Islamic dream interpretation of Container, Explanation & Meaning for Container dreams

Below Container dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Churn Dream Explanation

Churn Dream Explanation ? (Butterskin) A churn, a Butterskin, or a container in which people make butter in a dream represents a scholar or a renunciate who imparts his knowledge to people but does not act upon it.

Blood Dream Explanation

Blood Dream Explanation ? It could also mean troubles and unhappiness. Blood refers as well to the person?s good or bad genie that runs in him like the bloodstream. When seen in a jar or any container, blood represents menstruation. The cover of that jar or whatever is used to stuff its aperture is the cotton or hygienic towel. In some cases, blood symbolizes what could not happen to a human being unless dead, like red blood from a patient turning blue or yellow.


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Ice Dream Explanation

Ice Dream Explanation ? Buying a container of ice during a hot weather in a dream means profits that will bring financial stability to one's family, or hearing good news that will comfort and cool one's heart. Winter's ice in a dream means washing away one's difficulties and trouble. It also means forcing one's conditions upon his opponents. A snowstorm that culminates in icy roads, freezing and impeding the traffic in a dream means economic depression and slowing of the travel industry. Ice in a dream also represents men's endurance. Filling a pot of water to make ice in a dream means saving money, or locking a coffer.

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Cistern Dream Explanation

Cistern Dream Explanation ? A cistern in a dream also could represent a protective shield or a pocket, one's dignity, blessings or attaining a respectable rank or dispelling difficulties. However, this interpretation can only apply for those who use a cistern or a similar water container or a water dispenser and in their case, it also could mean peace and protection from any fears. (See Urn)

Glass Dream Explanation

Glass Dream Explanation ? If the name of a king is written on it, it means that the life of that king will soon come to an end. Glass seen in the form of a container is the least harmful. The Holy Prophet is said to have predicted the slaying of his own grandson, Al-Hussein? (from his daughter Fatema Al-Zahrae), when told that he was seen in a dream holding a bottle. The Prophet said, ?I shall collect in it the blood of Al-Husain.?28 Dreaming of dropping a glass bottle that breaks means the dreamer?s wife will die. If the dreamer is a bachelor, a female relative will pass away.

Half a bushel Dream Explanation

Half a bushel Dream Explanation ? (arb. Mudd. Unit of dry measure equal to 2 pecks, or 16 quarts.) A container measuring half a bushel in a dream means sanctity, chastity, cleanliness and purity. This interpretation comes from understanding the practice of Allah's Prophet (Alayhi-Salam) of regularly taking his ritual ablution from such a measuring container. (Also see Unit of measure)

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Container Dream Explanation

Container Dream Explanation ? (See Bag; Pouch; Sack; Suitcase; Trunk)

Vinegar Dream Explanation

Vinegar Dream Explanation ? Vinegar symbolizes blessed money earned in a holy manner, without any show business. ? Eating vinegar with bread: Long life. ? Vinegar dregs: Tasteless, useless money from which not much benefit is derived. ? A vinegar container: A slave or a maiden. ? Drinking vinegar: The dreamer will be hostile to his household.

Locust Dream Explanation

Locust Dream Explanation ? If, on the contrary, people are seen, in the dream, catching and eating locusts while they look harmless, they are a harbinger of benefits, welfare, and abundance. Locusts seen in a container represent gold and silver coins. Locusts seen in any place without causing harm mean joy and happiness, in view of the story of the prophet Ayyoub? (Job). However, locusts could also symbolize the baker who sells adulterated bread. The sky raining golden locusts means blessings and joy.

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Intestines Dream Explanation

Intestines Dream Explanation ? Exposed intestines in a dream mean the surfacing of hidden money. Eating someone's intestines in a dream means denying him his money, or discovering a hidden treasure. If one's intestines and bowels are taken out from his body for washing, then placed in a container in a dream, it means his death and the washer represents the undertaker. Noting here that embalming is not permissible in Islam. Islamic Laws. (Also see Body)

Glass Dream Explanation

Glass Dream Explanation ? (Clarity; Perception; Wisdom; Woman) In a dream, glass represents an early stage of a temporary anxiety, depression or stress. Such condition is less serious when glass is seen collected as broken chips in a container in a dream. Seeing through glass in a dream means uncovering something that is hidden. In a dream, all glassware, stained glass, engraved glass, or decorative glass of green, red or yellowish color represent a suspicious person, money earned from a suspicious source or suspicion about one's wife, or even suspicion about one's true children, or it could mean eavesdropping, affectation or hypocrisy.

Jar Dream Explanation

Jar Dream Explanation ? (Any broad-mouthed earthenware container.) In a dream, an earthenware jar represents a deceiving employee who is entrusted with the accounting department of one's business. Drinking fresh water from an earthenware jar in a dream means earning lawful money and comfort in one's life. Drinking half of the water contained in a jar in a dream means having consumed half one's life span. Drinking from a tight mouthed earthenware container in a dream also means tempting a female worker.

