Islamic dream interpretation of Curse, Explanation & Meaning for Curse dreams

Below Curse dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Garden Dream Explanation

Garden Dream Explanation ? In other interpretations, the garden could represent the dreamer?s wife. Its fruits are her money, dresses, and jewels; the trunks of its trees are her weight and silhouette; their height are the length of her life; the area covered by the garden is the wife?s comfortable livelihood. Likewise, a garden refers to the marketplace, forums or the courts of rulers and scholars grouping people of all walks of life or of various nationalities, a wedding ceremony, in which case the trees are the tables and the fruits the various dishes; or whatever is useful to man, like utilities of all kinds, domestic animals, and servants. It is important in dreams involving gardens to consider the season in which the dream occurred. Dreams that occur in spring or summer when the water flows and everything flourishes are a good augury. Those that take place in autumn or winter are a curse.

Well Dream Explanation

Well Dream Explanation ? ? Digging a well to find water in it: Will marry a wealthy woman and outsmart her because, according to Ibn Siren, digging symbolizes wickedness, deceit, fraud, trickery, et cetera. If the well is empty, the woman in question will be a poor one. ? Water flowing out of a well: Sorrow and weeping will take place in the area. If the water infiltrates the houses around, the dreamer will have money that will prove to be a curse for him. ? Digging a well and irrigating one?s garden with its water: The dreamer is taking an aphrodisiac, which drives him to incest.


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Ablution Dream Explanation

Ablution Dream Explanation ? If a sick person sees himself taking ablution while in bed in a dream, it means separation from his wife or a close friend. Taking ablution inside one's house in a dream means that one will move to a new house. Taking ablution in the street or the marketplace in public or in a bathhouse in a dream means a scandal, loss and a curse. Taking ablution at the seashore or in a proper ablution area in a dream means dispelling one's fear, sorrow or distress. Taking ablution while standing over a friend's head in a dream means inheriting him.

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Profanity Dream Explanation

Profanity Dream Explanation ? (See Curse)

Call For Prayer? (Arabic: Athan) Dream Explanation

Call For Prayer? (Arabic: Athan) Dream Explanation ? ? Launching the prayer call while standing on top of a wall: The dreamer is undertaking a peace initiative. ? Launching the prayer call from a roof: Death will occur in that house. ? Calling people for prayer but receiving no response: The dreamer is amid evildoers in view of a verse in the Holy Quran: ?And the dwellers of the Garden? (Paradise) cry unto the dwellers of the Fire? (Hell): We have found that which our Lord promised us? (to be) the Truth. Have ye? (too) found that which your Lord promised the Truth? They say: Yea, verily. And a crier in between them crieth: The curse of Allah is on evildoer.?? (?Al-Aaraf,? verse 44.)

Crow Dream Explanation

Crow Dream Explanation ? The crow symbolizes a haughty man who walks arrogantly, a miser, a corrupt person, and a liar. According to religious belief, it once was a human being but was metamorphosed as a result of a curse. In general, sight of one does not augur well. Paradoxically, it sometimes alludes to long life. ? Catching a crow: Will make illicit gains through corruption and arrogance. ? Seizing or winning a crow: Vanity and wrongdoing. ? Owning a crow: Will loot somebody or something. ? Talking to a crow: Will drown in worries, but relief will follow. ? Eating crow meat: Will get money from thieves.

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Branding With Fire Dream Explanation

Branding With Fire Dream Explanation ? Branding with fire means he will hear people cursing and ridiculing him. The greater the branding the great will be the curse and ridicule.

Injustice Dream Explanation

Injustice Dream Explanation ? If one sees an oppressed person invoking a curse upon him in a dream, it means that he should await a painful punishment from Allah Almighty. The oppressed in a dream will always triumph over the oppressor. If one sees his oppressor cursing him in a dream, it means glad tidings, for the oppressor is always a loser. (Also see Darkness)

Stoning Dream Explanation

Stoning Dream Explanation ? (Capital punishment; Cleansing; Curse; Damn; Death; Lapidate) Stoning someone in a dream means insulting him, backbiting him, or it could mean slandering a woman. Stoning someone to death in a dream means purification from sin only when it relates to fulfilling the divine laws.

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Menstrual period Dream Explanation

Menstrual period Dream Explanation ? (Discharge; Menstruation; The Curse of Eve) Experiencing one's menstrual period in a dream means that one has committed a wrongdoing, or it could mean confusion. If a woman sees herself taking a ritual ablution thereafter in the dream, it means that she will repent for his sin and her adversities will be dispelled. If an aged woman sees herself experiencing that in the dream, it means that she will bear a son.

