Islamic dream interpretation of Daughter crying, Explanation & Meaning for Daughter crying dreams

Below Daughter crying dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Intestines Dream Explanation

Intestines Dream Explanation ? The appearance of the intestines or anything from within the body means that savings will come out or whatever is hoarded will reappear. It could also mean that the dreamer himself or a member of his household will be authoritarian and prevail. ? A person eating his own intestines: He is eating up his money. ? Eating somebody else?s bowels: Will take a bite at his savings or eat up his money. ? The intestines coming out of the body:? (1) A daughter will get married.? (2) Disgrace. ? Part of the bowels coming out: The dreamer is implementing the will of a person, looking after that person?s daughter and insisting on wedding her to somebody.

Call For Prayer? (Arabic: Athan) Dream Explanation

Call For Prayer? (Arabic: Athan) Dream Explanation ? ? A child launching the prayer call: His parents will be innocent from calumnies, by analogy with the story and origin of Jesus Christ. ? Launching the praying call in a bathroom: Bad dream on both the spiritual and material planes. It could mean that the dreamer is a pimp. ? Crying for prayers in the ?hot house?23: Will have a shaking fever. Crying for prayers in the ?cold house?: Will have a fever. ? Launching the athan at the gate of the ruler: Will speak the truth. ? Calling for prayer while clad indecently or showing one?s underwear: Will penetrate a woman. ? Someone launching the athan in a souk? (marketplace): Someone in that souk will pass away. ? Hearing an unpleasant athan: Someone is inviting the dreamer to indulge in vice and abominations.


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Shock Dream Explanation

Shock Dream Explanation ? (Blow) A shock that leads to pain, suffering and crying in a dream means loss of a child or money. (Also see Tremor)

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Incest Dream Explanation

Incest Dream Explanation ? ? Having sex with one?s little girl: Same interpretation. ? Having sex with one?s grown-up daughter: The girl will get married, and the father will generously furnish and equip her new home. ? Having sex with one?s daughter while she is married to another man: She will be separated from her husband and return to her father?s house. ? A poor man whose daughter is well off having the same dream means he will get great benefits from his girl.

Flower Dream Explanation

Flower Dream Explanation ? he flower or rose symbolizes a child or honest money. Since the word in Arabic is ward, it could also mean the return? (worood) of an absent one or the arrival of a letter. Certain interpreters believe that the rose represents a woman who quits, a child who dies, a trade that does not last, or a passing joy, in view of the flower?s ephemeral nature. Others think that all aromatic plants?numerous or few?allude to worries and sorrow. To them, flowers mean crying, except for those flowers that the dreamer sees in their normal place but does not touch, in which case they would refer to a new birth, et cetera. In the event of their being picked and their trees dying, it means that there will be crying and weeping.

Mary, Daughter Of Imran Dream Explanation

Mary, Daughter Of Imran Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing Mary:? (1) Prestige, promotion, and the facilitation of all matters.? (2) A miracle will appear in the spot where she was seen. ? Prostrating before the Virgin: Will speak to the king and sit with him. ? A pregnant woman seeing the Holy Virgin:? (1) Will give birth to a wise boy.? (2) If she is calumniated, her innocence will be proven by God?s grace.

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Cow Dream Explanation

Cow Dream Explanation ? The same interpretation of horses colours should apply to cows, which, as mentioned, refer to women or years. ? Seeing in one?s house a cow sucking the milk of her own calf: A woman is trading in her own daughter. ? A man slave milking his master?s cow: Will marry the latter?s daughter. ? Being scratched by a cow or a bull: Will be ill inasmuch as the scratch was severe. ? A cow or a bull raping the dreamer: Will experience hardships and punishment and might even get killed. ? Falling on a cow?s back: Luck will change during the year. ? An ox falling on the dreamer: Will die during that year. ? Having a dispute with a cow: Controversy with a hot-tempered and impolite woman. ? Being bitten or kicked by a cow: Children will betray their father. ? Beating a cow or an ox with a stick or biting either one: The dreamer has plenty of sins and should seek God?s forgiveness.

Joy Dream Explanation

Joy Dream Explanation ? Joy could symbolize crying or relief, at face value. ? Dreaming of being merry: Coming sorrow. ? One?s friends appearing joyful: A reference to something sensual or delicious.

The Ear Dream Explanation

The Ear Dream Explanation ? The ear symbolises a perbond wife or daughter. If the ear is seen not functioning (or as dead) it means he will divorce his wife or she will die. It could also mean his daughter will get married.

