Islamic dream interpretation of Clear sky, Explanation & Meaning for Clear sky dreams

Below Clear sky dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Voice Dream Explanation

Voice Dream Explanation ? ? Raising one?s voice: The dreamer is promoting something wrong in view of a verse in the Holy Quran that reads: ?Be modest in thy bearing and subdue thy voice. Lo! the harshest of all voices is the voice of the ass.?? (?Luqman,? verse 19.) ? Hearing a nice and clear voice: The dreamer will be given a province or some very high post. ? Hearing a herald giving good tidings, announcing bad news, or proclaiming that something is prohibited: His words should be taken at face value. ? Being talked to in various languages: The dreamer will have a great realm.

Record keepers Dream Explanation

Record keepers Dream Explanation ? Seeing the scribes of the records in one's dream brings him glad tidings in this life and in the next. If the person lives a pious life, it means that the heavenly paradise is his final abode, but if he is impious, it could represent a clear warning. Meeting the blessed angels in charge of keeping peoples records in a dream also means facing adversities, then becoming free from one's trials. (Also see Scribes)


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Rain Dream Explanation

Rain Dream Explanation ? If the rain falls in season in one's dream, it means roadblock barring travels, business losses, inability to get medicine for a sick person because of one's poverty, or it could mean imprisonment. If one washes himself in the rain, or takes a ritual ablution to perform his prayers, or washes his face with it, or washes away filth in a dream, it means repentance from sin, receiving spiritual guidance, or abolishing religious innovations and polytheism from one's heart. If he is poor, it means that Allah Almighty will enrich him and satisfy his needs, or if he needed something from a ruler or a governor, it means that his request will be answered favorably. Drinking from rainwater and if it is clear and pure in the dream, it means receiving blessings and benefits. If the water is dirty and polluted in the dream, it means a sickness. (Also see Water)

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Jew Dream Explanation

Jew Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing Jews means:? (1) Mercy from God, because the Arabic word for Jew is? (singular, Ya-hudi, and plural, Yahud) is a homonym of ?to repent,? ?to turn unto Allah.? It also resembles hoda, which means ?showing the right way.? Reference is made here to a verse in the Holy Quran: ?And ordain for us in this world that which is good, and in the Hereafter? (that which is good), Lo! We have turned unto Thee. He said: I smite with My punishment whom I will, and My mercy embraceth all things??? (?Al-Aaraf? [The Heights], verse 156.)? (2) A complicated matter will become clear.? (3) Evidence will appear.? (4) The dreamer will abide more closely by the Prophet?s Tradition and Islamic Laws. ? Seeing a group of Jews means the dreamer will repent. ? Seeing one Jew means the dreamer will return to the right path.

Holding the Sun Dream Explanation

Holding the Sun Dream Explanation ? Holding or grasping the sum and having fullcontrol over it means that the observer of the dream will acquire dominion (or Land) in proportion to the amount he grasps provided the sum is clearly visible and its rays are crystal clear. If the light and rays of the sun are seen shining on someone the interpretation is the same as above.

Doomsday Dream Explanation

Doomsday Dream Explanation ? ? A man at war dreaming of Doomsday: Will triumph. ? Dreaming that the hour has come for you alone: Will die. ? Dreaming of the atrocities of Doomsday, then seeing everything returning to normal:? (1) Justice will replace injustice inflicted by most unfair people.? (2) The dreamer is immersed in sins, asking impossible things, determined to keep lying, and refusing to repent, owing to the Quranic verse: ?Nay, but that hath become clear unto them which before they used to hide. And if they were sent back they would return unto that which they are forbidden. Lo! they are liars.?? (?Al-Anam? [Cattle], verse 28.)

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Perspicacity Dream Explanation

Perspicacity Dream Explanation ? (Acumen; Astute; Discrimination; Physiognomy; Prophesying) If one finds himself capable of perceiving matters with astute sense, or to discriminate things with a clear mental keenness, or to even explain the future, or to prophesy, or to know what is hidden in a dream, it means that he will acquire all what is good, and that Allah Almighty will protect him so that no harm, or evil will ever touch him. Perspicacity in a dream also represents goodness and salvation.

