Fishmonger Dream Explanation ? he symbolises a leader or chief in the community.

Nosebleed Dream Explanation

Nosebleed Dream Explanation ? ? Having a nosebleed: Will find a treasure. ? An abundant but thin nosebleed: Will earn lasting money. ? A heavy and thick nosebleed: Will have a miscarriage. Bleeding from the nose but assuming that the bleeding is good: Benefits from the chief. Harmful bleeding from the nose: A benefit from the chief would turn out to be a calamity. In case the dreamer is himself a chief, one or two drops would mean benefits; the equivalent of one or two quarts of supposedly beneficial bleeding would mean physical fitness and religious devotion or the end of a sinful situation. In the event of a harmful nosebleed, the chief?s religious faith will weaken and he will commit a sin. ? Dreaming of having lost all strength after a nosebleed: The dreamer will become poor. The reverse is also true. ? Nose blood spilling on the dreamer?s clothes: The dreamer will earn dirty money and commit sins. If the clothes had not been stained, the hero of such a dream would halt whatever sin he is committing. ? Blood from the nose dropping on the road: The dreamer will be paying his zakat? (Muslim religious dues) and giving alms on the road.

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Mountain Dream Explanation

Mountain Dream Explanation ? The mountain suggests a harsh and heartless king, ruler, or chief, unless there is water and vegetation in it, in which case such a man is a devout, religious, and good one. It also refers to a huge or giant man commensurate with the size of the mountain. It could be as well an erudite or an ascetic person, or a reference to high grades, upper standards, and divine places. Whatever befalls the mountain, like its crumbling or burning out, et cetera, should apply to the king, chief, or scholar it alludes to. Likewise, mountains symbolize aims and quests. ? Standing on top of a mountain, relying on it, or sitting in its shadow: Will be close to a chief, such as a sultan, a learned man or a secluded scholar, and become his protege.

Gold Dream Explanation

Gold Dream Explanation ? ? For women, bracelets and anklets refer to the husband. Jewels symbolize their children. Gold is the male child and silver the girls. Unmanufactured gold is worse than gold made into jewels, because in the latter case its ugly name, thahab? (gone), is changed into bangle or something else. ? Wearing a pendant or necklace: Will be entrusted with some high function or given a country or city to rule. ? A man wearing a pendent partly made of gold: Will perform the pilgrimage to Mecca (Mecca (Makkah)). If the pendent is completely made of gold, he will become a ruler or a chief. In general, the pendent symbolizes man?s power and value. The longer and the heavier the better. ? A man wearing a golden earring: He is a good singer. ? Receiving a golden ring, a typical ring: Weakening religious faith, unless something is carved on it. ? Receiving a golden ring that does not look like a ring and with nothing carved on it: Will lose some belonging or will arouse the chief?s wrath and anger.

Spear Dream Explanation

Spear Dream Explanation ? ? Placing a spear behind the door or covering it with one?s arm: Wife will give birth to a girl. ? Stabbing with a spear: Will falter and commit a sin, backbite, or slander somebody. ? A spear breaking: Bad omen and decaying influence. If it is the chief?s spear, an enemy will emerge or the chief will be deposed or have an accident. If it belongs to the son or the brother, a tragedy will befall him. In case it can be repaired, the victim will escape or recover or things will return to normal. If it is beyond repair, the subject will die. ? The spear?s dents being broken: A son or brother will die.

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Head Dream Explanation

Head Dream Explanation ? ? Having a bird head: Will travel very often. ? Seeing severed heads: People will submit to the dreamer?s authority. ? Eating a person?s head raw: Will backbite a chief and obtain money from some leaders. ? Eating a cooked head: Will eat up capital. ? The dreamer?s head having been removed without being hit: Separation from the chief. The head being subsequently displaced means money will go.

Lumber merchant Dream Explanation

Lumber merchant Dream Explanation ? (Wood) In a dream, a lumber merchant represents the chief of hypocrites. One's dream also could mean building homes and roads.

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Seeing Chief dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Chief dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Chief dream Refer to Chief islamic dream interpretation

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There are different meanings of Chief dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Chief dream Refer to above Chief islamic dream interpretation.

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There are different symbols of Chief dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Chief dream Refer to above Chief islamic dream symbols.

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Chief dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Chief dream Refer to above Chief islamic dream explanations.

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