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Ear Dream Explanation

Ear Dream Explanation ? The ear symbolizes the man?s wife or daughter. It also represents religion. ? Having three ears: The dreamer has a wife and two daughters. ? Having four ears:? (1) The dreamer has four women.? (2) He has four girls without a mother. ? Having one ear: No relative will stay alive. ? Having half an ear: Wife will die and the dreamer will remarry. ? One ear having fallen:? (1) Will divorce.? (2) A daughter will die. ? Wearing an earring: Will marry one?s daughter to someone, and she will give birth to a male child. ? Filling or obstructing one?s ears with something: The dreamer is an atheist.

Silver Dream Explanation

Silver Dream Explanation ? ? A man wearing two silver bracelets:? (1) Benefits obtained the hard way.? (2) Hardships of one?s own making and deep regret, especially if the metal is twisted. ? Seeing a silver bracelet: The dreamer will get a male servant or have a child. ? A silver armlet or bangle: Worries and hatred, but less than if it were gold. ? An armlet on a man?s upper arm: His daughter or his brother?s daughter will get married.? (The upper arm and the forearm represent the brother.) ? A silver pendent: A pretty girl, servant, or slave.

Son Dream Explanation

Son Dream Explanation ? In a dream, a son may mean a daughter or a servant.

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Eyes Dream Explanation

Eyes Dream Explanation ? If one's eyes become white in a dream, they represent sorrow, or loss of a beloved. If one sees his eyes white, and if the white veil is lifted in the dream, it means that he will be reunited with his beloved and his distress will be dispelled. The right eye in a dream represents one's son and the left eye represents one's daughter. If a father sees one of his eyes being transposed to mix with the other eye in a dream, and if he has a son and a daughter, he should separate their bedrooms. Eating someone's eye in a dream means steeling his money. Seeing one's eyes without eyelashes in a dream means defying Allah's laws.

Kidneys Dream Explanation

Kidneys Dream Explanation ? (Daughter; Son; Servant. See Body)

Wax-chandler Dream Explanation

Wax-chandler Dream Explanation ? (Tallow-chandler) In a dream, a chandler represents festivities, joy, happiness, death, illness, guidance, knowledge, desire, wantonness, or crying.

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Arabic months Dream Explanation

Arabic months Dream Explanation ? As for the fifth lunar month, known in Arabic as Jamada-al-Awwal, seeing a dream during this month means that one should slow down or scrutinize his buying and selling, or it could mean that he may lose his daughter or wife, for it is in this month that the?daughter of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam, Fatima died. May Allah. be forever pleased with her.

Incident - Shaikh Salim Bin Tsa and reading Qur'an Dream Explanation

Incident - Shaikh Salim Bin Tsa and reading Qur'an Dream Explanation ? Shaikh Salim Bin Tsa once visited Hamza Bin Al-Habib Al-Zayyat, God bless his soul, who had memorized the Holy Qur'an and read it with great devotion, seeking God's pleasure, and saw him crying and rubbing his cheeks with dust. He exclaimed: "I call upon God's protection for you. Oh Hamza, what is this crying?" Hamza replied: "Last night, I saw in a dream that the Day of Resurrection took place. The readers of the Qur'an were called in to stand before God Almighty, and I was among them. I then heard an amiable voice saying: 'Only those who lived by the Qur'an should enter.' I was in shock, so I began to withdraw. A voice called my name: "Where are you going to, Oh Hamza Bin Al-Zayyat?' I cried out: 'At thy command, Oh caller to my Lord.' An angel then said to me: 'Say: At Thy command Oh my Lord, At Thy command.' So I repeated what the angel told me to say.

Ceiling Dream Explanation

Ceiling Dream Explanation ? If water is leaking from one's ceiling in a dream, it means crying in that house for the sake of a departed soul or crying because of a sick person in that family. If rain dissolves the ceiling in a dream, it means loss of money and falling-out from grace. If one sees himself standing on the ceiling of his house and cannot come down in the dream, it means his imprisonment. In a dream, the central beam that carries the ceiling represents a hypocrite who supports the business of an alliance of profiteers. Should the central beam break down and fall in the dream, it means that such a person will be removed from his office. If the ceiling falls over someone's head in a dream, it means that punishment and sufferings will befall him too. If one sees the stars under the roof of his house in a dream, it means that his ceiling may actually cave-in. (Also see Cave-in)

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Tallow-chandler Dream Explanation

Tallow-chandler Dream Explanation ? (Wax-chandler) In a dream, a chandler represents festivities, joy, happiness, death, illness, guidance, knowledge, desire, or crying.

Daughter crying dreams FAQs:

Seeing Daughter crying dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Daughter crying dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Daughter crying dream Refer to Daughter crying islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Daughter crying very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Daughter crying?

There are different meanings of Daughter crying dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Daughter crying dream Refer to above Daughter crying islamic dream interpretation.

What do Daughter crying symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Daughter crying dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Daughter crying dream Refer to above Daughter crying islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Daughter crying in dream?

Daughter crying dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Daughter crying dream Refer to above Daughter crying islamic dream explanations.

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