Islamic dream interpretation of Daughter pregnant, Explanation & Meaning for Daughter pregnant dreams

Below Daughter pregnant dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Torah Dream Explanation

Torah Dream Explanation ? If one's wife is pregnant, it means that she will bear a child who resembles his father. If one's wife is pregnant, and if he sees himself holding the Torah in a dream, it means that she will beget a daughter, for the gender of the word Torah is feminine. It also means that he will mix with evil companions. Similar interpretations are given to carrying other scriptures. To see the Torah, or the Evangel, or the Gospel in a dream is as though one has seen Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam, because his name (Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam) is mentioned in all three of them. It could also mean betrayal, negating a covenant, or desiring what is shoddy.

Cucumber Dream Explanation

Cucumber Dream Explanation ? (Large cucumber; Snake-cucumber; Squirting cucumber) In a dream, cucumbers represent distress and sadness. If one eats a cucumber in his dream, it means that he will strive for something but with great strain on him and particularly if he sees yellow cucumbers. If one's wife is pregnant and he sees cucumbers in his dream, it means that she will beget a daughter. If one is offered cucumbers as a gift in his dream, it means benefits in the long run. (Also see Pickles; Snake-cucumber)


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Chessmen Dream Explanation

Chessmen Dream Explanation ? (Castle) Seeing any of the pieces used in the game of chess in a dream denotes rightfulness, balance, privacy, confidentiality, truthfulness, or it could mean a sudden death. If a pregnant woman sees any of these pieces in a dream, it means giving birth to a daughter. (Also see Chess; Chessboard)

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The Ear Dream Explanation

The Ear Dream Explanation ? The ear symbolises a perbond wife or daughter. If the ear is seen not functioning (or as dead) it means he will divorce his wife or she will die. It could also mean his daughter will get married.

Lesbianism Dream Explanation

Lesbianism Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing one?s wife with a beard: She will never become pregnant. If she already has a boy, the latter will prevail over his family. ? A woman dreaming that she is disguised, looks like, or behaves like a man: Good or bad fortune and fear, depending on the condition of her clothes. ? A woman dreaming that she has a penis? (or a beard):? (1) If married, she will divorce.? (2) More power for whoever is supporting her.? (3) She is dominating her husband and retaliates to any reproach on his part, especially if in the dream she is dressed like a man.? (4) If pregnant, she will give birth to a male child.? (5) If she is not pregnant but already has a boy, the latter will become the master of his folk.? (6) If she is neither pregnant nor the mother of a boy, she will never have children in view of her masculinity.? (7) It could also indicate that she is a lesbian who uses her clitoris as men do their phallus in making love to the opposite sex.? (8) If she is not a lesbian, is not married, and has never conceived, she will get married. ? A pregnant woman introducing her penis in her anus: Will have an abortion.

Silver Dream Explanation

Silver Dream Explanation ? ? A man wearing two silver bracelets:? (1) Benefits obtained the hard way.? (2) Hardships of one?s own making and deep regret, especially if the metal is twisted. ? Seeing a silver bracelet: The dreamer will get a male servant or have a child. ? A silver armlet or bangle: Worries and hatred, but less than if it were gold. ? An armlet on a man?s upper arm: His daughter or his brother?s daughter will get married.? (The upper arm and the forearm represent the brother.) ? A silver pendent: A pretty girl, servant, or slave.

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Pearl Dream Explanation

Pearl Dream Explanation ? ? Throwing a pearl under one?s feet: The dreamer will marry his daughter to someone of a different kind, perhaps an alien. ? A pearl breaking: The dreamer will break with or lose his son. ? Pearls scattered in a garbage dump: The dreamer is scoffing at good learning. ? Using pearls as fuel: The dreamer is misleading someone or inciting him to do something wrong by using all his rhetoric. ? A man whose wife is pregnant holding a pearl: She will have a girl.

Egg Dream Explanation

Egg Dream Explanation ? ? A man whose wife is pregnant hitting an egg once: He is ordering his wife to abort. ? Seeing someone else breaking an egg and throwing it back to the dreamer: That man will deflower the dreamer?s daughter. ? Digging an egg out of one?s sleeve: The dreamer will penetrate his nanny or slave and have a girl from her. ? Having plenty of raw eggs: The dreamer?s great wealth is in jeopardy. ? Seeing boiled eggs: The revival of a stalled or dead matter, which will yield quite a lot of money. ? Groping for eggs: Will squander or eat up the money of a woman.

Arabic months Dream Explanation

Arabic months Dream Explanation ? As for the fifth lunar month, known in Arabic as Jamada-al-Awwal, seeing a dream during this month means that one should slow down or scrutinize his buying and selling, or it could mean that he may lose his daughter or wife, for it is in this month that the?daughter of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam, Fatima died. May Allah. be forever pleased with her.

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Gazelle Dream Explanation

Gazelle Dream Explanation ? ? Turning into a deer, a buck, or a gazelle: Will enjoy the delights of this world. ? Capturing a gazelle: Inheritance and abundant means. ? Owning a gazelle: God will bless the money the dreamer earns, and he will marry a noble girl. ? Introducing a gazelle in one?s house:? (1) If the dreamer is a man: Will marry his daughter to a good person.? (2) If the dreamer is a pregnant woman: Will give birth to a boy. ? Eating venison: Will obtain money from a pretty woman. ? Obtaining a fawn: Will have a boy from a beautiful girl.

