Islamic dream interpretation of Cows, Explanation & Meaning for Cows dreams

Below Cows dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Brandishing A Sword Dream Explanation

Brandishing A Sword Dream Explanation ? Abu Musa reported Allah's Messenger (Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam) as saying: I dreamt (while asleep) that I was about to migrate from Mecca to a land abounding in palmtrees and I guessed that it would be Yamama or Hajar, but it was the city of Yathrib (the old name of Medina), and I saw in this dream of mine that I was brandishing a sword and its upper end was broken and this is what fell (in the form of misfortune to the believers on the Day of Uhud). I brandished (the sword) for the second time and it became all right and this is what came to be true when Allah granted us victory and solidarity of the believers. And I saw therein cows also and Allah is the Doer of good. These meant the group from amongst the believers on the Day of Uhud and the goodness which Allah brought after that and the reward of attestation of his Truth which Allah brought to us after the Day of Badr. (Muslim)

Cow Dream Explanation

Cow Dream Explanation ? The same interpretation of horses colours should apply to cows, which, as mentioned, refer to women or years. ? Seeing in one?s house a cow sucking the milk of her own calf: A woman is trading in her own daughter. ? A man slave milking his master?s cow: Will marry the latter?s daughter. ? Being scratched by a cow or a bull: Will be ill inasmuch as the scratch was severe. ? A cow or a bull raping the dreamer: Will experience hardships and punishment and might even get killed. ? Falling on a cow?s back: Luck will change during the year. ? An ox falling on the dreamer: Will die during that year. ? Having a dispute with a cow: Controversy with a hot-tempered and impolite woman. ? Being bitten or kicked by a cow: Children will betray their father. ? Beating a cow or an ox with a stick or biting either one: The dreamer has plenty of sins and should seek God?s forgiveness.


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Lean Cows Dream Explanation

Lean Cows Dream Explanation ? They symbolise drought and many lean years.

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Beef Dream Explanation

Beef Dream Explanation ? It symbolises wealth accumulated during those prosperous years mentioned above. The same is the interpretation if the skin, urine, droppings or any other filth of the stomach is seen. But whether such wealth is lawful or unlawful will depend on the odour of the urine, droppings or filth. The same interpretation will be given if, instead of cows, the urine, droppings etc. of other animals are seen. If the odour is overpowering it represents wealth that is totally unlawful. There is no good to be expected from such wealth.

Patient Dream Explanation

Patient Dream Explanation ? It is not desirable for a patient to see himself stained with blood or riding on a camel, a donkey, a pig, or a cow. A good dream would have him look fat, tall, and large, or see cattle and cows from afar, wash with water, drink clear and pure water, wear a wreath, or climb on a fruitful tree or to the top of a mountain. The dreamer seeing anything reduced or deteriorated in him means that he is going astray on the religious plane.

A Herd of Black Cows Dream Explanation

A Herd of Black Cows Dream Explanation ? It symbolises many prosperous years depending on how fat they are.

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Counting Dream Explanation

Counting Dream Explanation ? If one sees himself in a dream counting large denomination of money that has the Name of Allah Almighty written on it, it means acquiring knowledge. If the money coins or the banknotes are designed with images or portray the picture of known people in the dream, then they mean engaging in innovation, religious innovation, falsehood or polytheism. Counting pearls in a dream means reading the Quran. Counting gems in a dream means learning wisdom or acquiring knowledge at the hand of a gnostic. Counting beads in a dream means getting involved in people's business, using obscene language, or fornication. Counting sheep in a dream means counting money or counting one's children. Counting cows in a dream means longevity or going through a long and difficult times. If a farmer sees himself counting camels in a dream, it means rain and a good harvest. Counting buffaloes in a dream means hardships and toiling in one's life. (Also see Money)

A Dream Interpreted As The Battle Of Uhud Dream Explanation

A Dream Interpreted As The Battle Of Uhud Dream Explanation ? Narrated Abu Musa: The Prophet (Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam) said, "I saw in a dream that I was migrating from Mecca to a land where there were date palm trees. I thought that it might be the land of Al-Yamama or Hajar, but behold, it turned out to be Yathrib (i.e. Medina). And I saw cows (being slaughtered) there, but the reward given by Allah is better (than worldly benefits). Behold, those cows proved to symbolize the believers (who were killed) on the Day (of the battle) of Uhud, and the good (which I saw in the dream) was the good and the reward and the truth which Allah bestowed upon us after the Badr battle. (or the Battle of Uhud) and that was the victory bestowed by Allah in the Battle of Khaibar and the conquest of Mecca) . (Bukhari)

Cow Dream Explanation

Cow Dream Explanation ? ? Slaughtering a cow or a bull: Will rip up a man, especially if blood was seen in the dream. And that man could die. ? Standing on a hill and witnessing a massacre of cows: Will become the center of an epic involving genocide. ? Tilling land with the help of a cow: A very fertile year. ? More than fourteen cows: War. ? Less than fourteen cows: Dispute.

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Counting cows Dream Explanation

Counting cows Dream Explanation ? (See Counting)

Cow Dream Explanation

Cow Dream Explanation ? If a cow scratches someone in a dream, it means an illness. If one is attacked by a cow or a steer in a dream, it means that a great punishment will befall him, or it could mean that he may be killed during that same year. If one sees himself riding a black cow, or if a cow enters his house, where he ties her to a pole in his dream , it means money, good business and dispelling of his anxiety, sadness, loneliness or distress. A slaughtered cow in a dream represents a calamity. If a shipment of yellow cows arrives at the port of a city in a dream, it means a plague or the spreading of unknown diseases. If a herd of ugly looking cows enters a city with smoke emanating from their noses, and if the people hate their look in the dream, it means a raid, an enemy, or that unwanted solders will control that town.

Cow Dream Explanation

Cow Dream Explanation ? If one sees himself riding a cow in a dream, it means that he will inherit a woman. If one is offered a cow hide as a gift in a dream, it means that he will receive money from someone in authority. On the other hand, if one is stripped of a cow's hide he owns in a dream, it represents a fine that he will have to pay. To see the calf of the Children of Israel in a dream means dissension, temptation or a murder. It also may mean a miraculous event, or that a heavenly sign will take place in that locality. If the person is disobedient to his mother, he will repent and turn to be good to her. If a cow butts against him in a dream, it means that Allah is displeased with him. (Also see Counting cows)

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Cow Dream Explanation

Cow Dream Explanation ? ? Cows assembled in a place: Disturbances or riots. ? An identified number of cows entering a city, following each other: Years commensurate with the size of the cows and in the same order. If they entered a coastal city together or at random similar ships will arrive. Otherwise, they would be a series of intrigues very much alike, as the cows faces resemble each other. Yellow or red cows would automatically mean disease and epidemics. ? Cows of different colours with terrible, dreadful horns and fire or smoke coming out of their mouths or noses: Coming enemy soldiers or some kind of assault. ? A pregnant cow: A hopefully fertile year or the dreamer?s wife will become pregnant.

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Seeing Cows dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Cows dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Cows dream Refer to Cows islamic dream interpretation

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There are different meanings of Cows dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Cows dream Refer to above Cows islamic dream interpretation.

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There are different symbols of Cows dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Cows dream Refer to above Cows islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Cows in dream?

Cows dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Cows dream Refer to above Cows islamic dream explanations.

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