Islamic dream interpretation of Death parent, Explanation & Meaning for Death parent dreams

Below Death parent dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Harvest Dream Explanation

Harvest Dream Explanation ? Throwing the harvest back into the fields means that one's deeds are worthless. To see oneself harvesting outside the season in a dream means devastation, war, or death. Harvesting a green crop in the dream connotes the death of a young person. If the color of the harvest is white in the dream, it means death of an elderly person. If one sees the crop being harvested before its time, or much later than its due time in the dream, it means death or a war. (Also see Crop; Earth; Grammarian; Planting)

Death Dream Explanation

Death Dream Explanation ? ? Death of a night watchman:? (1) Death of a ruler or governor.? (2) Fear. ? Death of a bachelor: Marriage. ? Death of a professional or a craftsman: The craft will go through a recession. ? Death of a slave: Snags and loss of prestige, especially if that was the only slave in the house. ? Death of unchaste and wanton persons:? (1) Comfort for the devout and torture for the disbelievers.? (2) Religious corruption.


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Death Dream Explanation

Death Dream Explanation ? ? Death of a relative: Will become less able. ? Death of a pregnant woman: Will give birth to a male child who will prove to be very beneficial and bring about a lot of joy. ? Death of an unknown woman:? (1) Worldly matters will run into a snag.? (2) Drought. Death of a friend:? (1) The dreamer will die.? (2) The dreamer will lose that friend. ? Death of an unknown old man: The dreamer?s endeavours will not bear any fruit.

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Agony Dream Explanation

Agony Dream Explanation ? (See Agony of death; Death; Distress; Gambling; Uptight; Worries)

Stoning to death Dream Explanation

Stoning to death Dream Explanation ? (See Stoning)

Death Dream Explanation

Death Dream Explanation ? Death in the dream symbolises corruption of a perbond Deen while there will be glory, rank and honour for him in the world if such death is not accompanied by mourning, weeping, the carrying of a bier or corpse or the act of burying. If the corpse is seen as buried, it means there is no more hope for the improvement of his Deeni matters: the devil will take charge of his life and he will be overwhelmed by the quest of material wealth.

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Death of a king Dream Explanation

Death of a king Dream Explanation ? In a dream, it means destruction of a town. (Also see Death)

Death by hanging Dream Explanation

Death by hanging Dream Explanation ? In a dream, to see someone or oneself being brought to the gallows to be hung means malice, rejoicing at the misfortune of others, fame or perhaps it could mean rising in station. Consequently, if one's condition in the dream does not change to worst, then his dream could mean slander or backbiting, unless his retribution is held for a crime he committed in the dream, then the dream means satisfying one's debts.

Death Dream Explanation

Death Dream Explanation ? Death symbolizes the loss of religious faith and divorce as well as poverty, most probably on the spiritual plane. It also means regret and repentance for a great sin. Likewise, it alludes to imminent marriage, because the bridegroom or the married person, like the dead, enjoys special care, such as washing, incense, et cetera. ? Seeing one?s corpse carried on a bier or in a coffin amid tears and sobbing after all mortuary rituals have been accomplished: Weakening faith and debauchery along with dignity and power in this world. If, furthermore, the body had been buried, it would mean that the dreamer will be completely immersed in worldly matters and lost spiritually and will die without repentance. If he comes out of the grave, he will repent. In any case, the hero of such a dream will have absolute mastery and will almost enslave or humiliate as many people as were seen carrying his bier over their necks and shoulders. He might also rule over his province or state. But for a slave burial means that he will be set free. For the custodian of something it means that whatever he is entrusted to keep will be snatched from him. ? Sudden death: Unexpected troubles and worries.

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Death Dream Explanation

Death Dream Explanation ? ? Death of the king: The country will be lost. ? Death of the imam? (Muslim spiritual leader):? (1) Havoc in the city or country.? (2) Loss of the dreamer?s religious faith. ? Death of a ulema? (Muslim religious scholar): No more learning or Islamic Law in that place. ? Death of either parent: Will deteriorate materially and/or spiritually. ? Death of the father: Quandary regarding the dreamer?s livelihood. ? Death of the mother:? (1) Worries and sorrow.? (2) Aims will not be fulfilled. ? Death of a son:? (1) Will get rid of or be safe from one?s enemy.? (2) An inheritance.

Circumcision Dream Explanation

Circumcision Dream Explanation ? Circumcision in a dream also means undergoing an operation of removing one's testicles, undergoing a prostate operation, or it may mean clearing one's name from slander and accusations, or it may mean separation between husband, wife and children, or children leaving their parent's home, If one discovers that he is circumcised in a dream, it means that he will become an apostate and forsake his religion for monetary gains.