Partridge Dream Explanation

Partridge Dream Explanation ? If a married person sees himself catching a male partridge in a dream, it means that he will beget a blessed son. If a pregnant woman catches a partridge in a dream, it means that she will give birth to a daughter. Slaughtering a partridge in a dream means committing adultery. Driving or pushing a partridge in a dream means rebuking a woman. Owning a partridge in a dream means marrying an Asiatic or a Persian woman, or meeting with a wealthy woman, or marrying a woman who will betray him and bring no benefits to him.

Ear Dream Explanation

Ear Dream Explanation ? The ear symbolizes the man?s wife or daughter. It also represents religion. ? Having three ears: The dreamer has a wife and two daughters. ? Having four ears:? (1) The dreamer has four women.? (2) He has four girls without a mother. ? Having one ear: No relative will stay alive. ? Having half an ear: Wife will die and the dreamer will remarry. ? One ear having fallen:? (1) Will divorce.? (2) A daughter will die. ? Wearing an earring: Will marry one?s daughter to someone, and she will give birth to a male child. ? Filling or obstructing one?s ears with something: The dreamer is an atheist.

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Mary, Daughter Of Imran Dream Explanation

Mary, Daughter Of Imran Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing Mary:? (1) Prestige, promotion, and the facilitation of all matters.? (2) A miracle will appear in the spot where she was seen. ? Prostrating before the Virgin: Will speak to the king and sit with him. ? A pregnant woman seeing the Holy Virgin:? (1) Will give birth to a wise boy.? (2) If she is calumniated, her innocence will be proven by God?s grace.

Pregnancy Dream Explanation

Pregnancy Dream Explanation ? However, generally speaking, pregnancy in a dream also could mean prosperity and material success. The extent of wealth is measured by the number of months of such pregnancy and the size of one's growth in the dream. This is true whether it is a man or a woman in the dream. If a young boy who is under the age of puberty sees himself pregnant in a dream, it represents his father, and if a young girl who is under the age of menstruation sees herself pregnant, then it represents her mother. If a man sees his wife pregnant in a dream, it reflects his desire for material success.

Pregnancy Dream Explanation

Pregnancy Dream Explanation ? ? A maiden getting pregnant:? (1) Bitter events will occur to her family because of her.? (2) Evil?like a robbery or a fire?at her place.? (3) She will be possessed by a demon.? (4) The clothes made or given to her on the occasion of her wedding will not suit her or will not be to her liking.? (5) She will be wedded to an incapable person.? (6) She will be deflowered before marriage and hence stay single for a long time.? (7) She will get married. ? A single woman dreaming of being pregnant: Will get married. ? An old woman being pregnant:? (1) A reference to an arsenal or an arms cache.? (2) A reference to unemployment.? (3) Fertility after drought. ? A pregnant animal, especially a good and useful one: Benefits and welfare. ? A sterile woman or a bull being pregnant: A year characterized by drought, barrenness, intrigues, and evil brought about by bandits and atheists. If, afterward, a frightening or ferocious animal is born, it means that evil, misery, fear, or worries will disappear.

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Incest Dream Explanation

Incest Dream Explanation ? ? Having sex with one?s little girl: Same interpretation. ? Having sex with one?s grown-up daughter: The girl will get married, and the father will generously furnish and equip her new home. ? Having sex with one?s daughter while she is married to another man: She will be separated from her husband and return to her father?s house. ? A poor man whose daughter is well off having the same dream means he will get great benefits from his girl.

Pregnancy Dream Explanation

Pregnancy Dream Explanation ? ? A boy under the age of puberty being pregnant: A reference to his father. ? A pregnant woman:? (1) Her wealth will increase, commensurate with the size of her belly.? (2) She will persevere till she makes the money she wants, which will grow constantly. She will be proud of her achievements and highly dignified and praised.? (3) Trouble, unhappiness, worries, and concealed matters. ? A girl under the age of puberty being pregnant: A reference to her mother.

Marriage Dream Explanation

Marriage Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing a woman taking a second husband can have three interpretations:? (1) If she is pregnant, she will give birth to a girl.? (2) The lady is trying to get her daughter married.? (3) Dispute over marriage between the lady and her husband. ? Marriage contract involving an unidentified woman: Death, if the bride-groom is ill. Otherwise, it means that the dreamer will sign a contract that will bring him power or will testify against a dead person. Because women symbolize power, penetration is tantamount to killing and the penis is likened to a dagger or a spear stab that causes bloodshed. ? The dreamer marrying another?s wife and taking her to him: Loss of dignity and livelihood.

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Snot Dream Explanation

Snot Dream Explanation ? According to Ibn Siren, the mucus from the nose symbolizes the making of children, in view of the popular belief that the cat emanated from the lion?s snot. ? Having mucus in the nose: Wife is pregnant. ? Blowing one?s nose:? (1) Will settle debts.? (2) Will be relieved from a certain worry.? (3) Will punish some people for a certain deed. ? Putting snot on the ground: Will have a daughter. ? Putting snots on one?s wife: She will conceive a male child but have a miscarriage. ? The wife putting snots on the dreamer:? (1) She will give birth to a boy.? (2) She will terminate the breast-feeding of a small child.

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There are different meanings of Daughter pregnant dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Daughter pregnant dream Refer to above Daughter pregnant islamic dream interpretation.

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There are different symbols of Daughter pregnant dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Daughter pregnant dream Refer to above Daughter pregnant islamic dream symbols.

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