Islamic dream interpretation of Dark room, Explanation & Meaning for Dark room dreams

Below Dark room dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Chamber Dream Explanation

Chamber Dream Explanation ? If a poor person sees himself inside a new room in a dream, it means satisfaction and wealth. However, if a rich person sees that in a dream, it means loss of money or business. If a destitute sees himself inside an old room in a dream, it means that he will become increasingly poor and penniless, and if he is rich, it means that his wealth will increase. Building a room on the second floor in a dream means marrying a second wife. (Also see Bedroom)

Chamber Dream Explanation

Chamber Dream Explanation ? (Bedchamber; Bedroom; Room; Suite) A chamber in a dream means safety, security, marriage, a newborn, or the lady of the house. Seeing a chamber from a distance means joy, satisfaction and happiness. To be inside a chamber with two or three compartments in a dream also means security. Walking scared into a room whose owner is unknown in a dream means security, safety and appeasement of one's fears. If one is sick, then it means entering paradise or recovering from his illness, rising in rank, enjoying an elevated position in the world, presiding over people through knowledge, experience, leadership or spiritual attainment.


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Turkish bath Dream Explanation

Turkish bath Dream Explanation ? (Bathhouse; Rest room; Sauna; Steam room; Sweat room) Seeing the attendant of a public bath facility in a dream means paying one's debts, dispelling one's problems, ending one's difficulties and washing oneself from sin. On the other hand, seeing him in a dream also could mean depression or a sickness.

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Dresser Dream Explanation

Dresser Dream Explanation ? (See Dressing room)

Room Dream Explanation

Room Dream Explanation ? ? Building a room on the top of the house, while the wife is crying and wailing out of disapproval and despair: The dreamer will have a second wife or a concubine. If the wife looked beautiful and was perfumed and smiling? (in the dream), the dreamer will receive a promotion and be better off. A sacred person dreaming of going up to an unknown room: He will be secure or the quality of life will improve and bring about plenty of joy and happiness. If ill, he will go to Heaven. ? Climbing to an unknown room followed by a crowd: The dreamer will become a chief, a spiritual leader, et cetera. ? A bachelor dreaming of being in a room: He will marry a beautiful, wise, and religious lady. ? Dreaming of having two or three rooms: The dreamer will be safe and secure and have nothing to fear anymore.

Room Dream Explanation

Room Dream Explanation ? The room symbolizes prestige, a high-class woman, or the dissipation of fear in view of the Quranic verse: ?? and they will dwell secure in lofty rooms.?? (?Saba? [Sheba], verse 37.) It could also allude to Paradise in view of another verse: ?They will be awarded the room? (high place) forasmuch as they were steadfast, and they will meet therein with welcome and the word of peace?? (?Al-Furqan? [The Criterion], verse 75) , or the mosque?s pulpit, for etymological reasons.

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Upper room Dream Explanation

Upper room Dream Explanation ? (See Stairway)

Fitting room Dream Explanation

Fitting room Dream Explanation ? (See Dressing room)

House Dream Explanation

House Dream Explanation ? ? A bright, well-illuminated house: A polite and virtuous woman. ? A dark house: An ill-tempered and mean person. ? Entering a house sprinkled with water: Trouble with a woman and worries as much as there was humidity and mud, but which will disappear.

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Moon Dream Explanation

Moon Dream Explanation ? ? Crescents assembled in the sky: Will go on hajj. ? A crescent rising from the east or the west and people admiring it on the first or last night of the Islamic month: Great news will come from that direction. If it were gleaming, scintillating, or sparkling, the news would be good. If, on the contrary, it was dark, made of brass or copper or looking like a snake or a scorpion, the news would be bad. The greater its size or its evolution in the sky, the more wide-ranging the news would be.

Dark Dream Explanation

Dark Dream Explanation ? (See Evening)

Wardrobe Dream Explanation

Wardrobe Dream Explanation ? A wardrobe in a dream means glad tidings and good news that maybe announced in few days. (Also see Dressing room)

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Stair Dream Explanation

Stair Dream Explanation ? ? A sick person climbing stairs till reaching the top: He will pass away. If at last he enters a room, his soul will go to Paradise. The reverse is also true. ? Standing on the ladder: The dreamer likes to overhear, in view of the Quranic verse: ?Or have they any stairway? (unto heaven) by means of which they overhear? (decrees)? Then let their listeners produce some warrant manifest!?? (?Al-Tur? [The Mount], verse 38.)

Raven Dream Explanation

Raven Dream Explanation ? ? Seizing a raven? (a small, dark bird with a red beak and red legs):? (1) Influence or a leading position, achieved by merit, if eligible.? (2) The dreamer will tell the truth or make a just statement that will not be accepted or taken well. ? A raven diving on the dreamer or landing on him: The dreamer will be assaulted by bandits.

Night Dream Explanation

Night Dream Explanation ? (Darkness; Heedlessness; Ignorance) In a dream, a moonless night represents lack of work, stagnation, or losing one's job. If one sees the whole world in the dark and the moon is still radiant in the skies in a dream, it means that the governor will temporarily relinquish his entire duties to his chief minister or secretary, and that thieves and robbers will cluster around them for business. If one then sees the daylight in his dream, it means that such an adversity will pass. If people are under siege in the dream and the daylight dawns after a long dark night in a dream, it means that their siege will be lifted. If people are suffering from high prices and someone sees that dream, it means that prices will go back to normal. If they are suffering from tyranny, it too will pass.

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Dressing room Dream Explanation

Dressing room Dream Explanation ? (Dresser; Fitting room; Wardrobe) A dressing room means what a comb represents in a dream. A dressing room in a dream also represents a husband for a single girl, or a chaste and a hard-working wife for a single man. (Also see Comb; Wardrobe)

Bathhouse Dream Explanation

Bathhouse Dream Explanation ? (Sauna; Steam room; Sweat room; Rest room) Washing one's dirt with hot water in a dream brings benefits. If one builds a bathhouse in his dream, it means committing a sin or searching for a woman to partake in it, then suffering its consequence. If the bathhouse is heated and the water is lukewarm in the dream, it represents his family's compassion toward him, trying to help him out of his breach. If the bathhouse is cold and if its water is cold in the dream, it means that his family has ostracized or banished him. If one witness the hot water pipes breaking, whereby he could not control the flow of water in the dream, it means that someone will betray him with his wife, though he will keep trying to control the situation, but to no avail.

Lunar Eclipse Dream Explanation

Lunar Eclipse Dream Explanation ? A Lunar eclipse assuming a reddish or dark colour owing to clouds or dust suggests that the person towards whom the moon is linked will soon encounter problems and find himself in some predicament.

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Room Dream Explanation

Room Dream Explanation ? (See Chamber)

Evening Dream Explanation

Evening Dream Explanation ? (Dark; Nightfall) In a dream, the evening signifies trickery, lies, corruption and arrogance. The evening in a dream also means celebrating Allah's praises and remembering Him.

Dark room dreams FAQs:

Seeing Dark room dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Dark room dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Dark room dream Refer to Dark room islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Dark room very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Dark room?

There are different meanings of Dark room dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Dark room dream Refer to above Dark room islamic dream interpretation.

What do Dark room symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Dark room dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Dark room dream Refer to above Dark room islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Dark room in dream?

Dark room dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Dark room dream Refer to above Dark room islamic dream explanations.

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