Islamic dream interpretation of Closing windows, Explanation & Meaning for Closing windows dreams

Below Closing windows dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Beard Dream Explanation

Beard Dream Explanation ? ? A beautiful and proportionate beard, not too long, not too short: Money, prestige, and nice living. ? The beard longer than it should be or than it is in reality: Debts and worries. ? The beard lengthening till reaching the belly and sticking to it: Money and prestige but not before toiling inasmuch as the beard seemed sticking to the belly. ? The beard reaching the navel: The dreamer is disobeying God. ? The beard reaching the navel and the dreamer looking at it: The latter is a muath-then? (he who calls for prayers), but one who acts as a Peeping Tom from the top of his minaret, looking through the windows all around. ? The beard lengthening on both sides but not from the middle: Will acquire money, which somebody else will enjoy.

Mansion Dream Explanation

Mansion Dream Explanation ? A mansion in a city with huge windows is regarded as an excellent dream. Climbing such a mansion means the beholder will attain lofty positions during his lifetime. Good fortune and happiness are in store for him.


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Window Dream Explanation

Window Dream Explanation ? A window in a dream also means relief from difficulties, overcoming distress, renewing festivities and celebrating anniversaries. Depending on their direction in the dream, windows also mean news, women, or children. Seeing the glass of one's window tainted or colored means planting seedlings, inflorescence, conceiving children, continuing one's education, buying new clothes, or crowning someone. Sitting tied-up inside a window box in a dream means getting married. (Also see Attic window)

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Lane Dream Explanation

Lane Dream Explanation ? (Avenue; City gates; Path; Road; Trail) Seeing a lane in a dream is like seeing the city's gates. If it is closed during the daylight time in the dream, it means that an accident will take place inside the city or at the end of the lane, and that such an accident will necessitate the closing of its gates, or the blocking of the lane.

Canal Dream Explanation

Canal Dream Explanation ? Blocking a canal in a dream also means quitting one's job or cancelling a debt, or it could mean closing a business. Seeing a watercourse running inside one's house in a dream means blessings and prosperity. Urinating in a canal or a watercourse in a dream means committing a sin, engaging in unlawfulness or molesting a servant. A canal in a dream also could represent the housekeeper who cleans people's dirt, a street sweeper, or it could mean a forbidden marriage. A dry canal in a dream signifies cessation of business, unsalable merchandise, a dead market or discord with one's wife, suffering from a urinary bladder, or having kidney problems. If one digs a canal and no water runs through it in a dream, it means deception.

Divorce Dream Explanation

Divorce Dream Explanation ? (Poverty) If someone divorces his wife in a dream, it means that he will be dismissed from his job. If an unmarried person sees himself divorcing someone in a dream, it means reaching a conclusion to whatever good or bad he is experiencing. As for the divorce of a married person in a dream, it means closing of his business or his death if he is bed stricken. If one sees himself divorcing his wife in a dream, it means that he will become rich, or that his life will run smoother. If one divorces his wife with the intention of returning to her in a dream, it means that he will change his trade for a short time, then engages back in it.

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Funeral Dream Explanation

Funeral Dream Explanation ? A funeral crossing a marketplace in a dream means liquidation of merchandise. Paying tribute to a funeral in a dream means bidding farewell or paying respect to a travelling friend. Paying tribute to a passing funeral procession in a dream represents one's concern for his own comfort. If the deceased in the coffin points at the person seeing the dream, it means that the latter will conduct his funeral, and he will receive a reward for his service. If he serves that funeral till the burial and the closing of the grave in a dream, it means that he will receive double that reward, the value of which reward is known only to Allah Almighty. (Also see Cemetery; Death; Funeral prayers)

