Islamic dream interpretation of Cleaning stool, Explanation & Meaning for Cleaning stool dreams

Below Cleaning stool dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Satan Dream Explanation

Satan Dream Explanation ? If Satan swallows someone or penetrates inside his body in dream, it means a fright, losses and sufferings. Satan in a dream also represents builders or ocean divers who work as spies. Seeing them in a dream also could mean backbiting or slandering. If one sees himself as a Satan in a dream, it means that he constantly frowns with people and that he is quick to harm them, or that he may work at cleaning sewers, or perhaps he may perish in a fire, or die as a heedless person.

Filth Dream Explanation

Filth Dream Explanation ? (Dirt) Dirty hair, a soiled garment, or a filthy body in a dream mean distress and worries. Dirty clothing in a dream mean sins. If the dirt comprises oil or grease in the dream, it means attachment to mundane and material objects. Washing one's clothe in a dream means repenting from sin and washing them away. Cleaning off the wax in one's ears in a dream means hearing pleasing words. (Also see Cloth; Dirty face; Garment)


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Toothbrush Dream Explanation

Toothbrush Dream Explanation ? (Boy; Broom; Employee) A toothbrush in a dream is a sign of hygienic conditions, prosperity, purity, cleanliness, repentance, or asking someone for forgiveness. Brushing and cleaning one's teeth in a dream is also a sign of being religious, a family person, a concerned relative and a generous kin.

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Stool Dream Explanation

Stool Dream Explanation ? ? Passing stool in one?s bedding:? (1) Will have a long illness, because only those who cannot stand up by themselves do so.? (2) Will part from one?s wife. ? Eating stool with bread:? (1) Will eat honey with bread.? (2) The dreamer is doing things inconsistent with the Tradition of the Holy Prophet. ? Passing stool?not deliberately?and picking it up: Will be granted a purse of dirty money commensurate with the quantity of stool. ? Passing stool in a marketplace, in a public bath, or in a very crowded area:? (1) God and His angels are angry with the dreamer.? (2) Will incur tremendous losses and be the subject of a major scandal.? (3) Whatever the dreamer is concealing will be unveiled.

Stool Dream Explanation

Stool Dream Explanation ? Also see Toilet. In general, anything that comes out of the stomach of humans or animals symbolizes money. Whether it is good or bad depends on its smell, its dirt, and its harm to people. If it is a non-personal dirt, like mud, it means public fear from the ruler. Stool, or shit in vulgar terms, represents benefit from injustice or relief. ? Easing out:? (1) No more worries.? (2) Will give alms. ? A person about to travel dreaming of having passed too much stool:? (1) Will not travel.? (2) Will fall into the hands of highwaymen. ? Finding, winning, or eating filth:? (1) Dirty money with repentance.? (2) A statement made out of greed, which the dreamer will regret. ? Passing dry and solid stool: Will spend some money, perhaps forcibly.

Piss Dream Explanation

Piss Dream Explanation ? ? Pissing a bird: The dreamer will have a son showing similarities to the essence or characteristics of that bird, be they good or bad. ? Pissing stool: The dreamer will commit an abomination in which family will get involved. ? Pissing vomitus: The dreamer will have an illegitimate son. ? Pissing in the standing position: The dreamer will spend money unconsciously. ? Pissing on one?s shirt:? (1) If a bachelor, the dreamer will get married.? (2) If already married, the dreamer will have a boy. ? Pissing in one?s nose: The dreamer will have sex with a prohibited relative.

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Cleaner Dream Explanation

Cleaner Dream Explanation ? In a dream, a floor cleaner represents someone who investigates people's conditions and likes to help them. Cleaning throughout a farmland in a dream means seeking the company of righteous people. Cleaning through a vineyard in a dream means investigating the living condition of a woman. Cleaning a tree in a dream means investigating the living conditions of religious people. Sweeping a street in a dream means travelling an equal distance to such a street.

Bathroom Dream Explanation

Bathroom Dream Explanation ? ? Dreaming of a devastated bathroom is good. ? Dreaming of simply seeing a bathroom means worries and troubles. ? Dreaming of washing in a bathroom means joy and happiness. However, if the water is lukewarm, it is a good dream. If the water is too hot, it is a bad dream. ? Dreaming of using a scented soap while washing and cleaning oneself in a bathroom:? (1) For a rich man means financial losses, unless he had not washed till the scent was gone.? (2) Otherwise, it means relief from fear or, conversely, deep trouble, weakness, or debts.

Cleaner Dream Explanation

Cleaner Dream Explanation ? If one sees himself cleaning the road to Mecca in a dream, it means that he will perform a pilgrimage. Cleaning through a grass field without knowing the owner in a dream means becoming a renunciate. Cleaning the floors of someone's house in a dream means finding how he is doing. (Also see Sweeping the floor; Washer; Washing)

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Shit Dream Explanation

Shit Dream Explanation ? See stool.

