Islamic dream interpretation of Cure, Explanation & Meaning for Cure dreams

Below Cure dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Kohl jar Dream Explanation

Kohl jar Dream Explanation ? In a dream, a kohl jar represents a woman who serves others, advises them in managing their finances and teaches women about their religious and spiritual role. One's eyes in a dream represent his religious standing while the kohl is used to beautify them or as a cure.

Date spread Dream Explanation

Date spread Dream Explanation ? (Jam; Paste; Spread) In a dream, date paste represents a lawful and pleasant wealth which is collected from different sources. Eating date paste in a dream means taking a cure for an illness. (Also see Dates)


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Ivy Dream Explanation

Ivy Dream Explanation ? (English ivy; Ginseng; Herbal medicine) Ivy in a dream represents a physician. Seeing it in a dream means that one will use homemade medicine to cure his illness. Ivy in a dream also signifies a bad character, or it could represent an ill will.

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Tanner Dream Explanation

Tanner Dream Explanation ? (Changing hide into leather or curing it; Dye) Seeing a tanner in a dream is interpreted the same as seeing a cupper. (See Cupping). Both specialties cure something. If one sees a physician becoming a tanner in a dream, it denotes his expertise and the large number of people who benefit from his treatments.

Drink Dream Explanation

Drink Dream Explanation ? If he drinks apple juice or honey or myrtle drink or any other delicious drink in a dream, it means happiness for a rich person and bad news for a poor person. Drinking a glass of apple juice in a dream means benefits drawn from a servant or an employee, a service offered by a powerful person, or it could mean a stressful life. If one drinks something to cure an illness in a dream, it means recovering from that illness if it exists. Otherwise, it means that he might suffer from such an illness and take such a drink as a cure.

Temples Dream Explanation

Temples Dream Explanation ? (anat.) In a dream, one's temples represent two noble and blessed sons. Anything that affects them in the dream will affect one's sons. Temples in a dream also could mean recovering from an illness. If one is suffering from a migraine headache sees his temples turn into iron in a dream, it means that he will find a cure for his illness.

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Cure Dream Explanation

Cure Dream Explanation ? (Antidote; Herbs; Inkwell; Medicine. See Almond; Bathhouse)

Antidote Dream Explanation

Antidote Dream Explanation ? (Cure; Herbs; Ivy; Medicine) In a dream, if one sees himself taking an antidote against a snakebite, it means appeasing of one's fears, or having peace in one's life. (Also see Ivy)

Lightning Dream Explanation

Lightning Dream Explanation ? It is said that lightning without rain symbolizes impending disaster for both, a musaafir as well as muqeem. It is also said that lightning with rain symbolizes cure and remedy for a sick person.

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Marrow Dream Explanation

Marrow Dream Explanation ? In a dream, bon marrows represent hidden treasures, a library, ammunition or an inheritance. Bone marrows in a dream also mean hoarding money. If a sick person sees his bone marrow in a dream, it means that he will find a cure and recover from his illness. (Also see Body; Bones; Brain)

Avarice Dream Explanation

Avarice Dream Explanation ? Stinginess, avariciousness , love to hoard things and to never share with others in a dream means finding a cure for one's disease. Avarice in a dream also means hypocrisy associated with acts that lead to hell-fire. Avarice in a dream also means blame and criticism. If one sees himself repugnantly spending his money in a dream, it means his death. Avariciousness in a dream also means falling into sin.

Honey Dream Explanation

Honey Dream Explanation ? Honey symbolises pure and lawful wealth and cure from sicknesses.

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Medicine Dream Explanation

Medicine Dream Explanation ? Inserting a suppository into the rectum in a dream means spying or eavesdropping. To take a laxative in a dream means attempting to correct one's religious devotion, or it could mean washing one's body from impurities. The success of one's attempt depends on the potency of his medicine. Seeking good health in a dream means trying to amend one's life for the better. The same meaning applies if one sees himself using an ointment for his eyes. A yellow colored medicine in a dream means illness. A laxative in a dream means a cure for a sick person and a warning for a healthy person to correct himself. A bad tasting medicine in a dream means a fever followed by a chill. Good tasting medicine in a dream is beneficial for rich people, though bad for poor people. Interpreting a cure with a medicine in a dream is not like interpreting recovering without a medicine. (Also see Grapes)

Almond Dream Explanation

Almond Dream Explanation ? (Cure; Bitter almond; Sweet almond; Truth) In a dream, almond represent a cure for an illness, impeachment of a governor or loss of one's job. In a dream, almond also represent a deceased person in his shroud or in his grave. Yet, seeing fresh green almond in season in a dream means profits and blessings. Sweet almond in a dream represent lawful money or earnings, depending on the quantity one sees in his dream. Eating sweet almond in a dream means profits, though to be earned with a fight. Plucking almond from a tree in a dream means earning money from a niggardly person with a fight.

Medicines Dream Explanation

Medicines Dream Explanation ? Taking or using medicine means cure from sickness, protection against all ailments and the acquiring of good health and blessedness.

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Marriage Dream Explanation

Marriage Dream Explanation ? cure from all diseased and ailments.

Citron Dream Explanation

Citron Dream Explanation ? (Acid; Heartburn; Sorrel) In a dream, a citron means a cure from illness. It also may mean hypocrisy and affectation. (Also see Citrus medico)

Removing the Hair of the Head and the Beard Simultaneously Dream Explanation

Removing the Hair of the Head and the Beard Simultaneously Dream Explanation ? If there is anything to suggest any goodness in such a dream it means that if observer is in difficulty, Allah will remove if, if he is in debt, Allah will enable him to pay it; if he is ill, Allah will grant him cure. But if there is no suggestion of any good then the dream is not of a favourable nature.

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Sailor or Navigator Dream Explanation

Sailor or Navigator Dream Explanation ? he symbolises a person who knows how to cure people of their sicknesses whether they are rulers or subjects.

Pharmacist Dream Explanation

Pharmacist Dream Explanation ? (Druggist) In a dream, a pharmacist represents a man of knowledge, or a librarian, for drugs and knowledge represent a cure for many illness.

Cure dreams FAQs:

Seeing Cure dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Cure dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Cure dream Refer to Cure islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Cure very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Cure?

There are different meanings of Cure dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Cure dream Refer to above Cure islamic dream interpretation.

What do Cure symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Cure dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Cure dream Refer to above Cure islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Cure in dream?

Cure dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Cure dream Refer to above Cure islamic dream explanations.

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