Vagina Dream Explanation

Vagina Dream Explanation ? (Also see Semen.) The Arabic word for vagina or vulva is farj, from faraj, meaning ?relief.? Thus the vagina symbolizes: (1) Relief and comfort. (2) The honey, date, or wine peddler, because sex is as sweet as sugar. (3) A ripper or a bloody person. (4) A wicked deceiver, obedient and humble during daytime and profligate and out of control at night. (5) A foolish slave. (6) A bird?s nest containing eggs. (7) Deep trouble. (8) The fulfilment of requests. (9) Marriage, for the bachelor.? (10) Resumption of spending on one?s parents and in-laws.? (11) Repentance.? (12) Resumption of praying.? (13) The prayer niche in a mosque.? (14) The Qiblah? (the point toward which Muslims turn their faces when praying).? (15) A journey.? (16) The key to a man?s secret.? (17) The unveiling of secrets.? (18) A contract53 to set up a company.? (19) The discovery of metals, minerals, and all hidden things.? (20) The very vagina of a docile woman who gives it only to her man.? (21) A prison.? (22) The main gate or door of a house that, according to Islamic tenets, visitors should use.? (They must never come through back doors, windows, et cetera.)? (23) The bathroom, for all the water, heat, et cetera, that is in it.? (24) A valley surrounded by hills and mountains.? (25) A disease and a medicine that might revive then kill the patient, as the penis becomes erect, strong, and full of vitality when it comes into contact with the vagina, then dies down when its sperm? (which feeds it) gets out.? (26) A furnace.? (27) The oven where paste is introduced to come out as finished bread.? (28) The spouse.? (29) Pregnancy.? (30) Hell or the fatal attraction to it? (same as for the penis), since it is the center of burning pleasure.? (31) The grave. ? A sick person seeing a vagina:? (1) The dreamer is about to die.? (2) The dreamer?s grave is being dug.

Window Dream Explanation

Window Dream Explanation ? (Attic window; Aperture; Opening; Peephole) In a dream, a large window represents a woman of good character and conduct, while a tight window means the opposite. If a man sees himself sitting inside a window in a dream, it means that he will divorce his wife in public. If one sees himself sitting at a distance from the window in a dream, it means that he will secretly divorce his wife. In a dream, the windows of a house also represent an outsider who is aware of the inner secrets of such a house.

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Drapes Dream Explanation

Drapes Dream Explanation ? Old drapes in a dream represent adversities which will not last. Torn drapes in a dream mean happiness and joy. If they are torn vertically in the dream, they represent a quick joy. If they are torn horizontally in the dream, they mean slander against one's family. Black drapes in a dream mean worries because of money, a child, or the authorities. White or green drapes mean good results. Drapes hanging over the door of a mosque in a dream represent spiritual problems or religious failure. Seeing drapes out of their place in a dream mean adversities, and seeing them hanging over one's windows has no interpretation.

Wrap up Dream Explanation

Wrap up Dream Explanation ? (Roll up; Swathe) In a dream, a wrap represents one's limbs. To wrap up something in a dream means turning the page on something, closing a book, retracing one's steps, winding up a conversation, or controlling the spread of a rumor. (Also see Wrap; Wrapping)

Bow Dream Explanation

Bow Dream Explanation ? Holding a broken bow in a dream means losing one's job or closing one's business. Seeing a young man attaching a string to a bow in a dream represents one's enemy. Attaching a string to a bow in a dream also means marriage, while detaching the string of a bow in a dream means divorce. Seeing oneself standing before a ruler with two bows length between them mean receiving an appointment. The two bows in a dream also represent one's eye-brows. Shooting arrows with a bow in a dream means speaking wrong about something or backbiting someone.

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Threshold Dream Explanation

Threshold Dream Explanation ? In a dream, a threshold represents one's gown, garment, one's adornment, makeup, money, or it may denote closing a subject, spreading it, or it could represent a beautiful woman who embodies all the attributes man desires, including beauty, good character, intelligence, wealth and fertility. Buying a new threshold or sitting on one in a dream means that either the husband or the wife may suffer a bodily injury. If one sees himself sitting under the threshold of his door in a dream, it represents an adversity or an illness. If one sees himself being carried over the threshold of his door in a dream, it represents his funeral. (Also see Doorstep; Door lintel; Doorplate)

Door Dream Explanation

Door Dream Explanation ? If the door is well built in a dream, it means protection of one's private life. Otherwise, whatever maybe seen through such a door means exposing one's private life. If one sees a carpenter building him a new door, this means glad tidings of health and wealth. If one sees himself unable to properly secure the closing of his door in a dream, it means difficulties caused by his wife. If one sees himself changing his door in a dream, it means moving into another house. If one sees himself entering his house and locking his door in a dream, it means protection against evil. (Also see Doorjamb; Door post)

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Seeing Closing windows dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Closing windows dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Closing windows dream Refer to Closing windows islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Closing windows very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Closing windows?

There are different meanings of Closing windows dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Closing windows dream Refer to above Closing windows islamic dream interpretation.

What do Closing windows symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Closing windows dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Closing windows dream Refer to above Closing windows islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Closing windows in dream?

Closing windows dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Closing windows dream Refer to above Closing windows islamic dream explanations.

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