Islamic dream interpretation of Copper, Explanation & Meaning for Copper dreams

Below Copper dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Necklace Dream Explanation

Necklace Dream Explanation ? Wearing a decoration necklace that is made from silver and adorned with precious gems in a dream represents a political appointment which will be coupled with honor and wealth. If the necklace is made from iron, it represents a political appointment that will expand one's power. If an ornate necklace is made of copper, then it represents mundane profits. Wearing a necklace that is made from beads in the dream represents an appointment with no authority. Woman's necklace in a dream represents money entrusted to her by her husband.

Tablet Dream Explanation

Tablet Dream Explanation ? If the blackboard is made of stone in the dream, it means that his heart will be like a rock. If the blackboard is made of copper in the dream, it means that one's son will grow to be a hypocrite. If it is made of lead in the dream, it means that one's son will be an effeminate person. A tablet in a dream also denotes a woman and the writing on it represent her children, or it could represent an intelligent and a good natured boy who accepts what he learns from his teacher. Receiving a blackboard from someone in authority in a dream means gaining power. If a pregnant woman sees a blackboard in a dream, it means that she will beget a son.


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Arrowhead Dream Explanation

Arrowhead Dream Explanation ? In a dream, an arrowhead represents talk, benefits or profits from business travels. An arrowhead which is made of lead in a dream means receiving a letter that explains one's weakness. If the arrowhead is made from copper in the dream, it means material pleasure. If it is made from gold in the dream, it represents a letter one is forced to send. (Also see Arrows)

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Forehead Dream Explanation

Forehead Dream Explanation ? The forehead in a dream represents the honor, standing and dignity of the person. If it is seen blemished or fractured in the dream, it means humiliation or loss of authority. If one sees a growth in his forehead in a dream, it means bearing a son who will attain leadership and glory in his life. If one sees his forehead made of stone, iron or copper in the dream, it denotes positive effects and particularly for a policeman. Otherwise, for the majority of people, seeing one's forehead made of any solid element causes them to be despised by others. A normal broad forehead in a dream represents a good character, while a tight forehead in a dream means the opposite.

Forefront Dream Explanation

Forefront Dream Explanation ? The forefront represents the person?s aspect and prestige. Any defects in it reflect on those two things. ? Having a forefront bigger than usual? (but not a swelling): Will have a son who will prevail over his folk. ? Having an iron or copper forefront or one made of stone is a good dream for the policeman or the protege of some powerful person; but the same dream would be negative for others, as the subject of such a dream would become repulsive. ? An ailment in the forefront: Lack of prestige.

Jar Dream Explanation

Jar Dream Explanation ? If one's wife is pregnant and he sees himself carrying an earthenware jar that falls and breaks, it means that his wife may die from complications during her delivery or after giving birth to the newborn. In a dream, an earthenware jar also can be interpreted as a hard-working woman, or a servant, though a copper jar represents a noble woman. Ajar of wine in a dream represents woman's menstrual period. If one drinks from ajar of wine, it means that he will have sexual intercourse with his wife during that period, which act is forbidden in Islam. If the jar is filled with eating oil, honey, or milk, it represents a hidden treasure. The same interpretation applies for a small clay jug, a mug, a cooking earthenware, or a tin pot. (Also see Pot)

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Ring Dream Explanation

Ring Dream Explanation ? ? Taking a gold ring from the Lord: Bad omen. Similarly bad are rings made of iron, the latter being the ornament of those who reside in Hell, and rings made of copper whose name in Arabic is nahhas, from nahs, meaning ?bad luck? or ?a jinx.? One more reason, adds Ibn Siren, is that copper is the metal used in manufacturing the rings of the jinn. ? Taking a silver ring from the Holy Prophet or from a religious scholar: The dreamer will acquire learning. In case the ring was made of silver, iron, or copper, the dream would have a very negative interpretation. ? Wearing a ring: Renewal of what the ring refers to, depending on its alloy or composition. ? Wearing a silver ring: Nothing will stand in the dreamer?s way.

Fireplace Dream Explanation

Fireplace Dream Explanation ? (Hearth; Stove) An iron cast stove or a fireplace in a dream represents a woman who comes from a powerful and a strong family. If the stove or the fireplace is made from yellow copper or brass in the dream, then such a woman may have come from a house of a worldly and rich people. A wooden fireplace in a dream represents hypocrisy in such a family. If the fireplace is made of plaster in the dream, it means that such a family has associated itself with Pharaonic traditions or worship. If the fireplace is made of argillite or form sundried bricks in the dream, it means that someone in that family is a allahly and a pious person.

Cummerbund Dream Explanation

Cummerbund Dream Explanation ? Somehow, such a leader will also be unjust and hypocritical. If the ornaments are made of iron in the dream, it means that his associates are a group of strong people. If the ornaments are made from copper, then such associates care only for worldly gains. If the ornaments are made from led in the dream, it means that they are weak people. If the ornaments are made from silver in the dream, it means that the master or leader is a wealthy person and he will be followed by a strong son who will carry the work of his father.

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Moon Dream Explanation

Moon Dream Explanation ? ? Crescents assembled in the sky: Will go on hajj. ? A crescent rising from the east or the west and people admiring it on the first or last night of the Islamic month: Great news will come from that direction. If it were gleaming, scintillating, or sparkling, the news would be good. If, on the contrary, it was dark, made of brass or copper or looking like a snake or a scorpion, the news would be bad. The greater its size or its evolution in the sky, the more wide-ranging the news would be.

