Islamic dream interpretation of Close, Explanation & Meaning for Close dreams

Below Close dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

A Snake in the House Dream Explanation

A Snake in the House Dream Explanation ? If a snake is seen entering a perbond house then this represents his women folk and close relatives who are his enemies. If if seen leaving his house then they are his distant relatives who are his enemies.

Sky Dream Explanation

Sky Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing numerous gates of Heaven: A reference to usury. ? Some flies, bees, birds, et cetera, coming from the gates of Heaven: Diluvial rain, in view of the Quranic verse: ?Then opened We the gates of Heaven with pouring water.?? (?Al-Qamar? [The Moon], verse 11.) ? Being close to the sky: The dreamer is close to God or, if his ambitions are not so great, to his superior and his prayers will be heard. ? Climbing to the sky and entering Heaven: The dreamer will die as a martyr.


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Cough Dream Explanation

Cough Dream Explanation ? ? Coughing:? (1) The dreamer intends to accuse someone but does not do so.? (2) The dreamer is complaining about or accusing somebody close to the ruler. ? Coughing till getting strangled: Will die.

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Conscription Dream Explanation

Conscription Dream Explanation ? (Call-up; Draft; Enlist; Military service; Mobilization) A military draft in a dream means cognizance of what is good and beneficial for everyone and shows equality between the natives of the land, the poor and the rich, the close relative, the distinguished and the unknown.

Astrologer, Soothsayer, Magician Etc. Dream Explanation

Astrologer, Soothsayer, Magician Etc. Dream Explanation ? Any of the above symbolises a great liar who may also be very close to the king or government.

Close Dream Explanation

Close Dream Explanation ? (Shut) If a single man sees himself shutting a door in a dream, it means that he will marry a righteous woman. If a married man sees himself shutting a door in a dream, it means that he may divorce his wife. Locking a door in a dream also means getting married, though unlocking a padlock has negative connotations. If one sees his door locked in a dream, it means that he will choose to pursue his worldly satisfaction instead of fulfilling his religious obligations. If one tries to lock the door of his house and fails to do so in his dream, it means that he will abandon a hard decision he took, or refrain from pursuing the impossible in his case.

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Jinn? - Or Djinn Dream Explanation

Jinn? - Or Djinn Dream Explanation ? ? Accompanying the jinn refers to the following: (1) The dreamer is or will be close to the people versed in the Scriptures? (as, in Arabic, ?Sifr,? whose plural is ?Asfar,? means the Scriptures) or those who know the secrets. (2) Will travel by land or by sea? (as, in Arabic, safar, which is very close to sifr, means ?travel?). (3) Kidnapping. (4) Theft. (5) Adultery. (6) Drinking fermented juice? (wine). (7) Wine shops. (8) Singing. (9) The flute.? (10) Heretic places.? (11) Churches or synagogues.? (12) Sorcerers.? (13) Imagination and illusions. The jinn's who preach virtue, deter from vice, and bring good tidings represent the Muslims; the rest allude to atheists. ? Marrying a jinn:? (1) Will marry a debauched and sexually uncontrollable woman, a nymphomaniac.? (2) Will buy a sick animal.? (3) Will rule, govern, own something, or be highly promoted, if eligible for that.

Weeds Dream Explanation

Weeds Dream Explanation ? In a dream, weeds represent someone who is loved by his family, though they do not benefit from him. He differs with those close to him and draws himself closer to those who envy him. He lives distant from his true friends, but close to his enemies. (Also see Grass; Unwanted)

Elderly person Dream Explanation

Elderly person Dream Explanation ? If one sees an elderly person and displeases him in the dream, it means that he will displease a close friend or reject his advice. If he pleases him in the dream, it means that he will consent with a close good friend and they will walk together on the path to reap material as well as spiritual benefits. If one sees a gathering of friendly people but could not determine whether they are young or elderly in a dream, it means that he will discover new avenues in his life and he will draw material and spiritual benefits from them.

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Cock fighting Dream Explanation

Cock fighting Dream Explanation ? (Gamecock) Cock fight in a dream means prodding and instigating a dispute between close friends or colleagues, or it could mean provoking enmity between scholars or a dispute between two muezzins who call to prayers in a mosque.

Thrust Dream Explanation

Thrust Dream Explanation ? (Hurl; Press; Shove; Squeeze; Throw) In a dream, thrust means engaging in a narrow sighted project, entering a close race, entertaining a project of little importance, participating in a project with a narrow or a difficult way out, or perhaps it could mean death.

Lubrication Dream Explanation

Lubrication Dream Explanation ? (Fat; Oil) A motor lubricator in a dream represents knowledge, guidance, serving the people of knowledge, or being close to people in authority. (Also see Grease)

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Knock Dream Explanation

Knock Dream Explanation ? (Door) Knocking on one's door in a dream means a fight waged by an intruder. (Also see Close; Door)

Nosebleed Dream Explanation

Nosebleed Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing Nuh on a ship: The ship will reach the shore safely. ? A woman dreaming of Nuh: She will rebel against her husband and obey her close relatives and other folk.

Incident - The Reward of Tawakkul (Trust in Allah) Dream Explanation

Incident - The Reward of Tawakkul (Trust in Allah) Dream Explanation ? A man said to his close friend: "If you die before me, come and tell me about what you met with." The other man replied: "And you too!" After one of them had died, he came to his friend in a dream and said: "Trust in God Almighty, and depend on Him alone, for I saw no reward better than that of (Tawakkul) trust."

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Astrologer Dream Explanation

Astrologer Dream Explanation ? The astrologer, diviner, or fortune-teller represents a person close to kings. ? Dreaming of having become an astrologer: Will get closer to a king or prominent personality through lies, fraud, and degradation.

Idol Worship Dream Explanation

Idol Worship Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing an idol: Will embark on a long journey. ? Seeing an idol without any worshiping taking place: Will earn a fortune. ? Worshiping a golden idol:? (1) Will have close ties with a man abhorred by God and be harmed by him.? (2) Religious faith will dwindle and money will go.

Shut Dream Explanation

Shut Dream Explanation ? (See Close)

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Incident - Falling Down From High Altitude Dream Explanation

Incident - Falling Down From High Altitude Dream Explanation ? A man saw himself in a dream falling down from a high altitude. When he woke up, he said to himself: "I will avoid going out of my house or seeing people for a while." During the middle of the afternoon of that same day, a close friend came to see him, and called him from downstairs. When the man stood up to look through the window, the shutters broke, and he fell with them.

A Scorpion in the Stomach Dream Explanation

A Scorpion in the Stomach Dream Explanation ? A scorpion in the stomach, bed or shirt mans a perbond enemy is in close proximity with him. He hers all that he says and divulges it to others.

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Seeing Close dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Close dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Close dream Refer to Close islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Close very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Close?

There are different meanings of Close dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Close dream Refer to above Close islamic dream interpretation.

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There are different symbols of Close dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Close dream Refer to above Close islamic dream symbols.

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Close dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Close dream Refer to above Close islamic dream explanations.

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