Islamic dream interpretation of Departure, Explanation & Meaning for Departure dreams

Below Departure dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Reciting Surah Baqarah Dream Explanation

Reciting Surah Baqarah Dream Explanation ? Whoever reads it in his dream fully or partially_albeit one word_ he will live long and progress in deeds of piety. At times it means he will move to a new locality where he will be revered and honoure.d Some say that if he is a qaadhi (judge) his departure from this world is imminent and if he an Alim his life span will be long and his condition will improve.

Constellations Dream Explanation

Constellations Dream Explanation ? In a dream, Alcyone means dirt or wealth ? Aldebran means retreat or one's sexual organs ? Aldromeda means a woman in distress ? Alhena means satisfaction or impotence ? Antilia means iron ? Apus means a heavenly bird ? Ara means flying ? Arctunus means unlawful earnings or actions ? Argo means travelling by sea ? Auriga and Corvus mean fortune and blessings ? Bootis represents a shepherd or servitude ? Castor means advancement ? Cepheus represents a ruler ? Corona Australis means marriage ? Corona Borealis means forgiveness and safety ? Cygnus means a swan ? Grus means departure ? Libra means adultery ? The Celestial equator means happiness ? The Little Bear, the Great Bear, Aquila, Orion, Spica, Arietica or Aquarius among others, if one sees them or owns them or controls them or recognizes their names in a dream, it means befriending someone or marriage to a woman with that name or zodiac sign or character, or it could mean begetting a son. The celestial pole in a dream represents a devout worshiper or a high ranking commander ? Pollux means delays ? The Ursa Major and Ursa Minor mean pursuit, following, signs of guidance or tracks of moving around ? Triangulum means conditions ? Vela means confrontation ? Viergo means a contraceptive ? and Vulpicula means screaming. (Also see Celestial spheres; Dog; Star)


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Child birth Dream Explanation

Child birth Dream Explanation ? If a woman gives birth to a cat in a dream, it means that her child will grow to be a thief. Childbirth in a dream means relief from hardships, recovering from illness or departure from one's home or neighbourhood. Childbirth in a dream also means comfort, relaxation, payment of one's debts and repentance from sin. If a woman gives birth to a son in a dream, it denotes the conclusion of her sufferings, glad tidings, payment of her debts or repentance from sin. If she gives birth to a daughter in the dream, then it means honor, prosperity and ease. If a poor man gives birth to a child in a dream, it means prosperity.

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Requital Dream Explanation

Requital Dream Explanation ? (Retaliation; Retribution) In a dream, requital means longevity, departure from one's past, or it could mean instituting justice, or performing penance that will purify the person from his sins, such as prayers, voluntary fasting and alms giving. (Also see Atonement)

Manumission Dream Explanation

Manumission Dream Explanation ? If a bondman dies in a dream, it means that he will be liberated. Manumission means departure from bondage. If a sick person sees himself liberated from bondage in a dream, it means his death. If he is a sinner, it means that he will repent for his sin. If he is an atheist, it means that he will become a believer and Allah Almighty will forbid his flesh to hell-fire. If a free man sees himself liberated from slavery in a dream, it means that he will repay his debts, or repent for his sins. (Also see Feast of Immolation; Slave)

Fish Dream Explanation

Fish Dream Explanation ? If the sea opens and unveils its treasures, and if one catches a goldfish from its belly in the dream, it means that Allah Almighty will reveal new spiritual knowledge to him in order to help him understand his religion and to receive guidance. If the goldfish leaves his hand and returns to the sea in the dream, it means that he will join the company of righteous people and saints from whom he will learn about the inner spiritual knowledge, or that he will find a good companion for a journey he intends. If one eats a fish without cleaning or cooking it in a dream, it means that he will speak ill of his own friends, slander his associates, commit adultery, acquire money from trickery and falsehood, or become inflicted with a dangerous disease or suffer from a stroke. If one sees fish on the shore rather than in the water in a dream, it means that he may change his profession. The different types of fish in a dream represent human beings and their professions. A fish in a dream also could mean that death will take place where it is found, because of the departure of its soul, its stench, weight and one's responsibility to bury the deceased. Eating a fish in a dream also means receiving easy, lawful and enjoyable earnings. (Also see Meat)

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Stretcher Dream Explanation

Stretcher Dream Explanation ? (Dolly; Litter) In a dream, a stretcher or a dolly represents a hardworking man who earns his livelihood through toiling and sufferings. There are no advantages in seeing a stretcher in a dream and particularly if one is brought before a sick person, then it means his death and departure from this world. A stretcher in a dream also represents an abode or a hostel.

Departure dreams FAQs:

Seeing Departure dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Departure dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Departure dream Refer to Departure islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Departure very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Departure?

There are different meanings of Departure dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Departure dream Refer to above Departure islamic dream interpretation.

What do Departure symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Departure dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Departure dream Refer to above Departure islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Departure in dream?

Departure dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Departure dream Refer to above Departure islamic dream explanations.

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