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Unlock Dream Explanation

Unlock Dream Explanation ? (Open) To unlock a closed or a sealed door, or to open a sealed container, or a location in a dream means easing of one's difficulties, and it could represent the way to prosperity.

Pitcher Dream Explanation

Pitcher Dream Explanation ? A pitcher, a jog or any similar container in a dream means repentance for a sinner. It also means a son for a pregnant woman. A pitcher in a dream also represents an extremely intelligent child who is recognized to fathom many hidden secrets. Collecting pitchers in a dream represents good deeds that can lead one to paradise. A pitcher in a dream also represents a sword.

Lead Dream Explanation

Lead Dream Explanation ? (Chemical; Hunt; Pipe) Discovering lead as a mineral in one's dream means prosperity and strength in one's livelihood. Forging lead in a dream means becoming competently qualified in one's craft. Lead in a dream also represents earnings from a despicable source based on passion and wantonness. Lead in a dream also means becoming courageous, or unfailingly speak what's on one's mind. Carrying a container of liquid lead in a dream means that one should be careful about his expenses. Melting a bar of lead means a dispute or a prattle.

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Coffin Dream Explanation

Coffin Dream Explanation ? If one is given a coffin in a dream, it means that he is given knowledge, peacefulness and dignity . A coffin in a dream also represents stress and worries or a travelling vehicle. A miller's flour mixing container which traditionally used to look like a coffin in a dream represents a just man or a man of knowledge and a true guide. (Also see Sarcophagus)

Kohl Dream Explanation

Kohl Dream Explanation ? This is a sort of eye powder or powder of antimony, a preparation of soot and other ingredients, to darken edges of eyelids. It is extensively used by veiled Arab Bedouin women, whose eyes are the only thing seen of their body, which renders them very attractive. It is also used for newly born Muslims and by certain Muslim men. Kohl and its usual container made of silver or the kohl bottle symbolize women. They also refer to the sharp eye. Seeing a devout Muslim with kohl on his eyelids is regarded as a good dream. But it is not so if the kohl is used by a corrupt man.

Ashes Dream Explanation

Ashes Dream Explanation ? (Coal; Fire; Fumes; Oven) In a dream, ashes represent unlawful money or they could mean burns. Ashes in a dream are also interpreted to mean money one will receive from someone in authority or directly from the government. Seeing ashes then mean difficulties or toiling for no benefit in the service of a person in authority. Ashes in a dream also mean vain talk, or a knowledge one cannot benefit from. If one sees himself carrying a container filled with ashes in a dream, it means that he is engaged in falsehood, backbiting or in acquiring useless knowledge.

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Silver Dream Explanation

Silver Dream Explanation ? ? Giving away a silver knickknack, artifact, mirror, piece of jewelry: Will lose money or other assets. ? Seeing oneself in a silver mirror: Popularity will be at its lowest ebb, or reputation will be badly damaged. ? Entering a silver cave and taking something out of it: Will be deceived by wife in a matter regarding her or somebody else. ? Becoming part of the silver metal: Wife will deceive the dreamer. ? Silver and golden containers: Women. But silver is good and gold is bad. ? Seeing silver in a container: Someone will deposit something with the dreamer and place his confidence in him. ? A silver or golden container, such as a pitcher, a jug, a ewer, a tea- or coffeepot or a flagon, a platter or trencher, or a cup: Business or good deeds conducive to Paradise. Reference should be made here to certain verses of the Holy Quran: ?Therein are brought round for them trays of gold and goblets, and therein is all that souls desire and eyes find sweet. And ye are immortal therein?? (?Al-Zukhruf? [Ornaments], verse 71)

Head Dream Explanation

Head Dream Explanation ? ? Recovering one?s head, which had fallen without reason:? (1) Financial gains.? (2) Will recover, if ill. ? Replacing one?s severed head and seeing it working: Will be killed in Jihad? (holy struggle). ? Seeing a head on a metal or wooden spearhead: A reference to a high-ranking official. ? Seeing a head in a container stained with blood: A chief is lying to the dreamer. ? The neck having been hit with a sword, sending the head reeling on the ground:? (1) If ill, will heal.? (2) If indebted, will settle debts.? (3) If the dreamer has never been to Mecca (Makkah), he will go there.? (4) If worried or at war, will be relieved.

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Seeing Container dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Container dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Container dream Refer to Container islamic dream interpretation

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There are different meanings of Container dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Container dream Refer to above Container islamic dream interpretation.

What do Container symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Container dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Container dream Refer to above Container islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Container in dream?

Container dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Container dream Refer to above Container islamic dream explanations.

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