Engraver Dream Explanation

Engraver Dream Explanation ? (Goldsmith; Leather craftsman; or any craft using a hammer and a chisel.) An engraver in a dream represents knowledge and pursuit of the prophetic traditions. In a dream, an engraver also means deception, trickery and imposing credulity upon others through dishonesty. A stone carver in a dream represents someone who deals with people of ignorance. A copper engraver represents disputes and illness. Gold and silver engraver in a dream represents clear wisdom and putting things where they belong. An engraver in a dream also represents a worldly person. If he also deals with fabrics in the dream, it means that he is a peacemaker. Seeing him also means spending one's money to serve evil people or investing money in their projects, lies, falsehood and hypocrisy.

Patient Dream Explanation

Patient Dream Explanation ? It is not desirable for a patient to see himself stained with blood or riding on a camel, a donkey, a pig, or a cow. A good dream would have him look fat, tall, and large, or see cattle and cows from afar, wash with water, drink clear and pure water, wear a wreath, or climb on a fruitful tree or to the top of a mountain. The dreamer seeing anything reduced or deteriorated in him means that he is going astray on the religious plane.

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Fish Dream Explanation

Fish Dream Explanation ? Fishing in a well means homosexuality, or it could represent someone who tries to tempt his servant or his assistant to indulge in a loathsome act. If one sees himself fishing in murky waters in a dream, it conveys evil, sorrows, or distress however it may happen. If one sees himself fishing in clear waters in a dream, it means money or hearing nice words or conceiving a son, while fishing in salty waters in a dream means difficulties. If one sees himself fishing with a fishhook in a dream, it means excitement, pleasure or losing benefits. A soft skin fish in a dream means benefits for someone intending to trick or to swindle people's money. Mostly fishing with a pole and a fishhook in a dream means difficulties or slow coming benefits, or a slow and loose business.

Naked Dream Explanation

Naked Dream Explanation ? ? (Also see Pudenda.) Certain contradictions exist in this area. ? Being naked:? (1) Clear conscience.? (2) More piety and good deeds.? (3) Will become a pilgrim.? (4) Will be found innocent.? (5) Some deed that the dreamer will regret.? (g) Relief from worries.? (7) Divorce.? (8) Death of the wife. ? Taking off one?s clothes: The emergence of an enemy who conceals his animosity and poses as a friend and a good counsellor. ? Seeing oneself naked in an assembly: Will have a scandal. ? Being naked in a place where there is nobody else: The dreamer?s enemy is trying to bring him down by unveiling his secrets, but to no avail. ? Being naked without trying to cover the private parts or feeling any shame: Will undertake something and toil too much at it.

Policeman Dream Explanation

Policeman Dream Explanation ? ? Dreaming of imprisoning certain people as a policeman: The dreamer will be on bad terms and have trouble with his subordinates. ? A polytheist having gone to Paradise, prayed in the direction of the Qiblah? (Mecca (Makkah)) or entered a stronghold with a clear conscience: Will become a Muslim. ? A well-off person seeing a polytheist: The former seeks learning and will subdue his enemies. ? A poor and exposed person seeing a polytheist: Will befriend members of rotten sects.

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Solomon Dream Explanation

Solomon Dream Explanation ? Seeing him (uwhp) in a dream also means trials with women and ingratitude on their part. If the person who sees Allah's prophet Solomon in a dream is a governor, it means that he will be dismissed from his functions, though his authority will be restored later on, or he could through cheating, marry a rich woman. If the one who sees Allah's prophet Solomon Alayhi-Salam in a dream practices sorcery, witchcraft, black magic, or invoking jinn or evil spirits, it means that he will profit from his trade and become wealthy after having lost hope in attaining such benefits, or he could triumph over his enemy. Whoever sees Allah's prophet Solomon (Alayhi-Salam) in his dream will receive Allah's favors, including clear visions, clarity of religious interpretations, the ability to learn many languages, or he could become a translator, or perhaps could master the Arabic language.

Well Dream Explanation

Well Dream Explanation ? If the water gushes forth, rises and runs outside of an old well in the dream, it represents crying and grief in that place. Digging a well and finding water to channel for one's garden in a dream means taking an herbal remedy to cure one's impotence, or to save his marriage. Falling into a well of muddy waters in a dream means that one may become subject to the tyranny of an unjust ruler. If the water he falls into is clear in the dream, it means that he will willingly work to serve a righteous man and for a nominal wage. Falling into a well in a dream also means demotion, or it could mean travels. Sitting at the edge of a well in a dream means dealing with a deceiving person. A collapsed well in a dream represents a dying woman. Reaching a well which is dug for the general public to draw from its water means getting relief after suffering from difficulties.