Stool Dream Explanation

Stool Dream Explanation ? ? Passing liquid stool in a known place like the one where people wash thoroughly before praying: Will spend on specific things with pleasure or passion. ? Passing stool in an unknown place: Will spend money without knowing where it will go and will neither be rewarded nor thanked for it. ? Passing stool on one?s clothes: Will commit an abomination. ? Passing stool on one?s underwear: Will be angry with the wife or eat up her dowry. ? Passing stool and covering it with dust: Will cover or conceal one?s money. ? Losing control and passing stool on oneself: Will commit a sin.

Sweeping the floor Dream Explanation

Sweeping the floor Dream Explanation ? (Cleaning; Sanitation) Sweeping the floor, or caring for the floor matt or carpet in a dream means to care for one's community or family. Sweeping dirt or cleaning a floor in a dream means financial benefits for people who do that professionally. Sweeping someone else's house in a dream means receiving money from him. If a rich person sees himself sweeping a floor in a dream, it means poverty, or loss of a business. (Also see Cleaner; Garbage; Sanitation; Trash collector)

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Earwax Dream Explanation

Earwax Dream Explanation ? (Auditory meatus; Cerumen) If one sees himself cleaning the yellowish wax like secretion found in the canal of his external ear, or if he is cleaning it from someone else's ears in a dream, it means that he will acquire a needed antidote or poison or become free from the plot of envious people. If one cleanse his ears from earwax or from other dirt in a dream, it means that he will hear good and pleasing news. If one sees himself eating the earwax he extracts from his own ears in a dream, it means that he is a child molester. Cleaning the wax of one's ears in a dream also means hearing pleasing news. (Also see Ear)

Stool Dream Explanation

Stool Dream Explanation ? ? Passing stool in a garbage dump, on a seacoast, or in a similar area where it is permissible to do so: According to Ibn Siren: a good omen. No more worries or pain. ? A well-known person throwing people?s shit at the dreamer: Hostility, opposing views, and injustice on the part of the thrower. ? Too much filth from people: Handicaps and prevailing evil. ? Getting stained or blotted with people?s dirt:? (1) Fear.? (2) Disease.? (3) Good augury for whoever does ugly things.

Bird Dream Explanation

Bird Dream Explanation ? The singing of birds in a dream means hearing good words or receiving a valuable knowledge. A flock of birds in a dream represents easy earned wealth. A bird in a dream also represents a boy. Capturing a bird in a dream means having control over a powerful person. Killing a bird in a dream means fulfilling one's goal. Plucking the feathers, cleaning and eating a bird in a dream means earnings, prosperity, or a woman.

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Wooden bowl Dream Explanation

Wooden bowl Dream Explanation ? (Bowl) In a dream, a wooden bowl represents the world, or earning money from a business during a trip, while a porcelain or a ceramic bowl in a dream signifies earnings from a local business. A bowl in a dream also represents one's condition, state, or the management of his affairs. Licking a bowl, or licking one's fingers after cleaning the bowl with one's hand in a dream means consuming one's share in this world and the nearing of one's death.

Anus Dream Explanation

Anus Dream Explanation ? ? Pulling something from one?s anus: Will get stuck or become needy. ? Going into an anus: Wrong approach or running after a difficult matter, because that duct is sterile. ? Seeing a person?s anus: Will see a gloomy face, and the owner of such a face will spend as much money as blood or excrement coming out of that anus the dreamer had seen. If such a person had passed the stool in the proper place, the money will be spent in the right direction, and the reverse is true. ? Seeing one?s anus has been obstructed: Will die. ? Seeing a young man?s anus: Will be defeated by him. ? Seeing the anus of a well-known old man: This very man will mislead you.

Ear Dream Explanation

Ear Dream Explanation ? ? An unidentified old man cutting off the dreamer?s ears: Will have to pay double compensation and damage. ? Severing a man?s ear:? (1) The dreamer is betraying that man with his family or child.? (2) The dreamer?s prosperity and prestige will wane. ? Dreaming that one?s two ears have been cut:? (1) If wife is pregnant, she will die.? (2) If the dreamer is a bachelor, a female relative will die. ? Cleaning one?s ear: Will receive good news.

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Excrement Dream Explanation

Excrement Dream Explanation ? See Stool.

Cleaning stool dreams FAQs:

Seeing Cleaning stool dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Cleaning stool dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Cleaning stool dream Refer to Cleaning stool islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Cleaning stool very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Cleaning stool?

There are different meanings of Cleaning stool dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Cleaning stool dream Refer to above Cleaning stool islamic dream interpretation.

What do Cleaning stool symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Cleaning stool dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Cleaning stool dream Refer to above Cleaning stool islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Cleaning stool in dream?

Cleaning stool dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Cleaning stool dream Refer to above Cleaning stool islamic dream explanations.

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