Thigh Dream Explanation

Thigh Dream Explanation ? The thigh symbolizes the person?s clan or tribe. ? One?s thigh having been severed: The dreamer will be separated from his folk and die abroad because, says Ibn Siren, once the thigh has been amputated, it can never be returned? (a view challenged by modern science). ? One?s two thighs made of brass or copper: The dreamer?s folk are intrepid sinners.

Engraver Dream Explanation

Engraver Dream Explanation ? (Goldsmith; Leather craftsman; or any craft using a hammer and a chisel.) An engraver in a dream represents knowledge and pursuit of the prophetic traditions. In a dream, an engraver also means deception, trickery and imposing credulity upon others through dishonesty. A stone carver in a dream represents someone who deals with people of ignorance. A copper engraver represents disputes and illness. Gold and silver engraver in a dream represents clear wisdom and putting things where they belong. An engraver in a dream also represents a worldly person. If he also deals with fabrics in the dream, it means that he is a peacemaker. Seeing him also means spending one's money to serve evil people or investing money in their projects, lies, falsehood and hypocrisy.

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Incident - Al-Junayyid sitting by his doorsteps Dream Explanation

Incident - Al-Junayyid sitting by his doorsteps Dream Explanation ? Imam Al-Junayyid reported that he was once sitting by his doorsteps. A blind man who was asking people to help him passed by him. Al-Junayyid said to himself: "If this man trusted in God Almighty and sat on the corner of a street, or at the entrance of a mosque, God Almighty will surely provide for him without his asking." Al-Junayyid continued: "That night, a copper tray was placed before me in a dream, and that blind man was laid on it.

Brass Dream Explanation

Brass Dream Explanation ? For the ancient Arabs, brass or bronze and copper alluded to money obtained from Christians or Jews. ? Melting brass or bronze:? (1) Will have a dispute over materialistic questions.? (2) A reference to slander, degrading conversations, and decadence. ? Finding some brass or bronze in one?s hand: Beware of hostile people and prove that you heed God by observing religious tenets. ? Seeing brass, bronze, or copper: The dreamer is calumniating and insulting people.

Neckband Dream Explanation

Neckband Dream Explanation ? If he is a common person, then the neckband means earning respect and fame. If a tight neckband is strapped around one's neck in a dream, it represents a stingy person no one can benefit from. If he is a learned person, it means that no one benefits from his knowledge. If he commands authority, it means that he disdains from giving true judgment. To hire a servant who wears a silver neckband in a dream means establishing a profitable business. A neckband in a dream also means impiety, or it could be a sign of trustworthiness. If a man sees himself wearing a neckband that is made of gold, silver, iron, copper or lead in a dream, it means that he has abandoned his religious trust, forsaken his covenant and has become a profligate. (Also see Necklace)

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Coins Made from copper, Bronze etc. Dream Explanation

Coins Made from copper, Bronze etc. Dream Explanation ? Receiving them symbolises evil gossiping about oneself and imprisonment. It could also mean unwholesome rizq and a lowly trade.

Physician Dream Explanation

Physician Dream Explanation ? To see oneself as a physician in a dream means attaining a high ranking position, or becoming a policeman, or a commander who controls people's livelihood. A physician in a dream also represents someone who provides spiritual as well as practical guidance, a social reformer, a judge, a preacher, a teacher, a tanner, or a copper. If one sees a just and a well known judge as a physician in a dream, it means that his compassion and welfare will encompass everyone in that locality. If one sees a known physician as a judge or a wise man in a dream, it means that one will become renowned, his status will rise and he will become a celebrated pioneer in his field. If he is not known to be a righteous physician, then it means that one will be visited with adversities, or it could mean that someone will die from malpractice, or it could mean persevering with daring attempts do increase one's business at the expense of people's lives.

Idol Worship Dream Explanation

Idol Worship Dream Explanation ? If a person sees himself worshipping idols, it means he will attribute Falsehood to Allah Taala, propagate falsehood, become a habitual drinker of wine and indulge in sinful acts. If the idol is of silver it means he will either be in close proximity with sins or he will say falsehood (lie) to his wife. An idol of gold suggests that he will soon face an unpleasant situation provoking him to become angry. A wooden idol suggest that he will soon associate with a man who is a renegade. An idol of steel, iron or copper means his single obsession in life is to seek the wealth and pleasures of the world.

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Breast Dream Explanation

Breast Dream Explanation ? If one's breasts are transformed into iron or copper in the dream, it means loss of a child. A growth in children's bosom or breasts in a dream means an illness, festering wounds, or it could mean an ulcer. The nipple of the female breast in a dream represents one's personal wardrobe. Woman's breasts in a dream also may be interpreted to mean one's father and mother. (Also see Body)

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Seeing Copper dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Copper dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Copper dream Refer to Copper islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Copper very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Copper?

There are different meanings of Copper dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Copper dream Refer to above Copper islamic dream interpretation.

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There are different symbols of Copper dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Copper dream Refer to above Copper islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Copper in dream?

Copper dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Copper dream Refer to above Copper islamic dream explanations.

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