Islamic dream interpretation of Direction, Explanation & Meaning for Direction dreams

Below Direction dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Ibn 'Umar's Dream Dream Explanation

Ibn 'Umar's Dream Dream Explanation ? Narrated Ibn 'Umar: I saw in a dream a piece of silken cloth in my hand, and in whatever direction in Paradise I waved it, it flew, carrying me there. I narrated this (dream) to (my sister) Hafsa and she told it to the Prophet who said, (to Hafsa), "Indeed, your brother is a righteous man," or, "Indeed, 'Abdullah is a righteous man." (Bukhari)

Imaamat Dream Explanation

Imaamat Dream Explanation ? Leading a group of people in one's dream suggests that the observer will assume leadership in the community provided he faces towards the proper direction of Qiblah,. Such a person will treat his followers with fairness, justness and rectitude. But if he does not face the Qiblah it means he will exploit his subject during his term of office.


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Wood-Pigeon Dream Explanation

Wood-Pigeon Dream Explanation ? It symbolises a servant of the king who is well informed on governmental affairs. He advises the king or government in matters relating to national affairs so that the country advances in the right direction. It is also said that he is the financial minister of the state who is experienced, intelligent, far sighted and influential.

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Flying Dream Explanation

Flying Dream Explanation ? According to Al-Nabulsi, if the dreamer has too many aspirations and is a vain person, any dream involving flying is null and void. For others: ? Dreaming repeatedly of flying:? (1) The dreamer has many wishes.? (2) The dreamer is frivolous and uncontrollable when angry.? (3) The dreamer is happy.? (4) The dreamer is superstitious and draws an evil omen from certain things. ? Flying: Travelling. The best dream in this section is that in which the flying is in the direction of the Qiblah, the place toward which worshipers turn their faces when they pray. At first, it was Al-Aqsa Mosque in Al-Quds? (Jerusalem), and now it is Mecca (Makkah).

Maqam Ibrahim? (The Station Of Abraham, Near The Kabah In Mecca (Makkah) Dream Explanation

Maqam Ibrahim? (The Station Of Abraham, Near The Kabah In Mecca (Makkah) Dream Explanation ? ? Having been to Maqam Ibrahim and prayed in its direction: The dreamer is a true believer who learns and memorizes religious tenets and will be granted the privilege of performing the pilgrimage.

Uncertainty Dream Explanation

Uncertainty Dream Explanation ? (Doubt) In a dream, uncertainty means heedlessness or being allured by Satan. Uncertainty and doubt about all religions in a dream represents adjuration and ingratitude. If a person who is concerned about religious explanations sees himself unable to recognize what faith he belongs to, or what direction to turn to in a dream, it represents doubt and lack of knowledge or certitude.

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Jump Dream Explanation

Jump Dream Explanation ? ? Jumping as high as the sky: Will reach Mecca (Makkah). ? Jumping on someone: Will defeat and crush such a person, because jumping symbolizes power and the power of a person resides in that person?s legs. ? Jumping from one spot to another:? (1) Condition will speedily improve.? (2) Will move from one place to another. ? Jumping far: Long journey. ? Jumping and floating in the air and moving at will, in whatever direction and to whatever length the dreamer wants:? (1) A beneficial trip.? (2) Triumph.? (3) Desires will be fulfilled.

Marriage Dream Explanation

Marriage Dream Explanation ? ? Marrying an adulteress: Will yourself indulge in adultery.? (Also see Adultery.) ? Marrying any kind of animal: Will marry a woman having similarities with such a beast. If the animal was consenting, the woman in question would go along in the husband?s direction, be it good or bad. ? Seeing a sick man getting married without a woman in sight or in a mysterious manner: The patient will die and rest peacefully.

Policeman Dream Explanation

Policeman Dream Explanation ? ? Dreaming of imprisoning certain people as a policeman: The dreamer will be on bad terms and have trouble with his subordinates. ? A polytheist having gone to Paradise, prayed in the direction of the Qiblah? (Mecca (Makkah)) or entered a stronghold with a clear conscience: Will become a Muslim. ? A well-off person seeing a polytheist: The former seeks learning and will subdue his enemies. ? A poor and exposed person seeing a polytheist: Will befriend members of rotten sects.

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Anus Dream Explanation

Anus Dream Explanation ? ? Pulling something from one?s anus: Will get stuck or become needy. ? Going into an anus: Wrong approach or running after a difficult matter, because that duct is sterile. ? Seeing a person?s anus: Will see a gloomy face, and the owner of such a face will spend as much money as blood or excrement coming out of that anus the dreamer had seen. If such a person had passed the stool in the proper place, the money will be spent in the right direction, and the reverse is true. ? Seeing one?s anus has been obstructed: Will die. ? Seeing a young man?s anus: Will be defeated by him. ? Seeing the anus of a well-known old man: This very man will mislead you.