Death Dream Explanation

Death Dream Explanation ? ? Death of an animal: The interpreter should bear in mind what the animal symbolizes. For instance, a lion or an elephant would refer to the supreme authority in the country. The elephant represents a huge man, the cat and the mouse are thieves, and females are, indeed, women. ? Death of a ferocious animal with fangs and claws: Triumph over enemies and safety from harm. ? Death of a domestic beast: Bad omen, especially if it is the only beast that the dreamer possesses. ? Difficult passage from life to death: Severe chastisement in the Hereafter. ? Death of a child: Death of a woman and vice versa, because Muslim scholars used to find that women and children have this in common: lack of religious faith and reason. ? Terrible death occurring in a certain place: A fire will break out in that place.

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Death Dream Explanation

Death Dream Explanation ? ? Death of a daughter: Despair will replace joy. ? Death of a sick brother:? (1) The brother in question will die.? (2) Someone from that brother?s side will pass away. ? A person who has no brother dreaming that his brother has died:? (1) The dreamer will die or go broke.? (2) The dreamer will lose an eye or a hand. ? Death of a conjoint or a partner: Divorce or the end of a partnership. ? Death of the wife:? (1) Will make money and become self-sufficient.? (2) Will lose one?s source of living. More often it is a good dream.

Death sentence Dream Explanation

Death sentence Dream Explanation ? (See Death; Destruction)

Angel Of death Dream Explanation

Angel Of death Dream Explanation ? (See Izrail; Robbery; Osprey)

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Death Dream Explanation

Death Dream Explanation ? Also the same number of people will be influence by the dreamer who number he had seen following his bier. He will dominated and subjugates them. On the contrary, if death is not accompanied by anything that suggest burial, mourning, weeping, giving of ghusl, takfeen, the carrying of the bier or corpse, it may mean that a portion of his house will be destroyed, or its wall or its timber will fall down. Some interpreters have said that perhaps he will weaken in the matter of his Deen and he will lose his insight and prudence.

Underground granary Dream Explanation

Underground granary Dream Explanation ? (Granary; Pantry; Storage room; Subterranean storehouse) An underground grain storage house in a dream represents a caring mother, a single parent or a foster mother. This interpretation comes from the example of a fetus in his mother's womb and its dependence on her to supply the necessary nourishment. Once the stored food is consumed, then it is necessary to depend on a new source. If one sees an underground granary demolished or filled with dirt in the dream, and if his mother is sick, it means that she may die from her illness. If one's wife is pregnant, it means that she will soon deliver her infant. A demolished underground granary in a dream means finding a buyer for one's grains, and the dirt that fills the storehouse in the dream represents money.

Abdullah bin Salam Holding Onto Islam Till Death Dream Explanation

Abdullah bin Salam Holding Onto Islam Till Death Dream Explanation ? Narrated 'Abdullah bin Salam: (In a dream) I saw myself in a garden, and there was a pillar in the middle of the garden, and there was a handhold at the top of the pillar. I was asked to climb it. I said, "I cannot." Then a servant came and lifted up my clothes and I climbed (the pillar), and then got hold of the handhold, and I woke up while still holding it. I narrated that to the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam) who said, "The garden symbolizes the garden of Islam, and the handhold is the firm Islamic handhold which indicates that you will be adhering firmly to Islam until you die." (Bukhari)

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Archangels Dream Explanation

Archangels Dream Explanation ? Azrail? (the Archangel of Death) ? Seeing Azrail: (1) Must prepare for death. (2) Death of a sick person. (3) A lurking enemy. (4) Will have a long life. ? Azrail seeming happy: The dreamer will die as a martyr. ? Azrail frowning and looking unhappy: The dreamer will die without repenting. ? Wrestling with Azrail: (1) If he overcomes the Angel of Death, the dreamer will face death, but God will save him. (2) If the Angel of Death gains the upper hand, the dreamer will die. ? Kissing Azrail or vice versa: (1) Inheritance. (2) Dispersal. (3) Something bad will happen. Israfil? (the archangel who will blow the horn to summon mankind on the Day of Resurrection) ? Seeing Israfil: Good tidings and a beneficial trip. ? Israfil bending and blowing the horn and only the dreamer hearing its sound: The dreamer will pass away. Israfil bending and blowing the horn and other people in the area hearing the horn: (1) Death and atrocities will take place in that spot. (2) Justice will prevail and the unjust will perish.

Agony of death Dream Explanation

Agony of death Dream Explanation ? If one sees himself struggling with death in a dream, it means arguing about his religion, or doubt about Allah's revelations. Death rattling in a dream also signifies preparing to take a journey, marriage of an unmarried person, moving from one house to a new one, changing one's trade or repaying one's debt, or divorcing one's wife. If one sees himself in agony in his deathbed, combating the throes and pangs of death in a dream, it means that he is unjust toward himself or others. (Also see Death)

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There are different type of Death parent dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Death parent dream Refer to Death parent islamic dream interpretation

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There are different meanings of Death parent dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Death parent dream Refer to above Death parent islamic dream interpretation.

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There are different symbols of Death parent dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Death parent dream Refer to above Death parent islamic dream symbols.

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Death parent dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Death parent dream Refer to above Death parent islamic dream explanations.

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