Clouds Dream Explanation

Clouds Dream Explanation ? If people are expecting clouds to water their farms, and should one see masses of clear clouds carrying rains and coming in that direction in the dream, it means a calamity. If the clouds carry poisonous rains or acid rains or polluted rains, or if they are driven by heavy winds, or if they carry fires or dust or ashes or rocks from a volcano, they mean that a calamity will strike that locality, or that they will receive news about travellers the majority of whom will perish during a trip. Clouds also mean innovations and man made religions that may spread throughout the land. If one sees himself merging with the clouds in a dream, it means that he associates himself with a person in authority or a wise man or a man of knowledge. If one sees himself eating clouds in his dream, it means that he will gain lawfully earned money from such a person, or that perhaps he may gain wisdom.

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Fishing net Dream Explanation

Fishing net Dream Explanation ? As for a clear minded fisherman who earns his livelihood from a fishing net, seeing a fishing net in a dream represents trials, imprisonment, short breath, or it could mean profits or good news. As for a traveller, seeing a fishing net in his dream means his return home. A fishing net in a dream also means increasing difficulties for a worried person. If one who has lost something sees a fishing net in his dream, it means that he will find his lost object.

Bashfulness Dream Explanation

Bashfulness Dream Explanation ? (Constrains; Modesty; Reserve) In a dream, bashfulness means an excuse. If a bearded person sees himself bashful in a dream, it means that he might suffer imprisonment. Bashfulness in a dream also could represent a myrtle, or any aromatic plant. Bashfulness in a dream also purport a clear excuse, increase in one's income, the arrival of a traveller, or receiving a letter from him. If being bashful beautifies the person in the dream, then it means glad tidings. Otherwise, if one feels ashamed from it, then it means distress and adversities. (Also see Blushing)

Air Dream Explanation

Air Dream Explanation ? Falling in a dream also means relief from distress, wantonness, or satisfying one's needs. Clear, fresh and pure air in a dream represents a good time to take a trip for business or pleasure. Air in a dream also represents one's desire and passion. Thus, disobeying one's mind, desire and passion in a dream means entering the heavenly paradise. Following one's desires in a dream means negligence of once religious duties. Standing up in the air and speaking loud in a dream means blessings, favors, money, honor and fame.

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Doomsday Dream Explanation

Doomsday Dream Explanation ? ? Being asked by Almighty God to render accounts and the dreamer?s deeds being put in the balance to prove, ultimately, that the good ones outweigh the bad: The dreamer is extremely obedient to God and will be generously rewarded. The reverse is also true. ? Dreaming that the Balance is in your hand: You are on the right path, in view of the Quranic verse: ?We verily sent Our messengers with clear proofs, and revealed with them the Scripture and the Balance, that mankind may observe right measure?.?? (?Al-Hadid? [Iron], verse 25).

Dragon Dream Explanation

Dragon Dream Explanation ? A dragon in a dream represents a tyrant and an unjust ruler, or it could mean a killing fire. The more heads a dragon has in a dream, the greater is his danger. If a sick person sees a dragon in his dream, it means his death. If a pregnant woman sees herself delivering a dragon in a dream, it means that she will give birth to a child who will be chronically ill. Giving birth to a dragon in a dream also represents a child who will be a great speaker or who will be known by two different names, or that he might become a Fortuneteller, a monk, an evil person, a bandit or an insolent person who will be killed later. A dragon in a dream also connotes the stretch of time. If one sees a dragon coming his way without causing fear, and if the dragon talks to him with clear expressions, or if the dragon gives him something, it mean glad tidings or good news.

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Seeing Clear sky dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Clear sky dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Clear sky dream Refer to Clear sky islamic dream interpretation

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There are different meanings of Clear sky dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Clear sky dream Refer to above Clear sky islamic dream interpretation.

What do Clear sky symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Clear sky dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Clear sky dream Refer to above Clear sky islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Clear sky in dream?

Clear sky dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Clear sky dream Refer to above Clear sky islamic dream explanations.

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