Moon Dream Explanation

Moon Dream Explanation ? ? Crescents assembled in the sky: Will go on hajj. ? A crescent rising from the east or the west and people admiring it on the first or last night of the Islamic month: Great news will come from that direction. If it were gleaming, scintillating, or sparkling, the news would be good. If, on the contrary, it was dark, made of brass or copper or looking like a snake or a scorpion, the news would be bad. The greater its size or its evolution in the sky, the more wide-ranging the news would be.

Salaah Towards East or West Dream Explanation

Salaah Towards East or West Dream Explanation ? If a person sees himself performing Salaah, facing east (When qiblah is not in that direction ) it means that he will advocate the beliefs of the Qadriyyah set. (a sect who believes in the freedom of will). If he performs Salaah facing west (When Qiblah is not in that direction) it means he will advocate the beliefs of the Jabriyyahn i.e. The sect of the fatalists, believing that man has no power of will: he is involuntarily forced by Allah to do good or bad).

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Wind Dream Explanation

Wind Dream Explanation ? If one sees a storm uprooting the trees in his dream, it means that the government of that land will mass murder its own people. A southern wind in a dream means illness, diseases, or death. A southern wind is sometimes interpreted as rain and prosperity. If one witnesses a slow moving wind in his dream, it means that he will consent to the actions of a group of evildoing people. If the wind blows from a known direction in the dream, it means mercy and blessings, or that one may receive good news from that direction. Winds in a dream also mean asking for one's needs, or fulfilling them. A gentle breeze in a dream, represents travel and joy. If one sees the wind colored red in the dream, it represents a recalcitrant child. (Also see Fan)

Throwing stones Dream Explanation

Throwing stones Dream Explanation ? Throwing stones from a high altitude down in every direction in a dream means being unjust toward others though from a position of strength. (Also see Cast; Stoning; Hazelnut; Rocks)

Window Dream Explanation

Window Dream Explanation ? A window in a dream also means relief from difficulties, overcoming distress, renewing festivities and celebrating anniversaries. Depending on their direction in the dream, windows also mean news, women, or children. Seeing the glass of one's window tainted or colored means planting seedlings, inflorescence, conceiving children, continuing one's education, buying new clothes, or crowning someone. Sitting tied-up inside a window box in a dream means getting married. (Also see Attic window)

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Wending one's way Dream Explanation

Wending one's way Dream Explanation ? (Direction) To wend one's way, or to take the road, or to go in the direction of the door in a dream means establishing the course of one's life on the basis of righteousness, or finding the real cause of things, or it could mean success, depending on how close one gets to his goal in the dream. (Also see Road)

Jump Dream Explanation

Jump Dream Explanation ? ? Jumping and floating in the air and moving at will, in whatever direction and to whatever length the dreamer wants:? (1) A beneficial trip.? (2) Triumph.? (3) Desires will be fulfilled. ? Failing to reach the desired destination: A change for the worse. ? Using a stick or a perch to jump: That stick or perch symbolizes an extremely powerful person or a strong asset on whom the dreamer could rely in whatever he aims for.

Stream Dream Explanation

Stream Dream Explanation ? If the people are inflicted with adversities or a drought, then it means prosperity and rains, food, or money and their merchandise will not stagnate. If the water in the stream is murky, or salty, or running outside its canal, then it represents a coming calamity that will cause mass sufferings, or a sickness such as cold in the winter and fever in the summer, or it could mean that they will hear bad news about some travellers, or it could represent a richness which is acquired from an unlawful source, or it could mean that he will receive tainted money. If one sees a watercourse flowing only in the direction of his house, then such adversities will be his lot.

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Islam Dream Explanation

Islam Dream Explanation ? ? An atheist or a polytheist is dreaming or somebody is dreaming of him that he is in Paradise or is wearing silver bracelets: He will embrace Islam. ? An atheist or a polytheist dreaming that he has entered a bastion: He will become Muslim. ? An atheist or a polytheist is dreaming that he has embraced Islam, that he is praying in the direction of the Qiblah? (Mecca (Makkah)), or that he is thanking God: He will convert to Islam.

Direction Dream Explanation

Direction Dream Explanation ? (See Road; Wending one's way)

Direction dreams FAQs:

Seeing Direction dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Direction dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Direction dream Refer to Direction islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Direction very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Direction?

There are different meanings of Direction dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Direction dream Refer to above Direction islamic dream interpretation.

What do Direction symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Direction dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Direction dream Refer to above Direction islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Direction in dream?

Direction dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Direction dream Refer to above Direction islamic dream explanations.

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