Islamic dream interpretation of Defence, Explanation & Meaning for Defence dreams

Below Defence dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Lance Dream Explanation

Lance Dream Explanation ? If one is challenged by someone holding a lance against him in a dream, it means that someone will hurt him with his words, or slander his family. Owning an extra lance in a dream means having a brother or a friend who will stand for one's defence when needed. A long spear means injustice, or it could mean good health. If one bleeds from a wound caused by a lance in a dream, it means that he will be compensated for pain and suffering, or that he will return home from a long journey. Multiple wounds from a lance in a dream mean financial compensation, though the source of money is loathsome. Fighting one's enemies with a lance means earning dirty money. A person holding a lance in a dream also represents a teacher, an educator, or someone who helps his brothers and friends. (Also see Javelin)

Threat Dream Explanation

Threat Dream Explanation ? Receiving a threat in a dream means victory over one's assailant, opponent, or adversary, or it could mean developing a defence mechanism against any danger from that side. If the threat comes from an unknown person, such a person is a Satan, particularly if the threat is directed against one's prayers, charitable actions, or devotion. A threat in a dream also represents the trials of a love story. (Also see Slapping on the cheek)

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Armor Dream Explanation

Armor Dream Explanation ? (Coat of mail; Shield) An armor in a dream means protection and defence. It also means fasting. If weapons are mixed with the armor or shield in one's dream, it means that one's enemies cannot reach him or cause harm to him. If one sees his armor laying down at his reach in his shop or place of business while dealing with his customers in a dream, it means that such a merchant is untruthful and he uses claims of honesty as a shield. (Also see Coat of mail)

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Flour Dream Explanation

Flour Dream Explanation ? (Wheat; Rice flour; Semolina) In a dream, flour means money or blessings. Semolina in a dream represent a husband who is compatible with his wife. Flour in a dream also means acquiring exalted knowledge, travels, money, shop, tools, castle, defence, religious nature, guidance, or recovering from an illness.

Defence dreams FAQs:

Seeing Defence dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Defence dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Defence dream Refer to Defence islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Defence very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Defence?

There are different meanings of Defence dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Defence dream Refer to above Defence islamic dream interpretation.

What do Defence symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Defence dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Defence dream Refer to above Defence islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Defence in dream?

Defence dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Defence dream Refer to above Defence islamic dream explanations.

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