Islamic dream interpretation of Coal, Explanation & Meaning for Coal dreams

Below Coal dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Burning coal Dream Explanation

Burning coal Dream Explanation ? (See Coal)

Cold Dream Explanation

Cold Dream Explanation ? If he sees that dream during the summertime, it means prosperity. If one sees himself seeking a fire or a smoke to warm himself with it in a dream means that one is seeking a job that entails danger. If it is burning coal which he seeks for warmth in the dream, then it means that he will swindle money from an orphan. Cold weather in winter is insignificant and in the summer in a dream it means that one's travel plans will not take place. (Also see Cold weather)


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Hell-fire Dream Explanation

Hell-fire Dream Explanation ? Walking across burning coal in a dream means exceeding one's bound regarding people's rights. Eating food from hell means becoming a tyrant and a blood thirsty person. If one sees himself inside hell-fire, where his eyes turn dark-blue and his face charcoal black in the dream, it means that he befriends Allah's enemy and consents to their deception and chicanery. Consequently, he will surely be humiliated and despised by people, and in the hereafter, he will suffer the consequences of his sins. Seeing hell in a dream means that one should avoid incurring the wrath of a ruler. Entering hell in a dream also means notoriety, or becoming known as an evil person. It also means heedlessness and pursuing one's indulgence in abominable actions. Whatever knowledge such a person acquires will bear evil consequences.

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Charcoal Dream Explanation

Charcoal Dream Explanation ? (Den; Lair; Hole. See Coal)

Coal Dream Explanation

Coal Dream Explanation ? Burning coal in a dream also denotes someone who is unjustly suffering from hardships and trials or someone who's property is unjustly confiscated. Consumed or burned up coal in a dream means the same thing as ashes and signifies falsehood. Having large cuts of coal when one needs small pieces in a dream means worries, distress and concerns, while having fine crushed coal when one needs chunks to light a fire in a dream means diminishing of one's wealth . Seeing coal or charcoal in a dream also could mean increase or rejuvenation of one's sexual desires. Seeing coal in the winter in a dream means money. Fuel for the fire in a dream means corruption. (Also see Ashes)

Coal Dream Explanation

Coal Dream Explanation ? (Carbonize; Charcoal; Fuel) Burning coal in a dream means immediate earnings or a ready to fill order for one's merchandise. If one can benefit from it in his dream, it means easy benefits or receiving jewelry as a gift, or having a type of work in which one needs to use coal. Seeing burning coal in a dream also means seeking knowledge and wisdom. Coal in a dream also represents an evil and a dangerous person, or it could mean tainted money, unlawful earnings or receiving a grant from someone in the government.

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Ashes Dream Explanation

Ashes Dream Explanation ? If one sees himself blowing air into cold ashes in a dream, it means that he will engage in futile undertaking. Ashes in a dream also denote sadness, sore-eyes or heedlessness. Ashes in a dream also mean quelling the fire of war, suppressing upheaval, or attaining peace. Ashes which are collected from baking in a dream represent charity, or curiosity. (Also see Coal)

Coal stove Dream Explanation

Coal stove Dream Explanation ? (See Brazier)

Brazier Dream Explanation

Brazier Dream Explanation ? (Coal stove; Charcoal grill; Grill; Fireplace) In a dream, a brazier or a coal holder represents one's wife, a housekeeper, or a well mannered child. One who befriends them will be honored and well treated.

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Fuel Dream Explanation

Fuel Dream Explanation ? (See Coal)

Waning of one's wealth Dream Explanation

Waning of one's wealth Dream Explanation ? (See Coal)

Ashes Dream Explanation

Ashes Dream Explanation ? (Coal; Fire; Fumes; Oven) In a dream, ashes represent unlawful money or they could mean burns. Ashes in a dream are also interpreted to mean money one will receive from someone in authority or directly from the government. Seeing ashes then mean difficulties or toiling for no benefit in the service of a person in authority. Ashes in a dream also mean vain talk, or a knowledge one cannot benefit from. If one sees himself carrying a container filled with ashes in a dream, it means that he is engaged in falsehood, backbiting or in acquiring useless knowledge.

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Jet Dream Explanation

Jet Dream Explanation ? (Lignite; Velvet-black coal used for jewelry.) In a dream, jet denotes festivities, celebrations, happiness, honor, or marriage. In a dream, jet also represents suspicious money, tainted profits, or a friend for interest, and if one's wife is pregnant, it means that she will deliver a son.

Carbonize Dream Explanation

Carbonize Dream Explanation ? (See Coal)

Foot Dream Explanation

Foot Dream Explanation ? ? Having many feet:? (1) For a rich person, disease.? (2) Will go blind.? (3) Will go behind bars where the dreamer cannot walk freely or unaccompanied by a guard. ? A foot turning into stone: The dreamer will lose such a foot. ? Kicking the king or ruler: The dreamer will find in the street a coin with that person?s image on it. ? Stepping on embers or live coal to extinguish it, then withdrawing one?s foot, then stepping again, and so on and so forth: The dreamer is a whimsical person and a fatalist or likes to talk about destiny. ? The big toe having been cut off:? (1) The dreamer will resume relations with someone or some folk.? (2) The dreamer will lose a source of living. ? The sole of the foot or the foot itself having been severed: Will be maimed.

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Coal dreams FAQs:

Seeing Coal dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Coal dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Coal dream Refer to Coal islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Coal very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Coal?

There are different meanings of Coal dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Coal dream Refer to above Coal islamic dream interpretation.

What do Coal symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Coal dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Coal dream Refer to above Coal islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Coal in dream?

Coal dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Coal dream Refer to above Coal islamic dream explanations.

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