Islamic dream interpretation of Currency, Explanation & Meaning for Currency dreams

Below are some dream interpretations related to Currency in Islam.

Pebble Dream Explanation

Pebble Dream Explanation ? ? Throwing pebbles? (jamarat) as part of the pilgrimage rites in Mecca (Makkah) as if stoning the Devil:? (1) Will settle a debt of seven or seven hundred currency units.? (2) Will triumph over the enemy.? (3) Will do good.? (4) Will complete fasting and prayer. ? Eating one such pebble: Will eat up the money of an orphan.

Grape Dream Explanation

Grape Dream Explanation ? Grape juice, especially wine, symbolizes women, in view of its delicious taste. It also represents sex, because it is like the semen. Likewise, it refers to a generous and useful man, a good-doer, owing to the multifarious benefits of grape. He could be a ruler, a scholar, or a person who gives money to the needy. White grapes in the right season allude to the best of this world, like money that will come earlier than expected. In winter, grapes allude to rain. To the ancient Arabs, every bunch of grapes was one thousand dirham's? (currency units).

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Nabeq Tree Dream Explanation

Nabeq Tree Dream Explanation ? In any case, it symbolizes plenty of money, gold or silver but not coins. Some ancient interpreters said that it represented money that would come from or be earned in Iraq. Dreaming of the ruler eating nabeq means more power and influence. A woman once dreamed that a nabeq tree had fallen in her house and that she filled two baskets with its fruit. Ibn Siren told her that her husband had died and that she would inherit two thousand currency units. And so it was.

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Hand Dream Explanation

Hand Dream Explanation ? ? One?s hands becoming those of a sultan: Will wield power and influence and behave like that sultan, be he fair or unfair. ? An ailment in the hand: Brothers are facing difficulties. ? Being handless: Will demand money, which will come. ? Shaking hands with a Muslim who withdraws his hand: You will entrust him with something, but he will fail you. ? The hand being severed:? (1) The dreamer will give up something he was doing or resign his job.? (2) The dreamer will change profession.? (3) The dreamer will somehow part from a friend or an associate. ? The hand being severed by a known person:? (1) The dreamer will obtain five thousand currency notes or coins from that person.? (2) That person will help the dreamer refrain from something bad he is doing.

Testicles Dream Explanation

Testicles Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing one?s testicles inflated and stronger than they really are:? (1) Will be protected from any harm.? (2) Will have many girls. ? Seeing one?s testicles having been cut or destroyed: (1) An amount of money is due by the dreamer, of which two thousand, two hundred, or simply two currency units are missing. (2) Will be deprived of God?s blessings, have no more children, and face hard times. (3) Will divorce. (4) Will betray one?s country for personal benefits. (5) Will lose one?s children. (6) Will lose one?s purse or money altogether. (7) Will lose the consent of the bride?s sponsors. (8) Will lose one?s family or other relatives. (9) Will no longer be decent.? (10) Will contract a skin disease, in particular; alopecia? (loss of hair), commonly called fox?s evil; or leontiasis leprosy, known as lion?s evil. ? A dreamer seeing his testicles being cut off or infected with a disease:

Currency dreams FAQs:

Seeing Currency dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Currency dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Currency dream Refer to Currency islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Currency very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Currency?

There are different meanings of Currency dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Currency dream Refer to above Currency islamic dream interpretation.

What do Currency symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Currency dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Currency dream Refer to above Currency islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Currency in dream?

Currency dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Currency dream Refer to above Currency islamic dream explanations.