Wasp Dream Explanation

Wasp Dream Explanation ? The wasp is a trashy individual, a punk, a fearsome man, or a killer. It is believed to be? (according to the religious belief) from amongst the metamorphosed as a result of a curse. It is a man who argues against what is right and just, a mean person, and a gossiper. ? Swarms of wasps invading a place: Powerful and valiant soldiers will enter the place and combat its inhabitants. ? Being bitten by a wasp: Will be slandered by rubbish people.

Sing Dream Explanation

Sing Dream Explanation ? ? Dreaming that there is singing in some place: Lies will separate those who love each other and covetous and evil-eyed persons will deceive others because, says Ibn Siren: ?The first, ever, to have sung and wailed was damned Satan, may God curse him.? ? Singing nice poems or songs on a harmonious note and with a loud but pleasant voice: Good dream for singers, composers, and their bands. Singing with a harsh voice and without melody: Unemployment and misery. ? Walking in the mud and singing: Good dreams, especially for those who sell lutes. ? Singing in the bathroom: Equivocal statements.

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Slingshot Dream Explanation

Slingshot Dream Explanation ? Using a slingshot to cast stones at others in a dream also means rightly invoking a strong curse on them. If one sees a woman using a slingshot to throw stones at him in a dream, it means sorcery or witchcraft. A slingshot in a dream also denotes just and harsh words. Holding a slingshot and preparing to shoot in a dream represents one's strength and determination to say something just and true. If one carries a slingshot but adoes not use it to cast stones in the dream, it means that he will repent for his sin.

Ape Dream Explanation

Ape Dream Explanation ? The ape? (or monkey as well) is a poor man deprived of his means of living. It belongs to the category of human beings who have been metamorphosed as a result of a legendary curse. It represents the wicked, spiteful, and cursing individual, the same as it symbolizes a Jew? (according to the ancient Arabs) or a person who commits major sins. ? Fighting and overpowering an ape: Will be ill but recover, unless the ape had the upper hand. ? Receiving an ape as a present: Will be exposed before one?s enemy.

Turtle Dream Explanation

Turtle Dream Explanation ? The turtle is among the human beings who were metamorphosed, according to religious belief, as a result of a curse. The turtle or tortoise symbolizes:? (1) A woman who adorns herself, uses a lot of cosmetics and perfume, and offers herself to men.? (2) The chief justice, as the turtle is the most knowledgeable marine creature? (according to Ibn Siren).? (3) A scholar and a worshiper who reads the Holy Quran. ? A turtle in a garbage can: The people of the area have a scholar but do not know his value. ? Eating tortoise meat: Money and knowledge.

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Angels Dream Explanation

Angels Dream Explanation ? If angels offer the person a tray of fruits in the dream, it means that he will depart from this world as a martyr. If angels curse someone in a dream, it means that he has little care for his religion. If one sees a gathering of heavenly angels together with the angels of hell-fire in a dream, it means enmity and divisiveness. If a sick person sees himself struggling with an angel in a dream, it is a sign of his death .

Owl Dream Explanation

Owl Dream Explanation ? The owl symbolizes the thief who enjoys hurting people but has no gang. It could also refer to an awesome individual. According to religious belief, it used to be a human being but was metamorphosed as a result of a curse.

Spider Dream Explanation

Spider Dream Explanation ? The spider is among the metamorphosed? (human beings turned into animals as a result of a curse, according to religious belief). It symbolizes a damned and detestable woman who abandons her husband?s bed in favour of others. ? Seeing a spider: Will meet a weak but showy and vexatious man, a nouveau riche, or newly rich, person. ? Seeing a cobweb: An association with an irreligious woman.

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Transformation Dream Explanation

Transformation Dream Explanation ? If he turns into a pig in a dream, it means prosperity surrounded with absence of human dignity. If one sees a steer transformed into a wolf in a dream, it represents a government employee who will turn unjust. However, according to Islamic interpretations of the human transformation into a lower category of creatures phenomena, if such transformation takes place in real life, it connotes a curse and a punishment, and it does not last for more than three days, and it will culminate in death. (Also see Changing form)

Curse dreams FAQs:

Seeing Curse dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Curse dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Curse dream Refer to Curse islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Curse very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Curse?

There are different meanings of Curse dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Curse dream Refer to above Curse islamic dream interpretation.

What do Curse symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Curse dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Curse dream Refer to above Curse islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Curse in dream?

Curse dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Curse dream Refer to above Curse islamic dream explanations.

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